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France: Spraypaint Decorates, Fire Destroys Speed Cameras
A number of speed cameras in France were either disabled with spraypaint or destroyed with fire last week.

Arthies, FranceIn Souain-Perthes-les-Hurlus, France, vigilantes on Saturday covered the automated ticketing machine with pink spraypaint and a happy face, L'Union reported. In Esquennoy, a heart was added in black spraypaint to the speed camera on the RD1001 last week Sunday, according to Le Bonhomme Picard. The speed camera on the N88 in Yssingeaux also was attacked with black spraypaint on Satuday, La Commere 43 reported, marking the fourth time in two months that this device has been disabled. According to Le Parisien, the speed camera on the RD 983 in Arthies was set on fire last week Sunday, just eleven days after it was installed.

In Bagnols, Midi Libre reports that after the automated ticketing machine installed on December 1 was attacked twice in the space of two weeks, officials decided pulled the camera for good. According to France 3, officials in Haute-Loire say camera attacks are on the rise, with the devices being taken offline thirty-two times since the beginning of the year -- equivalent to two attacks per camera in the department.