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France, French Guiana, Germany: Speed Cameras Bent, Painted
In South America and Europe, spraypaint was used to keep speed cameras from issuing tickets last week.

German bent speed cameraIn Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Germany on Friday, the traffic camera on Aachener Strasse was nearly knocked over. With the device pointed toward the sky, no automated tickets are being issued on the road. Local police report that they have no idea who might be responsible.

In Saint-Pierre-du-Champ, France, the speed camera on the RD9 was blinded with white spraypaint and decorated with a smiley face on its side last week Tuesday, according to L'Eveil de la Haute-Loire. Blue was the color of choice for the speed camera on the RD43 in Mably on Friday, Le Progres reported. In Narbonne, blue and orange spraypaint combined to keep the speed camera on the RD6009 from issuing tickets on Saturday, according to L'Independant. In Kerdual, the speed camera rarely has a chance to issue any tickets because as soon as it is repaired, it is spraypainted again. It happened for the fourth time in six months on Saturday, this time with orange spraypaint, Ouest France reported. In Senones, the speed camera on the RD424 was spraypainted black with a yellow smiley face on Sunday, according to Vosges Matin.

In French Guiana, a speed camera in the capital city of Cayenne was spraypainted red on Wednesday. According to France-Guyane, the same device on the RN2 has been attacked multiple times.