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France, Italy: Photo Radar Devices Trashed, Burned
A speed camera in Italy is turned into a trash can while French cameras are painted, bashed and burned.

Trash can speed cameraIn Rome, Italy, a bright orange "Velo OK" brand speed camera housing was transformed into a garbage can.

In France, vigilantes on Sunday used old tires to create a bonfire that destroyed the speed camera on the RN165 in Vigneux-de-Bretagne. In Montady, a pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD11 was burned on the same night. On Saturday, a large mobile speed camera on the RD6009 in Courson was set on fire and then rolled over into a ditch. On Thursday, vigilantes torched the speed camera located on the RD939 in Sonneville. In Proyart, white spraypaint blinded the speed camera on the D1029. In Grosbliederstroff, the speed camera on the N61 was blinded with yellow spraypaint. On November 11, the turret-style speed camera in Villeneuve sur Lot succumbed to flames fueled by burning tires.