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France, Germany: Speed Measuring Devices Damaged
Vigilantes disabled a half-dozen speed cameras last week in France and pelted one in Germany.

Speed camera burns on ReunionBy Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Rouffignac-de-Sigoules, France, on Sunday, vigilantes completely destroyed the speed camera on the RD933 by placing gasoline-filled tires around the device and setting them on fire. This particular photo radar unit has been a frequent target of attack. In Friville-Escarbotin on Thursday, the speed camera on the RD925 was blinded with black spraypaint. The message ACAB (an English acronym for "all cops are bastards") was added to the side. In Dourlers, the speed camera on the RN2 was cut down and smashed on Sunday, March 27. The device had only been in place for five days before being taken out. One day earlier, vigilantes on Reunion, an island in East Africa, burned the speed camera in Pierrefonds.

In Solms, Germany, on March 26, a paving stone and beer bottles were thrown at a radar speed sign, and the device's power cord was severed, according to local police.