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Speed Camera Perversion In Australia, Destruction In France, Germany, Italy
Australian speed camera caught taking upskirt photo while vigilantes disabled a dozen photo radar devices in France, Germany and Italy last week.

Smiley speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Australian motorist Cinzia Lee is outraged at New South Wales Police after receiving in the mail an upskirt photo from a traffic camera. An automated ticketing camera in Sydney had been set up to issue tickets for using a cell phone behind the wheel, but the device was position at a high angle that peered into cars in such a way that it captured more of a view than Lee expected. NSW Roads Minister Natalie Ward told the New Zealand Herald there would be an investigation into the matter.

Vigilantes in Pistoia, Italy, on Sunday wrapped the speed camera on the Via Montalese with packing tape, thwarting its ability to issue automated tickets.

Opponents of automated ticketing in Suhl, Germany, smashed the window of the speed camera on Gothaer Strasse on Saturday. In Tam, vigilantes used orange spraypaint to blind the mobile speed camera parked on the town's main road on Monday, March 6, according to police. Officials in Schondorf am Ammersee complained of the loss of thousands of euros after residents pelted the speed camera on Weissbucher Strasse with rocks and beer bottles, smashing its lenses on Sunday, February 26.

Actions against speed cameras in France are once again on the rise. L'Argus counted thirty photo radar devices that have been destroyed or disabled since the beginning of the year. This is believed to be an undercount, as officials avoid disclosing the number of damaged ticketing machines. Most recently, optimistic vigilantes in Thorey-en-Plaine on Sunday added four smiley faces in pink paint to the blinded speed camera on the RD968. Also on Sunday, the the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RN4 in Connantre was toppled and torched. A second camera on the RN4, in Connantre, burned the same day. On Saturday, the photo radar on the RD6572 in Cailar was destroyed by fire, two days after an unsuccessful attack against the device using a Molotov cocktail. In Travecy, the speed camera on the RD1044 burned on Wednesday. In Luppy, the turret speed camera on the RD910 was cut down and set on fire on Tuesday. On the day before that, the same fate befell the turret camera on the RD910 in Bechy. Black and white spraypaint blocked the lens of a trio of speed cameras located along the RD306 between La Fleche and Sable.

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