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2011 Year in Review
The ten most popular stories on for the year 2011.

2011 year in reviewThe following were the ten most viewed stories on during 2011.
  1. Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops
    The Michigan State Police acquired technology that allows police officers to download information from smart phones belonging to stopped motorists, a troubling precedent giving the willingness of courts to allow warrantless searches of electronic devices during a traffic stop.

  2. Austin, Texas Explores Photo Parking Snitch Tickets
    City council in Austin, Texas considers allowing residents to issue handicap space parking tickets to other drivers with an iPhone app.

  3. Federal Court: Traffic Stop Does Not Justify Home Entry
    Tenth Circuit US Court of Appeals rules a police officer cannot enter a home over a minor traffic violation.

  4. Massachusetts Supreme Court Approves Charging Innocent Ticket Recipients
    The highest court in Massachusetts approves the practice of charging innocent motorists $75 to fight a traffic ticket.

  5. Italy: Prosecution Advances in Red Light Camera Fraud Scandal
    Thirty-eight public officials and corporate officers face corruption charges in widespread criminal investigation into Italy's use of red light cameras.

  6. Costa Rica Unveils Most Burdensome Speed Camera Program Yet
    Motorists in Costa Rice must look up in a weekly newsletter to find out whether they must pay a $600 speed camera ticket -- notices are not mailed.

  7. Louisiana: Cops Beat Up Old Man For Accelerating Slightly
    Appeals court upholds $25,000 fine on Louisiana police officers who beat an elderly man during a minor traffic stop.

  8. Italy: More Indictments in Photo Radar Scandal
    Investigators in Italy file charges over a criminal conspiracy involving the use of rigged speed cameras.

  9. Alberta, Canada Cancels 141,729 Photo Tickets
    Edmonton, Canada speed on green tickets canceled after devices produce bogus speed readings.

  10. South Carolina Legislature Takes Aim at Renegade Mayor
    Ridgeland, South Carolina faces $2 million sanction from legislature for defying speed camera ban.