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Speed Cameras Tilted, Trashed In Australia, France, The Netherlands
A speed camera in Western Australia failed to prevent an accident last week while cameras are disabled in France and The Netherlands.

Dutch angle speed cameraBy Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Belmont, Western Australia, a speed camera failed to prevent an accident on Wednesday and was destroyed as a result. According to Belmont Police, June Cheetah Wegener, 29, was driving a green Hyundai sedan that crashed into the automated ticketing equipment on the side of the road. The damage was estimated at $30,000.

In Nijmegen, The Netherlands, vigilantes on Tuesday toppled the pole-mounted speed camera on the S100 Energieweg. In Brazey-en-Plaine, France, the speed camera on the RD968 was blinded with fluorescent yellow spraypaint on Thursday. Pink paint was used to thwart the speed camera on the RD978 in Simard.