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French Speed Cameras Forced Out Of Commission
A half-dozens speed cameras were forced out of service in France last week.

Stop The Tax Speed CameraOn Sunday, vigilantes in Thueyts, France, torched the speed camera that had been issuing automated citations on the RN102. Around the same time, the photo radar device on the RN109 in Wintzenheim was decorated with brown and black spraypaint. The thick black coat on the lens prevented the camera from functioning while smiley faces and the message "LOL" was added to the front and sides of the device. In Bardos on Friday an angle grinder was used to cut down the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD936. On Thursday, turret speed camera on the RD2009 in Aubiat was knocked backward so that it only photographs the sky. On Sunday, June 5, vigilantes in Menoncourt blinded the speed camera on the RD83 with fluorescent yellow paint and the message that translates as "Stop the Tax." Fluorescent green was the color used to thwart the newly reinstalled speed camera on the RN225 in Bierne.