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Speed Defeats Belgian Photo Radar, Fire Defeats Cams In France, Germany
Motorist in Belgium defeated speed camera by driving 190 MPH. German man grabbed a speed camera and French cameras were burned last week.

Ludwigsfelde speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
Motorists in Belgium can escape speed cameras by driving over 300km/h (186 MPH). Local media reported the fact in connection with the owner of a car suspected of traveling 306km/h (190 MPH) past a speed camera on the E313 near Bitsingen on October 18, 2020. The driver will not be prosecuted because the Securoad NK7 radar unit only has legal approval for estimating speeds up to 186 MPH, and the device does not bother photographing vehicles exceeding that speed.

In Gluckstadt, Germany, on Friday an elderly motorist grabbed the mobile speed camera being used to issue automated tickets to passing motorists. He took the device apart and carried it home, but the man's own family later turned him in to police. In Ludwigsfelde, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on Potsdamer Strasse on November 1.

In Saint-Thibaud-de-Couz, France, destruction of the speed camera on the RD1006 has become a weekly occurrence. On Thursday, the device was torched for the third time in three weeks. In Crest, the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD538 was cut down and set on fire over a pile of wood. This is the fifth such attack on this automated ticketing machine since it was installed at the beginning of 2020.

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