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Fairfax County turn ban
Virginia Restricts Use Of Public Roads In Neighborhoods
Fairfax County, Virginia to ban drivers from turning onto free public roads based on residency.

Virginia for the past several years has been turning its freeways into toll roads. A ride on Interstate 66 into Washington, DC, for example can cost as much as $44 one way. Motorists attempting to avoid these fees by taking neighborhood roads could soon be thwarted with a ban on entering certain free, public roads for vehicles that fail to display a special resident permit for that neighborhood.
   Fairfax County on Tuesday provided an u ...

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Attorney General Schmitt
Missouri Attorney General Blasts City Over Taxation By Citation
Missouri attorney general charges the city of Marshfield with operating an illegal traffic ticket quota.

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CNIL logo
France: Privacy Regulator Slams Speed Camera Practices
Lax security and overcollection of personal information by speed cameras threaten privacy, according to government watchdog.

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NHTSA report cover
Accident Rate Continues To Drop On US Roads
Despite more vehicles on the road than ever before, the number of accidents in the US continues to drop.

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Toppled Swiss speed camera
France, Germany, Switzerland: Speed Cameras Sabotaged
Nearly a dozen speed cameras were burned or cut down across Europe last week.

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