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Tired speed camera
France, Germany: Tires And Spraypaint Take Down Speed Cameras
Five speed cameras were disabled in France and Germany last week using tires and spraypaint.

Vigilantes in Puylagarde, France, came up with a novel way to disable the pole-mounted "turret" speed camera on the RD926 last week. Instead of burning or spraypainting it, they stacked over a dozen used tractor tires over the device, completely blinding it and leaving officials ill-equipped to free the camera, even though it technically has not been damaged. In Menoncourt, read more >> 

Spraypainted German speed camera
Inaccurate Speed Camera Reading Triggers Vigilante Action
Spanish government refunded inaccurate speed camera tickets last week while cameras were disabled in France and Germany.

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Chouilly, France speed camera
Speed Cameras Damaged In France And Germany
Five speed cameras in France and Germany were disabled last week by fire or spraypaint.

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Cyprus photo radar van shot
New Zealand Police Charged In Speed Camera Fatality
New Zealand Police charged in deadly crash involving a speed camera. More shots fired a photo radar van in Cyprus while cameras were disabled in France, Germany last week.

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Captured Russian drone
Russia Accused Of Stealing Swedish Speed Cameras For Drone Attacks
Swedish media claims Russians swiped speed camera equipment for use against Ukraine. Vigilantes in in Cyprus, France, Germany disabled cameras with fire, paint.

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