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Chief Justice Steven C. Gonzalez
Washington Supreme Court Takes Up Speed Camera Case
School zone speed camera dispute heard in the Washington Supreme Court.

A legal challenge to the use of speed cameras in Washington is about to be resolved by the state's highest court. Attorneys for motorist Chris Williams made their case in a virtual hearing with nine justices who focused on legal technicalities related to whether Williams was able to raise the suit in the first place.
   Williams insisted the city of Spokane colluded with American Traffic Solutions (ATS, now known as Verra Mobility) to issue automated citations to drivers passing through a school ...

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Italian red light camera box destroyed
Speed Camera Attacks In France, Luxembourg, Italy
Several speed cameras were taken out across Europe last week.

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House Transportation Committee
US House Democrats Seek Government Funds For Speed Cameras
Federal transportation reauthorization measure would use taxpayer dollars to subsidize the roll out of speed cameras nationwide.

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Burned French speed camera
Smashed Speed Cameras in France, Germany, Spain
Vigilantes last week smashed German speed cameras, spraypainted a Spanish device and burned a French machine.

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Crow Indian Reservation police
Tribal Traffic Stops Upheld By US Supreme Court
Traffic stops and speed traps will become more common on tribal lands after US Supreme Court expands authority of tribal police.

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