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Delaware Supreme Court
Delaware Supreme Court Denies Due Process To Photo Ticket Recipients
Photo ticket recipients in Delaware may not challenge their red light or speed camera tickets beyond the JP.

Motorists who receive unjust speed camera or red light camera fines in Delaware have no recourse beyond hearing in the Justice of the Peace Court. That was the conclusion the state Supreme Court reached last week in rejecting the appeal of Stanley C. Lowicki, recipient of a $172.50 bill mailed by a private, for-profit vendor. The high court pointed to a state law that only allows the challenging of civil traffic fines that are over $100.
   "A person found responsible for a civil traffic offense ...

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Toppled German speed camera
Canada, France, Germany: Speed Cameras Offline
Vigilantes in North America and Europe last week disabled nearly a dozen automated ticketing machines.

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Sign on I295
DC Denies Wrongdoing In Freeway Speed Camera Trap
DC government asks judge to toss lawsuit against speed camera trap on Interstate 295, saying nothing it did was shocking or outrageous.

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Colorado Court Rejects Use Of Turn Signals In Roundabouts
Colorado becomes the third state where courts have rejected the requirement to signal a turn when driving through a roundabout.

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Rockville speed camera
Maryland, France, Germany, Italy: Photo Radar Thwarted
Vigilantes disabled a handful of speed cameras in the United States and Europe last week.

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