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Judge Mary Eileen Kilbane
Ohio Appeals Court Upholds Photo Ticket For Violating Implicit Speed Limit
Appellate court rules that Toledo, Ohio speed cameras can issue tickets for violation of implicit speed limits.

Toledo's speed camera ordinance does not have to spell out the speed limits on the roads where automated ticketing is used, the Ohio Court of Appeals ruled last week. A three-judge panel took up the issue after motorist Jeffrey D. Reusch had his 2017 Honda SUV photographed on Interstate 75 on October 14, 2018. On that day, Toledo police Officer Scott Swartz set up an automated laser speed camera trap that accused Reusch of traveling 62 MPH in a spot where the usual 60 MPH speed limit had been lo ...

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Delaware toll booth
Tolling Industry Wants $9.2 Billion Taxpayer Bailout
Toll road association asks congressional leadership for a $9.2 billion in taxpayer funds to make up for lost toll revenue.

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Boat crashes into speed camera
France, UK: Widespread Speed Camera Damage Continues
Speed camera in England was impaled by a speedboat while several French cameras were destroyed last week.

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Judge Richard Dietz photo by Buena Vista Elements
North Carolina Appeals Court Refuses To Hear Red Light Camera Challenge
The disinterest of the state attorney general in a challenge to red light cameras saves photo ticketing in Greenville, North Carolina.

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French camera burning
France, Germany, UK: Speed Camera Attacks Return
As virus scare lockdown eases in Europe, attacks on speed cameras begin to return to normal levels.

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