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New York City camera shot
Photo Radar Destroyed In New York, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia
Attacks against speed cameras were widespread last week, with devices disabled from New York to the Russian Far East.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports In New York City, New York, an unknown vigilante used a handgun to blast the speed camera at the intersection of 86th Street and 158th Avenue in Queens. The New York Police Department released video of the January 9 incident that showed a man riding a scooter on a snow-covered street, stopping, pulling out a firearm and sending ten rounds toward the automated ticketing machine within a few seconds.
   In Primorsky Krai, Russia, officials ...

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Italian speed camera spraypainted 2022
European Speed Cameras Knocked Out In The New Year
Vigilantes in France, Germany and Italy used spraypaint, fire and sledgehammers to thwart speed cameras in the first week of 2022.

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Remi Gaillard
Speed Cameras Face Holiday Destruction Worldwide
Over a dozen speed cameras in Canada, France, Italy and UK were taken out between Christmas Eve and the new year.

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2021 Year In Review
2021 Year In Review
The ten most popular stories on for the year 2021.

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German speed camera shot
Speed Cameras Attacked In France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia
A number of speed cameras were disabled during the Christmas holiday in Europe and the Middle East.

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