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Italian speed camera tossed in ditch
Italian Speed Camera Revolt Accelerates As Cameras Fall In France, UK
Inspired by Fleximan, Italian speed camera opponents took out a dozen cameras last week. Cameras also destroyed in France, UK.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
   Anti-speed camera vigilantes picked up the pace in Italy last week. On Saturday, the photo radar device on Strada Provinciale 344 in Pila was knocked over. Automated ticketing opponents in Roverbasso likewise read more >> 

Spraypainted speed camera in Mettmann, Germany
Fleximania Continues In Italy
The revolt against speed cameras continued last week in France, Germany and Italy.

read more >> 

Fleximan carnival costume
Italian Speed Cameras Continue To Fall
Italian speed cameras continue to be attacked last week along with photo radar destruction in France, Germany and the UK.

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Fleximan Takes A Break In Italy, Vigilantes Step Up in France
Imitators took the place of angle-grinder wielding Italian speed camera vigilante last week. Cameras also disabled in France, Germany.

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Young farmers attack speed camera
Speed Camera Vigilantes Gain Global Fame
Fleximan inspires widespread anti-photo radar actions in Italy, France and Canada.

read more >> 

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