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Trashed German speed camera
Molotov Cocktails And Trash Cans Defeat Speed Cameras
Automated ticketing machines were attacked last week in Georgia, Canada, France, Cyprus, Germany, Italy and the UK.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports
   In Limassol, Cyprus, on Friday, vigilantes tossed a Molotov cocktail at a mobile speed camera van. The throw fell short of the photo radar equipment and no damage was done. The speed camera in Macon, Georgia, was not so lucky after it read more >> 

Torched French speed camera
Ticketing Camera Cameras Houses Endangered Species
Clever camera opponents in the UK put endangered species law to work while photo radar devices were destroyed in France, Germany, Italy last week.

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Speed camera bullet holes
Italian Speed Camera Riddled With Thirty Bullets
Vigilantes declared open season on speed cameras in France, Germany, Italy and Spain last week.

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French speed camera torched
Speed Cameras Torched In France, Germany, Italy
Vigilantes last week took out a dozen speed cameras across France, Germany and Italy with fire, explosives and power tools.

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Fleximan videogame
Anti-Speed Camera Videogame Released On Steam
Real-life anti-speed camera vigilantes destroyed photo radar in France, Germany and Italy last week. New Steam game imitates their work.

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