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Italian speed camera spraypainted
France, Germany, Italy: Vigilantes Spraypaint More Speed Cameras
Vigilantes in Germany and Italy stepped up attacks against speed cameras last week compared to the usual leader, France.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports A pair of brand new speed cameras in Asti, Italy, were found cut apart on Sunday. The devices had been positioned on the Corso Alessandria and Corso Alba. In Pistoia, vigilantes on Friday read more >> 

Idrees Ahmed Abdur-Rashied
Mississippi: Federal Judge Says Plastic Bags Are Not Suspicious
US District judge in Mississippi overturns traffic stop after finding no evidence that a plastic bag ever contained drugs.

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Ranting speed camera van driver
France, UK: Speed Cameras Thwarted With Paint, Fire And Stubbornness
A UK man refused to back down when a ranting speed camera driver orders him to move, and a handful of French cameras were disabled last week.

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DC speed camera
DC Confirms Photo Ticket Payment Optional For Non-Residents
Report from mayor confirms no penalty for nonpayment of Washington, DC red light camera and speed camera tickets for non-residents.

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President Emmanuel Macron
Vigilantes Burned $128 Million In French Speed Camera Profit
Attacks on speed cameras in France slashed speed camera profit by $128 million in 2021.

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