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Bad Things Happen To Speed Cameras In France, Germany, Italy, UK
Automated ticketing opponents last week took out a dozen European speed cameras. A German speed camera caused a head-on collision.

Burned speed camera in France
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Vigilantes in Saint-Mars-d'Egrenne, France, torched a pair of pole-mounted "turret" speed cameras on Friday. The first was located on the RD976, and the second on the RD908. In Chevanceaux the speed camera on the RN10 had its lenses smashed and sprayed on Monday, February 6. Around the same time, the speed camera on the RD306 in Le Lude had only been operational for a couple of days before it was spraypainted with a slogan disparaging President Emmanuel Macron. Officials acted quickly to resume issuing automated tickets, returning the device to service by Thursday. On Sunday, February 5, the speed camera on the RD512 in Chenedolle was blinded with orange spraypaint days after the speed limit on the road had been reduced to 80km/h (50 MPH). Likewise, the turret speed camera on the RD620 in Epping lasted a mere five days before being cut down and set ablaze. On the Caribbean island of Martinique, speed camera attacks resumed with the speed caemera on the RN5 in Sainte-Luce set on fire on Saturday, February 4. This is the eighth camera attacked since mid-January.

In Xanten, Germany, unidentified opponents of automated ticketing sabotaged the mobile speed camera on the Heinrich-Lensing-Strasse on Thursday by smearing its lenses with red paint. On Wednesday, the speed camera on the L2304 in Kalbach was damaged, according to local police reports. In Rosenheim a speed camera contributed to a head-on collision on Kirchbachstrasse on Tuesday. An 82-year-old motorist told police he became distracted by the flashing speed camera on the side of the road, sending into oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road. A 24-year-old woman in the opposite lane suffered minor injuries. Police estimated the damage to both cars at 12,000 euros (US $12,900). Police also said the 82-year-old was traveling at less than 6 MPH over the limit at the location.

Vigilantes in Ladispoli, Italy, blinded the speed camera on the SS1 with orange spraypaint
In Alpraham, England, vigilantes used a tire to burn the speed camera on the A51 on Saturday, February 4.

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