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Speed Cameras Mocked In Australia, France, Italy, UK
Speed cameras cause an accident in Italy, were protested in Australia and are burned and blinded in France last week.

Flipping off the photo radar
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

South Yorkshire, England, police were so outraged after the occupants of a Vauxhall Vivaro van demonstrated disrespect toward the speed camera on Langsett Road South that they filed charges against the van's owner, even though he was not speeding.

"The [Speed] Camera Partnership works very closely with roads policing officers and will take action against those whose driving standards fall below what is expected of a competent driver," Scott Dernie, the head of ticket processing, said in a statement Friday.

The photo radar photo taken on May 19 showed the driver making a V-sign gesture and the passenger flipping off the camera with both hands. The driver claimed the van was not his, and a court last week imposed a fine of £1,014 (US $1211).

A man in Nerang, Australia, on Tuesday posted a picture of the photo radar van on Alexander Avenue on Facebook Marketplace saying it was for sale. The ad included photos of a man wearing Australian flag underwear holding a sign saying "Speed Camera" to warn motorists about the automated ticketing machine.

In Naples, Italy, a speed camera caused a six-car pileup on the Asse Mediano on Monday, February 20. According to police investigators, a driver slammed on the brakes near the photo radar device to avoid a ticket, setting off a chain reaction of rear-end collisions that snarled traffic on the highway.

In Avrechy, France, the speed camera on the RD916 lasted a mere two weeks before vigilantes on Friday blinded it with orange spraypaint and a smiley face. On Wednesday, vigilantes torched three speed cameras, the first on the RD40 near Congenies, the second on the RD999 near Quissac and the third also on the RD999 near Clarensac. Purple spraypaint was all that was needed to take out the speed cameras on the RN2 in Etroeungt and in Dourlers last week. In Chatellerault, vigilantes toppled and torched the turret speed camera on the RD725 on Sunday, February 15.

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