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Prosecutors Seize Speed Cameras In Italy
State police in Italy seized speed cameras in anti-corruption sting. Vigilantes in Belgium, Canada, France and Germany sabotaged cameras last week.

Seized Italian speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Cosenza, Italy, state police on Thursday seized the "T-Exspeed" and "Scout Speed" brand speed cameras that were owned and operated by Kria, a private company based outside of Milan, and Sintel, based in the outskirts of Rome. The devices were used in speed traps located on the SS107 and the SP234. Unlike a conventional photo radar unit, Scout Speed is installed in a Fiat Punto that issues tickets while moving on the road. Investigators were concerned that the devices were being used without the legally required approvals. Prosecutors in Italy have been extremely active in securing bribery convictions against public officials, specifically levying charges against more than fifteen mayors caught in photo ticketing corruption schemes. View a full list of the criminal indictments and convictions related to photo enforcement.

Vigilantes in Ontario, Canada, have ensured the speed camera on Reach Street and Old Simcoe Road in Scugog will no longer be able to issue any tickets. The device was spraypainted red on July 19 after having been knocked over eleven days earlier. The camera was installed less than a month ago.

In Rombas, France, the speed camera located on the CD181 was destroyed by fire on Friday. On Tuesday, vigilantes sawed off the speed camera on the RD17 in Allassac. On Saturday, attacks on speed camera equipment resumed in Guadeloupe, an archipelago in the Caribbean. Two of the six cameras on the RN1 that had been replaced a week ago were set ablaze.

In Thuillies, Belgium, the speed camera on the RN53 was severly damaged after it failed to prevent an accident. In Feuchtwangen, Germany, vigilantes on Thursday knocked over the mobile speed camera unit that had been issuing automated tickets on the Kronenwirtsberg.

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