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Belgium, France, Germany: Speed Camera Destruction
Automated ticketing opponents disabled a handful of speed cameras last week in Belgium, France and Germany.

Dumped Italian speed camera
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Offenburg, Germany, vigilantes on Tueday disabled the newly installed mobile speed camera on Murgtalstrasse by spraypainting its lens black. Near Meersburg, an unidentified man smashed the lens of the speed camera on the B31 and set fire to a stack of papers placed on top of the device on Friday, September 29.

In Tribano, Italy, vigilantes on Tuesday, used a tractor to rip the pole-mounted speed camera installed on Strada Regionale 104 out of the ground, dumping the device in a field on the side of the road.

Automated ticketing opponents in Walcourt, Belgium, sprayed blue spraypaint on the speed camera on the Route des Barrages on Monday, October 3, eliminating its ability to issue citations.

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