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Speed Cameras Bludgeoned In Australia, Europe
Photo radar was under attack last week in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany and the UK.

Tape attack on speed camera in Germany
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Extertal, Germany, unknown individuals took out the speed camera on Nalhofstrasse on Thursday, doing minor damage to the automated ticketing machine. In Wittmar, vigilantes on Wednesday defeated the "bulletproof glass" covering the lens of the speed camera on Leipziger Strasse by covering it with stickers. The entire camera was also wrapped in "caution" tape, according to Schoppenstedt police. Another adhesive attack, this time using thick electrical tape, blinded the speed camera on Emser Strasse in Lahnstein on Monday, November 20.

In Victoria, Australia, there have been 351 attacks on mobile photo radar vans in the last thirteen months according to the Community and Public Sector Union, which represents the individuals who drive the fully automated ticketing machines.

Motorists in London, England, mocked a mobile ticketing van dispatched to enforce the "ultra low emissions zone" (ULEZ) tax by covering the camera lens with a sex toy and publishing a video of the incident on Facebook on Monday, November 20. There have been 987 attacks on ULEZ cameras since April.

In Sint-Truiden, Belgium, the speed camera on the Luikersteenweg was destroyed on Wednesday after it failed to prevent an accident that flattened the pole-mounted device.

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