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Speed Cameras Felled For The Holidays
Over Christmas and Advent, several speed cameras in Australia, Italy and the UK were taken out of service.

Italian speed camera felled
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Vigilantes on Christmas cut down the speed camera on Strada Provinciale 46 in Taglio di Po, Italy. On Christmas Eve, a similar attack felled the pole-mounted photo radar camera on the A33 ring road in Asti. In Bollengo, a vigilante grabbed the speed camera that had been set up on Via Burolo and drove away with it in the back of a small three-wheeled truck on Saturday, December 16. Officials claim the camera equipment was not installed in the housing at the time.

Several freshly installed speed cameras on Stone Road in Stoke-on-Trent, England, stopped operating last week as photo radar opponents blocked the camera lenses with stickers. In Parkville, outside Melbourne, Australia, vigilantes smashed the rear window of the fully automated speed camera car as it was set up to trap motorists on Royal Parade.

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