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Growing Fame For Italian Anti-Speed Camera Vigilante
Fleximan brought down his tenth speed camera in Italy last week, as French farmers protest by disabling photo radar.

Fleximan on Christmas Eve
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Italy, the vigilante dubbed "Fleximan" continued to generate headlines across the country last week. On Saturday, he cut down the pole of the speed camera on SP3 in the Martignana di Po section of Cremona. The device had just been installed the previous day, and the attack brings Fleximan's total to ten cameras destroyed in the past few months. On Wednesday, Fleximan is credited with an attack in Cortina d'Ampezzo, a ski resort town in the southern Alps, where the speed camera that had been mailing automated tickets to drivers passing through the Giau Pass was cut down. A warning sign was placed in front of a newly installed speed camera in Moscufo on Strada Statale 151. The device has yet to begin issuing tickets, so the sign reads, "Fleximan is coming for you, too." Video footage from a Christmas Eve attack on the SS231 near Asti shows a pair of men covered up in winter weather gear using an angle grinder to quickly slice through a speed camera pole and knock the device over. Spraypaint was used on Monday, January 8, to blind the speed camera on Strada Statale 87 near the Morcone section of Benevento.

French farmers in the Dordogne department have been fighting back against various government policies by removing the state's ability to generate profit with speed cameras. On Tuesday, the Coordination rurale de la Dordogne (CR 24) wrapped ten photo radar devices in trash bags marked in green spraypaint with "CR24." In Konstanz, Germany, vigilantes on Tuesday applied glue to the lenses of the speed camera on Untere Laube, blinding the device. According to a statement, police have no idea who might be responsible.

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