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Anti-Speed Camera Videogame Released On Steam
Real-life anti-speed camera vigilantes destroyed photo radar in France, Germany and Italy last week. New Steam game imitates their work.

Fleximan videogame
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

A new videogame allows players to take on the role of Fleximan, the anti-speed camera vigilante. Released on Steam on February 28, the "Fleximan" game is set in a town near Venice, Italy, in which the angle-grinder wielding protagonist must cut down a set number of speed cameras, parking meters and speed bumps without getting caught by the police.

"Get ready to become the superhero of the streets in Fleximan: Speedy Revenge," the game's description explains. "The city is counting on you to free it from fines and restore justice!"

Once the game is started, a screen mentions the program was coded for fun over the course of a few days. The creator, Serio Studio, has provided several updates since its release and makes it available for $1 in both English and Italian. It has 46 positive reviews on Steam.

Real-life Fleximen were also at work last week in Italy. In San Sebastiano da Po, unknown vigilantes grabbed the orange "Velo OK" brand speed camera housing from its mounting point on Via Chivasso on Thursday. On Sunday, March 3, photo radar foes knocked over the speed cameras on the SR142 in Castel Focognano.

Opponents of automated ticketing in Dirinon, France, on Friday spraypainted red the speed camera on the RD770. On Tuesday, vigilantes blinded the speed camera on the RN31 in Rethondes with gray spraypaint. In Salon-de-Provence, a set of tractor tires was placed around the pole-mounted speed camera on the RD538, blocking its ability to issue automated citations.

In Fellbach, Germany, the mobile speed camera on Zwilling-Scholl-Strasse was spraypainted on Saturday, March 2. In Fuldatal, a speed camera was destroyed after it failed to prevent an accident on Sunday, March 3. A 22-year-old woman had lost control of her Audi on the B3 and slammed into the automated ticketing machine. The speed camera did an estimated 20,000 euros (US $22,000) in damage to the Audi.

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