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All-Time Most Popular Stories on TheNewspaper
A look at the top-ten most read stories on the site, updated January 2017.

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The following ten items represent the all-time most viewed stories on
  1. Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops
    The Michigan State Police acquired technology that allows police officers to download information from smart phones belonging to stopped motorists, a troubling precedent giving the willingness of courts to allow warrantless searches of electronic devices during a traffic stop.

  2. St. Louis, Missouri Traffic Stop Videos
    The video of an out-of-control police officer screaming at motorist Brett Darrow during traffic stop drew headlines across the country. Our coverage began with the story and video of the stop with follow-up stories about how area police continued to harass the young motorist, and even threaten him, over the publicity. This was not the first time we covered a Darrow video. In 2006, we reported on a DUI roadblock video where police similarly admitted they would "find a reason to lock you up."

  3. Virginia Introduces $3550 Speeding Ticket
    TheNewspaper helped bring attention to the Virginia legislature's move "to generate revenue" by imposing a mandatory $1050 tax, on top of an existing $2500 maximum fine, on anyone driving 15 MPH over the state's top speed limit of 65. This became a top campaign issue in the state for 2007, and the law was completely repealed.

  4. Massachusetts Court: Marijuana Smell Not Enough for Traffic Stop
    Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in 2011 ruled that a police officer may no longer search a motorist merely on the basis of smelling pot.

  5. Virginia: Unknown Traffic Violation Carries $2500 Fine
    The state of Virginia also imposed $2500 maximum fines for so-called "move over" violations. The state police admitted in a news release that nearly three-quarters of the public had no idea that this was even an offense.

  6. Oregon Cop Fined $181,170 For Kicking Motorcyclist
    A jury in 2016 found an Oregon police captain liable for $181,170 in damages for delivering a karate kick to a motorcyclist during a traffic stop.

  7. Florida: Changing Car Color Does Not Justify Traffic Stop
    The Florida Court of Appeal ruled in 2013 that repainted cars should not be automatically subject to traffic stops.

  8. California: Stop Sign Cameras Installed on Canyon Roads
    TheNewspaper was first to report in 2007 that a little-known government agency in Los Angeles, California installed the country's first stop sign camera (as opposed to a red light camera) to issue automated tickets for "boulevard stops."

  9. California: Police Raid Car Enthusiast Gathering, Generate Revenue
    Riverside, California cops descended on a parking lot in 2008 to issue "modified car" tickets at local car enthusiast gathering.

  10. New Jersey: Court Upholds Man Arrested For Visible Gun Case In Car
    New Jersey appellate court in 2013 upheld a five-year sentence for an ex-cop who was driving with his legally owned guns.

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