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Impound lot photo by Steve Rainwater/Flickr
Kansas City, Missouri Under Fire For Predatory Towing
Lawsuit accuses Kansas City, Missouri of towing legally parked cars for profit.

A motorist whose car was wrongly towed in Kansas City, Missouri, is calling for reform. Dyanna Black and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) launched a federal lawsuit challenging the lack of due process found in city impounding procedures that require payment of massive fees for the return of cars that should never have been seized in the first place.
   On February 2, 2016, Black legally parked her car on 16th Street near Wyandotte Street, but when she returned some time later, the car w ...

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Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio Supreme Court Backs Legislative Curb On Speed Cams
Ohio Supreme Court shoots down lower court attempt to quickly block legislative limitations on speed cameras.

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Tyson Timbs
US Supreme Court To Consider Car Seizure Constitutionality
US Supreme Court will decide whether seizing cars violates the constitutional prohibition on excessive fines.

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I77 Express Lanes
North Carolina Legislature Votes To Undo Toll Road Deal
North Carolina General Assembly to give governor authority and funding to cancel the transfer of toll lanes to a Spanish company.

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Saudi speed camera blocked
Rhode Island, France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Painted
Spraypaint and shopping carts were effective last week is thwarting the use of automated ticketing machines.

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