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Alaska report cover
Alaska Studies Whether Rural Speed Traps Reduce Crashes
No conclusive safety benefit was found in a preliminary analysis of police patrols on rural Alaska highways.

It is often assumed that encouraging police to set up speed traps enhances road safety. A test conducted last year called this assumption into question. The Alaska Department of Transportation tapped a team of university researchers to come up with a methodology to evaluating whether heavy patrolling of Alaska's rural highways produced a statistically significant reduction in collisions. The first look at one year's worth of data failed to demonstrate a conclusive safety benefit.
   "Apart from ...

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Economic trends cover
Cost Of Driving Down, Except Tolls And Insurance
Sharp rise in government-imposed costs not enough to offset larger reductions in the cost of owning an automobile.

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Pedestrian camera
France Introduces Crosswalk Ticketing Cameras
French government introduces cameras that mail tickets to vehicle owners accused of failing to stop for pedestrians.

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Blaise Ingoglia
Florida House Votes To Ban Red Light Cameras -- Eventually
Florida House of Representatives votes overwhelmingly to remove red light cameras three-and-a-half years from now.

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Batman speed camera
Belgium, China, France, UK: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Vigilantes across the globe used a number of methods last week to display their displeasure with automated ticketing machines.

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