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John P. Raphael
Redflex Lobbyist Jailed, Bribe Taker Sentenced
Redflex lobbyist begins federal prison sentence as red light camera bribe taker sentenced to ten years.

John P. Raphael became the first participant in the unfolding red light camera scandal to be put behind bars last week. The 61-year-old lobbyist for Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia on Thursday began serving his sentence at Williamsburg Federal Correctional Institute in Salter, South Carolina wearing a jumpsuit stamped with his new identity, prisoner number 73379-061.
   He will soon be joined by John Bills, the former Chicago, Illinois transportation official who was sentenced to ten years ...

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Trash can speed camera
France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Trashed, Torched
European vigilantes disabled speed cameras with trashcans, fire and paint last week.

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Colorado plate
Appellate Court Rules Colorado Plates Not Suspicious
Tenth Circuit US Court of Appeals slams Kansas cops for pulling over motorists with Colorado Plates.

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Judge Sidney A. Fitzwater
Texas: Dashcam Video Undermines Police Account Of Traffic Stop
Drug dealer escapes punishment after dashcam video disproves traffic stop justification of a Texas deputy.

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Herbert H. Slatery III
Tennessee Attorney General Reverses Course On Red Light Cameras
Tennessee attorney general flip flops on the issue of whether red light camera companies can review tickets under state law.

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