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Judge Virginia M. Kendall
Ex-Wife Of Red Light Camera Convict Wins Payday
Federal judge sides with claim of ex-wife to pension fund contributions from Chicago, Illinois official who took Redflex bribes.

Margaret Bills, ex-wife of a former Chicago, Illinois, transportation official caught in a red light camera bribery scandal, won $95,946 from a federal court ruling on Thursday. US District Judge Virginia M. Kendall decided that Margaret Bills, not the government, had first claim to the $266,519 in pension contributions that John Bills accumulated while serving as the city's deputy transportation chief.
   Bills owes the government $2 million in restitution read more >> 

Antispeed camera poster
France, Italy, Russia: Speed Cameras Burned, Bashed, Blinded
Speed cameras in France, Italy and Russia came under fire -- and spraypaint -- last week.

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Anticor PNF logo
French Government Investigates Speed Camera Corruption
French financial prosecutor opens formal investigation into corruption allegation involving a speed camera company.

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David Poirier
Dallas, Texas Renews Deal With Corruption Tainted Camera Company
The photo enforcement company that bankrupted Dallas County Schools in Texas has renewed its deal after a rebranding.

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Iowa DOT enforcement
Iowa Supreme Court Considers Shutting Down DOT Speeding Tickets
Iowa Supreme Court to decide whether state Department of Transportation employees can issue speeding tickets under citizen arrest authority.

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