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Speed trap
Towns Seek Speed Trap Cash From Group That Profits From Tickets
The National Safety Council generates revenue from speeding ticket awareness courses, then gives cities grant funding to issue more tickets.

The city council in Akron, Ohio, on Monday adopted an ordinance authorizing the mayor to ask the National Safety Council for $198,389 to pay for a speeding ticket blitz. This "Road to Zero" grant funding would be used to purchase new radar and laser speed guns and to pay police officers 150 percent of their regular salary while issuing those citations. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides $3 million in taxpayer funding for the National Safety Council's grant program.
   Ak ...

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Michael Biondi
Florida Gang Unit Cops May Not Write Seatbelt Tickets
Florida Appeals Court says local cop working on a county task force may not write traffic tickets outside of his normal jurisdiction.

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ALPR laptop
Minnesota Lawmakers Wants To Audit License Plate Cameras
Minnesota state lawmakers push to update existing audit requirements for police departments using license plate cameras.

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Pennsylvania Turnpike
Trucking, Automobile Groups Team Up Against Pennsylvania Toll Road
National Motorists Association and Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association demand refunds for excessive tolls on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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Corsican speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Wrapped, Painted, Stoned
Stones, spraypaint and trashbags kept speed cameras from operating in France and Italy last week.

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