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Judge William A. Klatt
Second Ohio Appellate Ruling Blasts Speed Camera Village
Ohio Court of Appeals finds a challenge to speed camera program legality did not affect the due process rights of the village of Brice.

By Richard Diamond Usually, motorists are the ones claiming they have lost due process rights when fighting civil photo enforcement citations. In an odd twist, the village of Brice, Ohio, claimed it became the victim when a driver challenged the legality of the administrative hearing process in a jurisdiction that earns nearly three-quarters of its revenue from photo tickets.
   In a ruling last week, a three-ju ...

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British man blocks speed camera
France, UK: Speed Cameras Blocked
British motorist blocked a speed camera while vigilantes in France spraypainted several automated ticketing machines last week.

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Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio Supreme Court To Decide Homeowner Liability For Damage To Car
Driver paralyzed after hitting reinforced roadside mailbox takes lawsuit against homeowner to the Ohio Supreme Court.

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Speed camera rammed in Winnipeg
Anti-Camera Activity Steps Up During Protests In France
A Canadian speed camera is flattened by a motorist while anti-camera vigilantes in France stepped up attacks during anti-government protests.

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Rekor logo
License Plate Camera Maker Faces Swarm Of Fraud Lawsuits
Failed Oklahoma license plate camera experiment sparks investor lawsuit against Rekor Systems.

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