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Andy Taylor
Texas Appeals Court Restores Right To Vote On Camera Ban
Second highest court in Texas reverses judge who blocked a referendum vote on red light cameras in Cleveland.

The public has a right to outlaw the use of red light cameras by referendum, the Texas Court of Appeals decided on Thursday. The ruling was a blow to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), which successfully used a lower court injunction to block the May 10, 2014 public vote on camera use that had been scheduled in the city of Cleveland.
   ATS lawyer Andy Taylor convinced Liberty County Judge Carroll Wilborn Jr to pull the measure from the ballot (read more >> 

Judge Thomas Logue
Florida Appeal Court Saves Red Light Cameras
Appellate panel in Florida invites the state Supreme Court to resolve questions surrounding the legality of red light cameras.

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Virginia Beach safe right turn
Virginia Town Destroyed Required Red Light Camera Records
Virginia Beach, Virginia ignores state law requiring the study of engineering improvements prior to installing red light cameras.

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New Jersey Supreme Court
New Jersey Supreme Court Allows High Beams On Empty Roads
High court in New Jersey finds it unreasonable for police to pull over motorists for using high beams when there is no oncoming traffic.

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Arcore, Italy speed camera
France, Italy, Luxembourg, UK: Speed Cameras Disabled
Vigilantes across Europe used a variety of methods to take out speed cameras last week.

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