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Tilted speed camera
France, Latvia: Speed Cameras Flipped, Scorched, Sprayed
Vigilantes last week took out speed cameras across Europe with fire, levers and several cans of spraypaint.

In Ozolnieki, Latvia on Wednesday, vigilantes used burning tires to take out one of the first speed cameras ever installed in the country. According to Latvijas Sabiedriskie Mediji, two other cameras have been similarly torched -- one in Jaunmarupe in April and another in Jurmala in June.
   In Cherveix-Cubas, France, vigilantes on Saturday flipped the large housing of the mobile speed ...

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Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court Says Police May Detain Innocent Passengers
Passengers not suspected of any wrongdoing can be held and questioned by police during any traffic stop under Florida high court ruling.

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Iowa Supreme Court chamber, 9/20/17
Iowa Supreme Court Hears Speed Camera Due Process Complaints
Oral arguments in Iowa Supreme Court case bring out dispute over the potential violation of the due process rights of motorists.

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Solana Beach city council
California Town Sticks With Embattled Red Light Camera Vendor
Solana Beach, California renews contract with Redflex despite the lack of evidence of a safety improvement.

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Sheriff squad car
New Mexico: Federal Judge Slaps Down Implausible Traffic Stop
US district court judge does not believe cop who claims he used his mirror to witness a car impeding traffic half-a-mile away.

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