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License plate reader
Virginia Court Says License Plate Tracking Is Legal
Fairfax County, Virginia court rejects ACLU lawsuit designed to stop police tracking via license plate cameras.

There are no limits on a private individual or government agency that seeks to track Virginia motorists by photographing their license plates and storing the information in a database. That was the ruling last month of a Fairfax County Circuit Court judge who rejected the contention that automated license plate readers (ALPR or ANPR in Europe) violate state data protection laws.
   "There is one salient issue that this court must decide," Judge Robert J. Smith wrote in his November 18 ruling. "I ...

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Road sign
Quebec, Canada Court Strikes Down Speed Camera Program
Justice of the peace in Quebec, Canada strikes down photo radar evidence as unreliable.

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Proposed visor label
US Transportation Department Wants More Sun Visor Stickers
Administration proposes to add an unremovable sun visor sticker advertising a government website for complaints.

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Spraypainted white
France: Speed Cameras Torched, Blinded
Fire and spraypaint took several speed cameras out of commission in France last week.

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NICE logo
UK Motoring Group Slams Government-Funded Report As Anti-Car
Alliance of British Drivers says public transport, not private automobiles, is responsible for bad air quality.

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