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Marco Rubio
OPINION: Rubio Is Right -- Red-light cameras are a scam
A commentary by Richard Diamond about the significance of the guilty plea in the red light camera political corruption case.

Marco Rubio's driving habits have been in the spotlight ever since The New York Times attacked him over a handful of minor traffic infractions. The Florida senator downplayed his record behind the wheel by pointing out that red-light cameras are a "scam." PolitiFact chided the Republican presidential candidate for failing to acknowledge that cameras are perfectly legal in his state -- as if that matters.
   Rubio got it exactly right. On June 18, read more >> 

Louisiana Supreme Court
Louisiana Supreme Court Punts On Red Light Cameras
Louisiana Supreme Court sends back red light camera challenge so that the arguments can be better developed. Injunction remains in place.

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Catherine Petzel
Embattled US Redflex Chief Wins Employment Bias Suit
Fired Redflex employee appeals loss in lawsuit against Karen Finley alleging anti-Australian bias.

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Walmart parking lot
Nebraska Supreme Court Declares Walmart Parking Lot A Public Highway
Nebraska high court says license suspension means no driving, even on private roads and parking lots.

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Smashed French speed camera
France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Smashed, Blocked
Vigilantes block a photo radar van at Mecca and smash one in France with a sledgehammer.

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