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Patrick Doherty
Illinois: Red Light Camera Salesman Busted By Feds
Federal prosecutors rack up second indictment in suburban Illinois red light camera bribery scandal.

A federal grand jury in Illinois last week indicted a senior Cook County staff member who moonlighted as a red light camera salesman. Patrick J. Doherty, the chief of staff to Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski, bribed an unnamed Oak Lawn trustee on behalf of the red light camera vendor Safespeed, according to the indictment.
   "Patrick J. Doherty used and caused to be used a facility in interstate commerce, namely a cellular telephone and an associated communications network, with intent t ...

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Court of Appeals building
Missouri Court Upholds $100k Verdict For Red Light Camera Victim
Missouri Court of Appeals upholds a jury verdict awarding $100,000 to a woman falsely arrested over a red light camera ticket.

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Montegrino Valtravaglia speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Camera Sabotage
A handful of speed cameras in France and Italy were attacked by vigilantes last week.

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Kent Maynard
Lawsuit Takes On Red Light Camera Vendor For Racketeering
Illinois lawyer goes after red light camera vendor Safespeed for using fraudulent means to collect millions from motorists.

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Delegate Jay Jones
Virginia House Passes Speed Camera Bill
Virginia House of Delegates quietly adopts legislation giving any jurisdiction in the state authority to set up speed cameras.

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