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CTB leaders Layne and Kilpatrick
Virginia: Group Seeks Sanctions Against Unauthorized Speed Camera Use
National Motorists Association files complaint against insurance industry group for unlawful deployment of speed cameras on Virginia highways.

Speed cameras are banned in Virginia, but that did not stop the insurance industry from deploying them on state highways. As part of an effort to promote the issuance of speeding tickets, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the for-profit contractor Brekford set up ten radar units that they used to photograph the faces of motorists and identify them through Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) records. The group used the ...

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Hacked Russian speed camera
Researchers Find Speed Cameras Vulnerable To Hacking
Computer security firm exposes the ease with which speed cameras and red light cameras can be compromised over the Internet.

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Gov. Christie and William Baroni
New Jersey Bridgegate Trial Turns Congestion Into A Crime
Creating congestion for political payback is charged as a federal crime in New Jersey Bridgegate trial.

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Red spraypainted speed camera
France, Italy: Acts Of God, Spraypaint Disables Cameras
Unpopular Italian speed camera destroyed by lightning. French radars are disabled with spraypaint.

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San Diego trolley
Opinion: Feds Divert Yet More Motorist Money Into Trolleys
Feds spend $1 billion on trolley in San Diego, California. Washington, DC trolley costs taxpayers $9.50 per ride.

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