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Judge Jacqueline O. Shogan
Pennsylvania Limits Secondary Questioning During Traffic Stop
If a motorist is told he is free to go, Pennsylvania appellate court says police questioning must end.

Police officers routinely engage in extended roadside questioning during traffic stops. The tactic, designed to goad drivers into divulging information that might lead to other potential offenses, is under increasing scrutiny in Pennsylvania. A three-judge state appellate panel decided earlier this month that officers may not start a second round of roadside questioning after telling a motorist that he is free to go.
   The Pennsylvania Superior Court, the equivalent of the court of appeals in o ...

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VCTRI test track
Virginia Report Finds Female Drivers Need Longer Yellow Times
Virginia Department of Transportation funded report that confirms the link between short yellow times and red light running.

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Yellow time chart
Florida: Yellow Light Refunds Highlight Engineering Failure
After yellow time lengthened by 1.9 seconds at Orange County, Florida intersection, red light violations plunge 91 percent.

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Python II radar
Florida Counties Caught With Uncalibrated Radar Guns
Federal class action lawsuit filed over use of uncertified radar units in Florida.

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Smashed speed camera
Canada, France, UK: Speed Cameras Burned, Bashed
Vigilantes use a spraypaint, sledgehammers and fire to disable speed cameras in Canada, France and Scotland.

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