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Barry Klein and Dan Comstock
Another Texas Town Prepares To Ban Red Light Cameras
Jersey Village could become the seventh city in Texas where residents outlawed the use of automated ticketing machines.

Jersey Village may soon become the seventh city in Texas to outlaw the use of red light cameras. Barry Klein says he and fellow limited-government activists last weekend secured about a third of the signatures needed to qualify for the May 2016 ballot. The members of Ban the Cams in Jersey Village walked door-to-door in the Houston suburb and found plenty of residents eager to sign the petition to put the cameras' fate in the hands of voters.
   "Red light camera are simply an example of governm ...

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Dashcam video
Pennsylvania Court Makes Dashcam Videos Public Record
Appellate court in Pennsylvania rules that police must hand over dashcam video of a traffic stop.

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Credit rating agency logos
Credit Report Settlement Threatens Automated Ticketing Industry
Settlement prohibits credit reporting agencies from lowering credit scores over unpaid photo tickets.

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John P. Raphael
Third Guilty Plea In Redflex Red Light Camera Scandal
Redflex lobbyist admits extortion in ongoing photo ticketing scandal in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Blown up speed camera
France, Germany, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Trashed
Across Europe, vigilantes use paint, explosives and fire to prevent speed cameras from issuing tickets.

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