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Crashed semi
Missouri Court Protects Black Box Data From Cops
Missouri Court of Appeals tells police if they want to download the data from a car or truck black box, they will have to get a warrant.

If police want to snoop through a vehicle's black box data -- even after an accident -- they will have to get a warrant. That was the conclusion Tuesday of the Missouri Court of Appeals, which took up the case of a black box seized from a truck involved in a major collision on July 1, 2015.
   Anthony West was behind the wheel of the semi when he came upon stopped traffic and struck a Ford F-150 pickup truck. That rear end collision claimed the life of Margaret Haile, 79. Missouri Highway Patrol ...

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Detroit Police
Federal Judge Scolds Detroit Cops For Lying About Traffic Stop
Federal judge finds Detroit, Michigan cops willfully lied about searching men gathered around a parked truck.

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Seized cash
Utah Supremes To Decide Whether Cops Are Violating Forfeiture Ban
Utah Supreme Court to decide whether police can avoid ban on taking money from motorists not charged with any crime by calling in the feds.

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Marc E. Dann
Federal Lawsuit Challenges Interstate Speed Camera Trap In Ohio
Federal class action seeks to force Girard, Ohio to refund speed camera tickets issued in a work zone a month after work had ceased.

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Wolverhampton camera burning
Ecuador, France, UK: Speed Cameras Assaulted
Speed and red light cameras were fell under heavy attack around the wold last week with massive protests in the streets of France.

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