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Larry Duncan
Texas School Bus Chief Busted In Photo Enforcement Scandal
Former school board president in Dallas, Texas pleads guilty to tax evasion after taking school bus camera company bribes.

The former Dallas County Schools board president on Monday entered a plea of guilty to federal corruption charges related to the ill-fated Texas school bus stop-arm camera program. Larry Duncan, once a powerful Democratic politician who served four terms on the Dallas city council became the fifth to fall in the bribery scandal that plunged his agency $103 million in debt for the benefit of a private company.
   Duncan used his position at Dallas County Schools to advance the controversial autom ...

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South African speed camera burned
Belarus, Ecuador, France, Italy, South Africa: Speed Cameras Blinded
Speed cameras across multiple continents were tarred and feathered, burned or spraypainted.

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Cedric Gordon SUV
Federal Judge Catches Mississippi Traffic Cop In A Lie
Federal judge in Mississippi uncovers contradictory testimony about a police traffic stop.

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BusPatrol logo
Gag Order For Corruption Tainted Bus Camera Operator Legal Challenge
Texas Appeals Court issues gag order shielding legal challenge of troubled bus camera company from public scrutiny.

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Michael A. Campbell
Indiana Supreme Court Considers Speeding Stop By Forgetful Cop
Indiana Supreme Court weighs whether speeding stop is valid if the police officer does not remember how fast the suspect was going.

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