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Iowa Appeals Court Defends Speed Cameras
Appellate panel in Iowa tosses two lawsuits against the use of interstate speed cameras.

Photo radar has some big fans at the Iowa Appeals Court. A three-judge panel on Wednesday tossed a class action suit against speed camera use in Cedar Rapids and, in a separate case, the same panel upheld the principles behind the city's automated ticketing program. At issue were the $75 tickets issued by the Swedish firm Sensys Gatso on Interstate 380, where the high-speed route passes through city limits.
   Motorists argued that the civil administrative hearings Cedar Rapids uses to confirm v ...

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Mexico City
Study: Automobile Restrictions Did Nothing To Improve Air Quality
Nature study finds car use restrictions in Mexico City, Mexico failed to deliver on promised improvements in air quality.

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Phenix City
Class Action Lawsuit Takes On Alabama Red Light Cameras
Lawsuit alleges Phenix City, Alabama entered into an unconstitutional photo ticketing arrangement to raise revenue.

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Rep Andy Holt
Tennessee Lawmaker Renews Fight Against Traffic Cameras
State representative in Tennessee uses Monopoly money to pay photo citation, urges residents to toss their tickets.

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Tired French speed camera
Australia, France, UK: Speed Cameras Tumbled, Tired
All around the world, speed cameras were associated with crashes, fire and spraypaint last week.

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