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Freeway congestion
Vehicle Travel Reaches An All-Time High
US motorists drove more in the past month than they ever have, fully recovering from the 2007 recession.

Motorists are hitting the roads in greater numbers than they ever have. The latest Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) data show the number of vehicle miles traveled in the United States has finally rebounded, reaching an all-time high of three trillion miles driven in the past twelve months and surpassing the pre-recession peak of 2007.
   When economic turmoil struck, drivers responded to the rise in unemployment and lack of economic growth by putting down the car keys. Slowly, they have pi ...

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Drinking behind the wheel
Iowa: Court Allows Drinking Alcohol Allowed In Parking Lots
Iowa Court of Appeals rules that most traffic laws do not apply to parking lots.

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Anti-camera protest in France
France, Germany, Hong Kong: Speed Cameras Sacked, Burned
Fire, guns, trash bags and spraypaint take out photo radar units in France, Germany and Hong Kong.

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Djuane Lamar McPhaul
Indiana: Federal Court Denies Motorist Right To Stop In Safe Location
Federal judge rules that waiting to pull over in a safe, well-lit location is equivalent to resisting arrest.

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Stop sign camera warning
California Appeal Court Backs Stop Sign Cameras
Appellate court notes that the California legislature slipped in a provision to rescue the legality of stop sign cameras.

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