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Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Attacked, Speed Signs Kill
Vigilantes stone a radar van in Germany, knock over poles in Northern Ireland, and a speed camera sign kills a motorcyclist in England.

Baden-Wurttemberg Polizei reported a speed camera van had a fist-sized rock thrown through its window at around 5:25pm on Tuesday last week. A man on a motorcycle hurled the projectile while riding on Neuhauser Strasse in Obereschach, causing an estimated 800 euros (US $895) in damages. Police have no idea who the man might be because he used a piece of cardboard to cover up his license plate.
   In Derry, Northern Ireland, vigilantes knocked over a pair of speed cameras on April 25 and April 26 ...

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Pro-camera signholder
Texas: Company Pays Outsiders To Campaign For Cameras
American Traffic Solutions front group pays $18 an hour to bus in support for red light cameras in Arlington, Texas.

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Tawian Bacome
New Jersey Cops May Not Order Passengers Out Of Car
Appellate court in New Jersey finds a cop erred by ordering a passenger to get out of the car without probable cause.

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Ohio statehouse
Ohio Lawmakers Fight Back Against Activist Judges
Ohio state budget contains measure to defund cities that defy state restrictions on traffic camera use.

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EZPass surveillance in Manhattan
New York: E-ZPass Used To Spy On Motorists
New York City, New York uses E-ZPass readers at untolled intersections for surveillance purposes.

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