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Patrick Doherty
Feds Up The Fraud Charges Against Red Light Camera Salesman
Department of Justice levels new charges against Safespeed red light camera salesman accused of public corruption.

Federal prosecutors on Thursday revealed just how much they have been holding back when presenting charges against individuals accused of participating in the suburban Illinois red light camera bribery scheme. Patrick Doherty, a local government official who sold red light cameras on the side for Safespeed refused to accept a plea deal as others in his position have been doing. In response, the Department of Justice upped the charges.
   A 17 page superseding indictment added new details about D ...

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Burned speed camera
A Few More French Speed Cameras Knocked Out
Three French speed cameras were burned last week, and one was blinded by spraypaint.

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California Judicial Council
Are Red Light Camera Tickets Now Optional In California?
A California court case reduced, or possibly eliminated, consequences for ignoring a mailed red light camera citation.

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Foamed Austrian speed camera
Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Opponents of automated ticketing sabotaged dozens of speed cameras across Australia and Europe last week.

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John OSullivan
Another Illinois Political Operative Indicted For Red Light Camera Bribery
Former Worth Township, Illinois supervisor indicted in federal probe of red light camera bribery.

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