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Refund calculation
Ohio Town Dragging Out Speed Camera Ticket Refunds
New Miami, Ohio argues for more delay in paying back $3.6 million in speed camera tickets after program deemed unconstitutional.

The village of New Miami, Ohio, has been fighting -- and losing -- a legal battle over its speed camera program since 2013. The state Court of Appeals and Supreme Court have already turned aside multiple procedural appeals. Those rulings all sided with Judge Michael A. Oster Jr, who deemed New Miami's automated ticketing program unconstitutional because it gave vehicle owners no ...

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Tyson Timbs
US Supreme Court Overturns Land Rover Seizure As Excessive
High court decision delivers a severe blow to the law enforcement practice of taking away automobiles from individuals suspected of minor crimes.

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Dennis Herrera
Verra Mobility and Hertz Settle Toll Road Lawsuit
Speed camera firm and Hertz agree to pay $3.6 million to San Francisco, California over hidden PlatePass toll road charges.

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Longer yellow time chart
Texas: Longer Yellow Time Experiment Is A Long-Term Success
Denton, Texas to expand successful yellow time extension experiment.

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Saudi Arabia speed camera on fire
France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UK: Speed Cameras Assaulted
Yellow Vest protests and attacks on photo enforcement ebb in France while photo radar attacks pick up in England, Italy and Saudi Arabia.

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