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Tobacco dealer
France, Germany, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, UK: Speed Cameras Attacked
Massive protest takes out 430 French speed cameras in a day, with other attacks taking place across Europe and Saudi Arabia.

A protest over cigarette taxes has disabled at least 430 speed cameras across France, France Bleu reported. On Friday, masked members of the group calling themselves "Angry Tobacconists" covered the automated ticketing machines with garbage bags and sign indicating their displeasure with the 10 euro (US $11.66) per pack tax. The incidents were spread out acro ...

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Steve Kerbel
Colorado Ballot Measure Would Block Traffic Stop Profit
Proposed Colorado ballot initiative would take the financial incentive out of traffic enforcement.

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Joel Baker
Smith County, Texas Loses Appeal Over Secret Speed Cam Deal
Texas Court of Appeals rejects attempt by Smith County to recall videos of the illegal speed camera deal struck behind closed doors.

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South Dakota: Lawsuit Challenges Motorist Catheterization
Class action lawsuit against South Dakota police agencies challenges use of force in conducting drug tests on motorists and others.

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Washington Supreme Court
Washington Supreme Court Orders Return Of Seized BMW
High court in Washington state says police cannot take cars and cash from motorists without specific evidence of a drug crime.

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