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Dave Yost
Ohio AG Moves To Save Red Light Camera Defunding Law
Ohio attorney general battles city of Dayton over the ability of the legislature to reduce funding to cities that raise money with speed cameras.

The city of Dayton, Ohio, has until next Monday to prove its case against the General Assembly's law cutting state funding from jurisdictions that generate revenue from certain types of speed camera. Judge Mary Katherine Huffman's temporary restraining order expires on August 26, and the Ohio attorney general's office sent a team of lawyers to the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas to back the constitutional power of state legislators to decide how state funds are spent. Dayton has taken th ...

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Trooper opens car door
New Mexico Court: Warrant Needed To Open Car Door
New Mexico Court of Appeals rules that a police officer needs a good reason to open a car door during a traffic stop for speeding.

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Center turn lane sign via Google Maps
Ohio Appeals Court Rules On Defective Traffic Sign Defense
Citations can be canceled if a traffic sign is at the wrong height, but that does not invalidate the traffic stop, Ohio Court of Appeals ruled.

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Colorado licensing board logo
Colorado Issues Cease And Desist Order To Redflex
Colorado Board of Licensure issues cease and desist order to red light camera company for violating state engineering laws.

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Spanish shopping cart
France, Germany, Spain, UK: Speed Cameras Disabled
Vigilantes across Europe used fire and spraypaint to prevent speed cameras from issuing tickets last week.

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