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Macron grand debate
French Government Retreats From Lowered Speed Limits
French government signals potential to make more concessions to yellow vest protesters. Speed cameras under attack in Belgium, Germany and Italy.

French president Emmanuel Macron showed the first signs of retreating from the policy he instituted in July that reduced the speed limit on secondary roads from 90km/h (56 MPH) to 80km/h (50 MPH). While insisting the limit was lowered for safety reasons, he suggested to a crowd during a "grand debate" townhall meeting that nothing was set in stone. His administration suggested the limit could go back to 90km/h -- perhaps on a case-by-case basis -- depending on accident data that would be reviewe ...

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AFP and DOJ logos
Australia Lets Redflex Off The Hook
Redflex says the Australian Federal Police have declined to prosecute the firm for red light camera bribery in the United States.

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GHSA report cover
ANALYSIS: Traffic Ticket Industry Calls For Lower Speed Limits
Opinion/Analysis: Report by organization of traffic ticket writing officials calls for widespread reduction in speed limits.

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Remy Prudhomme
France: Report Shows Lowered Speed Limit Costs $4.4 Billion
Preliminary report shows the annual net cost to the public of lowering speed limits in France is $4.4 billion.

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Marsha S. Berzon
Federal Appeals Court: No Need For Passenger ID In Traffic Stop
Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals says police cannot demand ID from passengers during a traffic stop without reasonable suspicion of a crime.

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