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Protest poster
France: Anti-Camera Protests Grow, Speed Cameras Disabled
Thousands of French motorcyclists and motorists took to the streets to protest against lowered speed limits and photo radar enforcement.

Opposition to the French government's decision to drop the speed limit from 90 km/h (56 MPH) to 80 km/h (50 MPH) on departmental roads continued for the third week. Weekend protests gathered hundreds across the nation opposing the decision that takes effect in July. For example, a large group of motorcyclists in Villefranche-de-Rouergue temporarily shut down a local highway last week Saturday, read more >> 

Study cover
Ten-Year Australian Study Finds Little Red Light Camera Benefit
The majority of South Australian intersections were worse off after installing ticketing cameras according to long-term study.

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Judge Diane Sykes
Federal Appeals Court Laughs At Ex-Redflex Exec Demand For Reward
US Court of Appeals judges laugh at attempt of former Redflex executive to collect a reward in bribery scheme.

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Judge George Hazel
Federal Judge Opens Inquiry Into Maryland Speed Camera Secrecy
Court discovery could force Rockville, Maryland to reveal whether officials withheld speed camera records to avoid criticism.

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Delegate Marc Korman
Maryland Officials Admit Longer Yellows Reduce Violations
Legislation in Maryland would force cities to give motorists at least 4 seconds of yellow time at photo enforced intersections.

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