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11th Circuit
Federal Appeals Court Rescues Red Light Camera Lawsuit
Eleventh Circuit US Court of Appeals revives challenge to Alabama red light cameras under state law while rejecting federal claims.

A lawsuit challenging the red light camera program in Alabama should not have been thrown out by a lower court judge. The Eleventh Circuit US Court of Appeals on Thursday sent the case back to the trial court to rule on state law issues after the three-judge appellate panel rejected all of the claims made under federal law.
   Alabama has no statewide law that authorizes the use of red light cameras or speed cameras. Instead, Brantley, Center Point, Midfield, Montgomery, Opelika, Phenix City, Se ...

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Idaho Supreme Court
Idaho Supreme Court Strikes Down Vague Car Temp Tag Rules
Idaho Supreme Court declares temporary car registration tag display law fails to provide sufficient guidance to motorists.

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Judge Michael A. Oster Jr
Ohio: Final Order Issued In Speed Camera Refund Case
Judge orders New Miami, Ohio to issue $3.5 million in speed camera ticket refunds over the next ten years.

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San Mateo City Council
San Mateo, California Dumps Red Light Cameras
Shortened yellow light refunds and lack of safety benefit spurred San Mateo, California to pull the plug on red light cameras.

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Russian speed camera rammed
Ecuador, France, Germany, Russia: Speed Cameras Scrapped
Speed cameras around the world were burned, blinded and bashed last week.

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