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Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio Supreme Court Delays Suit Against Illegal Photo Tickets
Technical ruling from Ohio Supreme Court has trial judge determine whether paying a speed camera ticket precludes a later challenge.

A divided Ohio Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the Court of Appeals jumped the gun when it allowed a class action case to proceed against the speed camera program in Cleveland. In the fourteen-page technical ruling, the justices said the appellate court decided a matter that had not been fully considered at the trial level and sent it back for further proceedings. The move will delay a case that has bounced around the courts for the past six years.
   In 2009, Janine Lycan filed a class acti ...

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Tim Eyman
Washington Initiative Strikes Back At Auto Registration Fees
Washington state initiative guru heads to the ballot to fight rising automobile registration fees.

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SEMA trade show
EPA Rule To Ban Car Modification
EPA and NHTSA complete work on a regulation banning sale of go-fast engine parts for automobiles.

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POD camera
Illinois: Cops Lose Case After Hiding Video Evidence
Failure to produce all video evidence results in a DUI case being thrown out in Illinois.

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Smashed Luxembourg camera
France, Luxembourg, UK: Speed Cameras Thwarted
European vigilantes use trash bags, hammers, spraypaint and fire to thwart the use of automated ticketing machines.

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