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Rep. Tim Walberg
US House Moves To Limit Car Seizures
US House of Representatives votes unanimously to block local police from seizing cars and other property under federal rules.

The US House of Representatives decided last week to limit the federal government's ability to work with local law enforcement to take cars away from motorists who have not been convicted of any crime. By a voice vote, lawmakers adopted an amendment to the Justice Department funding bill restoring a prohibition on "adoptive seizures" that allow local law enforcement to turn cases over to federal agents who operate with few restrictions on confiscation.
   "These forfeiture options provide a loo ...

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Storm destroys camera
DC, France: Speed Cameras Crushed, Blinded
An accident, a storm and spraypaint take out photo radar devices in Washington, DC and France.

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Red light camera coalition logos
Behind The Scenes Of The Effort To Gut The Texas Red Light Camera Ban
Humble, Texas officials worked closely with local media and traffic camera vendors to carve out an exception to the statewide photo ticketing ban.

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Illinois: Seventh Circuit Orders Return Of Impounded Cars
Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals says Chicago, Illinois must return cars seized from drivers who have filed for bankruptcy protection.

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Kansas Supreme Court
Kansas Supreme Court Rejects Damage Limits In Traffic Injury Case
Kansas Supreme Court rejects legislative limit on pain and suffering damage awards set by juries in car accident cases.

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