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Maine Supreme Court
Maine Supreme Court: Father Cannot Help Son Fight Traffic Ticket
Cops can play the role of prosecutor in a Maine traffic court, but a dad cannot help his son fight a ticket.

A father who wanted to represent his teenage son while fighting a traffic ticket will not be allowed to do so under a ruling handed down Thursday by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. On July 4, 2016, Benjamin J. Rupert had been pulled over at U.S. Route 1 and Old Blue Point Road in Scarborough. Officer Melissa DiClemente accused the eighteen-year-old of exceeding the 35 MPH speed limit and "failure to maintain control."
   When the case came before a Portland District Court judge, Rupert filed ...

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NTSB report cover
NTSB Pushes For Lower Speed Limits, Photo Radar
National Transportation Safety Board issues report claiming lower speed limits enforced by speed cameras will reduce accidents.

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Recall Newman
Car Tax Vote Could Doom California State Senator
Court of Appeal advances recall election of California state senator over his vote to boost driving taxes by $5.2 billion.

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School bus crash
US DOT: No School Bus Passing Fatalities In 2015
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data show no school kids were killed by passing motorists in the most recent year studied.

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Wrapped speed camera
Ecuador, France, Saudi Arabia, Sweden: Speed Cameras Disabled, Protested
Massive protests and spraypaint were used to show displeasure with automated enforcement around the world last week.

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