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A Better Road Forward
Missouri Ballot Measure Would Outlaw Toll Roads
Activist group in Missouri circulates a ballot petition that would, if successful, outlaw toll roads in the state.

Activists in Missouri are out gathering signatures in the hopes of permanently blocking all plans to impose tolls on existing freeways. State lawmakers have been trying for decades to erect toll booths on various routes, most recently securing federal approval to toll Interstate 70 under a deal that is set to expire on December 4. The group A Better Way Forward wants to amend the state constitution to prohibit such deals.
   "Neither the General Assembly no ...

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Smith County, Texas Commissioners Court
Texas Judge Releases Secret Speed Camera Meeting Video
Activists secure court order to release tapes of secret speed camera negotiations between Smith County, Texas and American Traffic Solutions.

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Hail, Saudi Arabia camera
France, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, UK: Speed Cameras Destroyed
Across the world, speed cameras were spraypainted, set on fire and otherwise destroyed last week.

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God Bless America license plate
US Appeals Court Outlaws Frames On God Bless America Plate
Three-judge federal panel declares an eagle frame on a God Bless America plate unlawful in Alabama.

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Rusty Patched photo by Dan Mullen vis US FWS
Bumblebee Blocks Illinois Toll Road Construction
US district judge calls a halt to toll road construction over the potential to annoy bumblebees.

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