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Australia, France, UAE: Speed Cameras Attacked
Speed cameras and photo radar vans torched and smashed in Australia, France and the United Arab Emirates.

Burned French speed cameraAnti-camera activists burned an unmanned Subaru Forrester photo radar van in Tasmania, Australia at 7pm yesterday. The device was issuing tickets on Hobart road near Launceston when it was set on fire, 7 News reported. Officials estimate $25,000 in damage was done.

French vigilantes attacked four speed cameras in the past week. In Saint-Laurent, the speed camera on the RD1215 was severely beaten according to Sud Ouest. On Tuesday, three cameras were set on fire. This includes one on the N124 in Vic Fezensac, one on the D930 in Jegun and one on the D931 in Mouchan, La Depeche reported.

Vigilantes in the United Arab Emirates attacked a speed camera Monday, Emirates 24-7 reported. Speed cameras in Umm Al Quwain have been attacked before, with three being shot last year.

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