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European Speed Cameras Sawed, Sprayed
Spraypaint and power saws took out a handful of speed cameras last week in France, Germany and Italy.

Speed camera cut down
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

In Balve, Germany, vigilantes on Saturday blinded the speed camera on Honnetalstrasse by smearing its lenses with spraypaint, according to local police. In Baruchella, Italy, a vigilante known only as "Fleximan" on Thursday cut down the pole-mounted speed camera on the Regionale 482 Altopolesana.

A trio of newly installed photo radar devices were disabled last week near Caussade, France. Yellow paint blinded the automated ticketing machine on the RD926, as well as two others on the RD820 near Realville and Cayrac. In La Barre, green paint was used to cover the lens of the speed camera on the RD763 on Monday, October 30.

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