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Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand: Speed Cameras Mangled
Last week saw several speed cameras disabled in Canada, France, Italy and New Zealand.

Shot and toppled speed cams in NZ
By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports

Vigilantes in Ontario, Canada blinded the speed camera on Bathurst Street in Newmarket with a coat of black spraypaint last week. In Niagara, three more camera poles were cut down last week. Mississauga saw a 50 percent jump in attacks on automated ticketing machines last year, with 245 cameras damaged compared to 161 incidents in the prior year.

In Acquappesa, Italy, a Fleximan-style attack cut down the pole-mounted speed camera that had been issuing automated tickets on Strada Statale 283. In Vasto vigilantes attempted to set fire to the speed camera on Strada Statale 16. The device survived the attack.

In Crezilles, France, vigilantes ripped the speed camera that had been issuing tickets on the RD674 from its mounting base and tossed it in the middle of a field. On Wednesday, a speed camera installed on the RD913 was set on fire less than 24 hours after it began issuing automated tickets. In Avranches, the pole-mounted speed camera on the RD973 was destroyed by fire on Tuesday.

In South Auckland, New Zealand, vigilantes cut down one speed camera and shot another last week.

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