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New Hampshire Backs Down On Driver Privacy
Live Free or Die state repeals prohibitions on license plate readers and Real ID. READ MORE>>

Arizona, France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Under Attack
Vigilantes swiped, scorched and spraypainted speed cameras throughout the world last week. READ MORE>>

Texas Appeals Court Rejects Challenge To Implied Consent Law
Being penalized for saying no to a breath test is not a First Amendment violation, Texas Court of Appeals rules. READ MORE>>

Redflex Lobbyist Sentenced In Ohio Bribery Scandal
John Raphael, a former Redflex lobbyist, will spend 15 months in jail for his role in a red light camera bribery conspiracy. READ MORE>>

Colorado Residents Fight To Save Anti-Camera Referendum
Lawsuit filed in county court to force Sheridan, Colorado to allow a public vote on the use of red light and speed cameras. READ MORE>>

Washington: Signature Drive On New Pro-Car Ballot Measure
Proposed Washington state ballot measure would ban high occupancy toll lane projects, per-mile taxes and lower registration fees back to $30. READ MORE>>

France, UK: Flood, Fire and Paint Disables Speed Cameras
Flooding, fires and cans of spraypaint take several speed cameras out of service in England and France. READ MORE>>

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