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California City Bucks Trend, Gives Redflex A Chance
San Mateo, California gives Redflex 90 days to answer public concerns about the red light camera program. READ MORE>>

Virginia Court Upholds Air Freshener Stop
Virginia Court of Appeals allows police to stop and search cars for having air fresheners hanging from the rearview mirror. READ MORE>>

Missouri Judge Upholds Public Right To Oust Red Light Cameras
Court rejects attempt by Missouri cities to block a public vote outlawing the use of red light cameras. READ MORE>>

France, UK: Speed Cameras Burned, Blocked
Speed cameras in Scotland and France are disabled and destroyed with fire and paint. READ MORE>>

Alabama: Veteran Takes Camera Ticket To Federal Court
Federal countersuit to a red light camera ticket will cost Redflex and Phenix City, Alabama much more than $100. READ MORE>>

California Toll Roads Accused Of Privacy Breach
Class action lawsuit goes after California toll roads for illegal disclosure of credit card information. READ MORE>>

Los Angeles, California To Seize Spectator Cars
Los Angeles, California city council wants to confiscate cars from street race spectators. READ MORE>>

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