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2012 Study: Red Light Cameras Cause Traffic Jams
Maryland researchers conclude that red light cameras have a huge negative impact on intersection traffic flow. READ MORE>>

California: Report Finds Racial Bias In Traffic Tickets
Civil rights coalition calls for an end to license suspensions over unpaid traffic tickets. READ MORE>>

Scottsdale, Arizona Initially Ignored AG Opinion On Cameras
Scottsdale, Arizona processed photo tickets for 12 days in defiance of an attorney general ruling. Ticketing now entirely shut down. READ MORE>>

Belgium, Ecuador, France, UK: Speed Cameras Disabled
Throughout the world, vigilantes take action against automated ticketing machines. READ MORE>>

Study: Most Red Light Camera Tickets Should Be $0
Researchers find that a red light camera fine set according to the risk of an accident would in most cases be $0. READ MORE>>

Illinois Supreme Court: Avoiding A Roadblock Is Suspicious
Illinois Supreme Court declares a legal maneuver to avoid a late-night roadblock suspicious. READ MORE>>

Opinion: Insurance Industry Claims 32,894 Deaths From Higher Speed Limits
Insurance industry study claims that lives were lost by repealing the 55 MPH speed limit, despite record low fatalities nationwide. READ MORE>>

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