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New York: Court Declares Toll Diversion Illegal
Federal judge finds New York toll road system violated the constitution by using motorist funds to subsidize recreational facilities. READ MORE>>

France, Italy: Speed Cameras Sabotaged
Vigilantes use spraypaint to put six speed cameras out of commission in France and Italy last week. READ MORE>>

Report Examines Equity In Toll Road Deals
Policy paper from the Center for American Progress addresses misconceptions about the way toll roads are financed. READ MORE>>

Ohio Lawyers Push For Restitution In Illegal Camera Case
Lawyers demand full refunds for illegally issued speed camera tickets in New Miami, Ohio. READ MORE>>

Australian Company Sees Big Profit On US Roads
Rising toll rates on Virginia roads bring profitability to Australian tolling giant. READ MORE>>

Federal Judge Issues Interim Ruling In Redflex Fraud Suit
Former Redflex executive will not be able to profit from Chicago, Illinois false claims lawsuit. READ MORE>>

France: Speed Cameras Shot, Spraypainted
Several French speed cameras were taken out last week with paint and bullets. READ MORE>>

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