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Ohio Appeals Court Green Lights Class Action Against Speed Cams
Technical appellate court decision clears way for class action lawsuit against speed camera appeals in New Miami, Ohio. READ MORE>>

France, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Knocked, Blocked
Four speed cameras in Germany and England are knocked out of commission by vigilantes. READ MORE>>

Companies Fear Association With Redflex Corruption
Insurance and auditing companies distance themselves from Redflex Traffic Systems in light of red light camera corruption scandal. READ MORE>>

EFF: Plate Readers Turn Texas Cops Into Mobile Debt Collectors
Commentary by Electronic Frontier Foundation on how Texas police have teamed up with license plate reader companies for profit. READ MORE>>

Jury Delivers Guilty Verdict In Redflex Bribery Trial
Former Chicago, Illinois official convicted of taking bribes from Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia. READ MORE>>

Finland: Speed Camera Accuses Train Of Speeding
Speed camera accuracy is under fire in Finland and The Netherlands after tickets generate clearly erroneous readings. READ MORE>>

New York, Australia, Italy: Traffic Cameras Trashed
Speed cameras around the world are cut down, crashed into, spraypainted and blown apart. READ MORE>>

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