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Canada, France, UK: Speed Cameras Burned, Bashed
Vigilantes use a spraypaint, sledgehammers and fire to disable speed cameras in Canada, France and Scotland. READ MORE>>

Australian Territory Orders More Speed Cameras Despite Accident Increase
Australian Capital Territory will increase speed cameras in wake of report that finds accidents have increased where they were used since 2006. READ MORE>>

Illinois Appellate Court Defends Short Yellow Times
Illinois Appellate Court allows red light camera ticket to stand despite illegally short yellow time. READ MORE>>

License Plate Reader Controversy Grows In California, Virginia
California court rules that all motorists are constantly under investigation. Virginia governor embraces constant surveillance. READ MORE>>

Texas Group Files Complaint Over Illegal Speed Camera Program
Grassroots America files formal legal complaint against speed camera program in Smith County, Texas. READ MORE>>

France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Attacks And Bribery Convictions
Rocks and spraypaint disable speed cameras throughout Europe. Police chief in Italy is sentenced to prison for taking speed camera bribes. READ MORE>>

Arlington, Texas Voters Dump Cameras And Pro-Camera Mayor
Voter referendum bans red light cameras and ousts pro-camera mayor in Arlington, Texas. READ MORE>>

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