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Texas Lawmakers Review Cost Of Eliminating Toll Roads
Texas state Senate committee sees $36.7 billion cost to eliminate toll booths on all highways. READ MORE>>

Corpus Christi, Texas Residents Seek Camera Ban
Petition effort in Corpus Christi, Texas likely to place red light camera ban on the ballot next year. READ MORE>>

Virginia Supreme Court Endorses Permanent Toll Hikes
Virginians can expect steadily rising tolls under a state Supreme Court ruling limiting public control of the rates. READ MORE>>

Redflex Bagman Sentenced, Bribe Recipient Appeals
Man who took red light camera bribes appeals his sentence. Man who distributed the cash gets six months in prison. READ MORE>>

DC, France: Speed Cameras Attacked
Vigilantes take out a speed camera in the US capital while French motorists continue to use spraypaint to disable the devices. READ MORE>>

French High Court Overturns Ban On Facebook Speed Trap Warnings
Supreme court in France upholds the right of citizens to mock police revenue raising operations and post speed camera locations. READ MORE>>

Pennsylvania Auditor Predicts Toll Road Disaster
State auditor predicts reliance on tolling revenue will doom transportation funding in Pennsylvania. READ MORE>>

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