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France, Norway: Speed Cameras Disabled
Vigilantes warn of speed cameras and disable them in France and Norway. READ MORE>>

Red Light Camera Corruption Probe Brings Guilty Plea In Ohio
Ex-US head of Redflex Traffic Systems admits conspiracy to bribe officials in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. READ MORE>>

California Cop Busted For Beating Up Elderly Motorist
California Highway Patrol Officer liable for $125,000 in damages for attacking a 76-year-old driver. READ MORE>>

Arkansas Speed Trap Town Slapped With Federal Lawsuit
Class action lawsuit seeks damages from speed trap town of Concord, Arkansas. READ MORE>>

New Hampshire: Supreme Court Victory For Parking Ticket Vigilantes
New Hampshire Supreme Court upholds the right to protest against meter maids. READ MORE>>

Illinois: Red Light Camera Bribery Trial Stays In Chicago
Federal judge turns back attempt to move Redflex bribery trial out of Chicago, Illinois. READ MORE>>

France, Italy: Speed Cameras Burn
Vigilantes use fire to attack automated ticketing machines in France and Italy. READ MORE>>

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