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Ohio Judge Refuses To Garnish Speed Cameras From Scofflaw Town
County judge rejects attempt to garnish the speed cameras in New Miami, Ohio to secure repayment of illegally issued photo tickets. READ MORE>>

Cerritos, California Abandons Red Light Cameras
Lack of profit and safety benefits prompts Cerritos, California officials to dumps red light cameras. READ MORE>>

France, Italy: Speed Cameras Attacked
Several European speed cameras lost the ability to issue citations last week. READ MORE>>

Federal Judge Tosses Missouri Red Light Camera Lawsuit
US district court judge rejects a weak case offered against the use of red light cameras in Hannibal, Missouri. READ MORE>>

Legal Attack On Texas Red Light Cameras Spreads
Lawsuits multiply against Texas jurisdictions that installed red light cameras without studying possible engineering alternatives first. READ MORE>>

Texas Board Reprimands Red Light Camera Engineer
Texas Board of Professional Engineers finds red light camera company employee failed to follow the law in conducting a traffic study. READ MORE>>

Ohio Court Of Appeals Wants More Speed Cameras
A divided Ohio Court of Appeals panel overrules legislature, declaring no limits on the use of automated ticketing machines. READ MORE>>

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