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UK: Dead Woman Receives Speed Camera Ticket
Staffordshire, UK police send a ticket to a woman who has been dead for 14 months.

Michael Garbett
Staffordshire police have issued a speeding ticket to Margaret Garbett from Wellington, UK accusing her of driving a Rover 214 sedan 40 MPH in a 30 zone on July 16. Mrs. Garbett died in May 2004.

Widower Michael Garbett was surprised to find the speed camera citation since his wife had sold the Rover two years ago. "The letter came as a bit of a shock," Garbett told the Shropshire Star. "I phoned the police to explain and said I would have loved for my wife to have been done for speeding, the woman at the end of the lined laughed and when I told her why she went quiet."

Source: Dead woman sent ticket for speeding (Shropshire Star (UK), 8/2/2005)

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