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All-Time Most Popular Stories on TheNewspaper
A look at the top-ten most read stories on the site, updated February 2019.

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The following ten items represent the all-time most viewed stories on
  1. Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops
    The Michigan State Police acquired technology that allows police officers to download information from smart phones belonging to stopped motorists, a troubling precedent giving the willingness of courts to allow warrantless searches of electronic devices during a traffic stop.

  2. St. Louis, Missouri Traffic Stop Videos
    The video of an out-of-control police officer screaming at motorist Brett Darrow during traffic stop drew headlines across the country. Our coverage began with the story and video of the stop with follow-up stories about how area police continued to harass the young motorist, and even threaten him, over the publicity. This was not the first time we covered a Darrow video. In 2006, we reported on a DUI roadblock video where police similarly admitted they would "find a reason to lock you up."

  3. Virginia Introduces $3550 Speeding Ticket
    TheNewspaper helped bring attention to the Virginia legislature's move "to generate revenue" by imposing a mandatory $1050 tax, on top of an existing $2500 maximum fine, on anyone driving 15 MPH over the state's top speed limit of 65. This became a top campaign issue in the state for 2007, and the law was completely repealed.

  4. Massachusetts Court: Marijuana Smell Not Enough for Traffic Stop
    Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in 2011 ruled that a police officer may no longer search a motorist merely on the basis of smelling pot.

  5. Virginia: Unknown Traffic Violation Carries $2500 Fine
    The state of Virginia also imposed $2500 maximum fines for so-called "move over" violations. The state police admitted in a news release that nearly three-quarters of the public had no idea that this was even an offense.

  6. Florida: Changing Car Color Does Not Justify Traffic Stop
    The Florida Court of Appeal ruled in 2013 that repainted cars should not be automatically subject to traffic stops.

  7. Oregon Cop Fined $181,170 For Kicking Motorcyclist
    A jury in 2016 found an Oregon police captain liable for $181,170 in damages for delivering a karate kick to a motorcyclist during a traffic stop.

  8. Ohio Town Ordered To Repay Every Speed Camera Ticket Issued
    Court orders the village of New Miami, Ohio to repay every cent collected from motorists by a speed camera program that was ruled unconstitutional.

  9. California: Stop Sign Cameras Installed on Canyon Roads
    TheNewspaper was first to report in 2007 that a little-known government agency in Los Angeles, California installed the country's first stop sign camera (as opposed to a red light camera) to issue automated tickets for "boulevard stops."

  10. California: Police Raid Car Enthusiast Gathering, Generate Revenue
    Riverside, California cops descended on a parking lot in 2008 to issue "modified car" tickets at local car enthusiast gathering.

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