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France, Italy: Speed Cameras Blinded
Stepped up attacks on speed cameras continue in France, and a photo radar device was damaged in Italy last week.

French speed camera remainsIn Gabarret, France, on Friday vigilantes wrapped a speed camera in tape to keep it from issuing citations. Nearby in Gabarret, the automated ticketing machine was covered with paint, Sud Ouest reported. The next day, the speed camera on the RD840 in Conches-en-Ouche was torched, according to Paris-Normandie. In Louhossoa, fire completely destroyed a speed camera last week Sunday, Sud Ouest reported. The same camera had been torched a year ago.

Bright green paint took out the speed camera on the RD840 in Chenedolle on Friday, according to La Manche Libre. The automated ticketing machine on the RD181 in Vernon was painted white on Tuesday and along the same road the camera in Cahaignes was covered in orange paint, Le Democrate Vernonnais reported. In Cheveuges, yellow paint blinded the speed camera on the RD977, according to Radio 8. The camera on the RD511 in Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives was wrapped in red tape reading "Danger of death" just before it was knocked off its mounting, according to L'Éveil de Lisieux. The speed camera on the in La Fleche was spraypainted white last week Sunday, Le Maine Libre reported.

In Cercino, Italy, a man attacked a mobile speed camera that was being manned by a police officer on provicial road 4 on August 3. According to Giornale di Sondrio. The 25-year-old who knocked over the speed camera was taken into custody.

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