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German speed camera shot
Speed Cameras Attacked In France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia
A number of speed cameras were disabled during the Christmas holiday in Europe and the Middle East.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports Vigilantes in Peron, France, torched the speed camera on the RD884 in Peron on Christmas Day. On Tuesday, the speed camera in Capvern was set on fire. In Ploumagoar, the speed camera on the Rue Yves Maze was read more >> 

Bumgarner traffic stop
Federal Judge Catches West Virginia Trooper In Traffic Stop Lie
A US District Court judge tossed a weapons charge after finding a West Virginia state trooper told a dubious tale about seeing a gun during a traffic stop.

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Speed camera cut down
France, Germany: Photo Radar Units Disabled
Spraypaint and saws were used to take down photo radar devices in France and Germany last week.

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Alexander Maxwell
Ohio Supreme Court Repels Law School Graduate Attack On Speed Cameras
Ohio Supreme Court justices decline to stop the village of Brice from issuing photo radar tickets that cannot be enforced.

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Burned speed camera in France
Speed Camera Sabotage Across Europe And The Middle East
Vigilantes in Austria, Belgium, England, France, Italy and Saudi Arabia last week thwarted the issuance of speed camera tickets.

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