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Torched speed camera in France
European Resistance To Speed Cameras Grows
Vigilantes last week destroyed or disabled dozens of photo radar devices in Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany and Italy.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports Vigilantes in Alleriot, France, on Friday blinded a speed camera with red spraypaint and the message "Merci" on the side in neat handwriting. In Airion, the speed camera on the RD916 was repaired and brought back into service only to be attacked again for the third time on Monday, August 14, by having its read more >> 

Toppled speed camera in Italy
Austria, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Slashed
Revolt against speed cameras stepped up in Italy last week as photo radar devices in Austria, Belgium, France and Germany were disabled.

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Trashed ULEZ cameras
UK Congestion Cameras Slashed, German Cameras Sprayed
Hundreds of congestion tax cameras in London, England are being cut while speed cameras in Cyprus, France and Germany were blocked last week.

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Seized Italian speed camera
Prosecutors Seize Speed Cameras In Italy
State police in Italy seized speed cameras in anti-corruption sting. Vigilantes in Belgium, Canada, France and Germany sabotaged cameras last week.

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Man blocks speed camera
Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Blocked And Bisected
A photo radar van was blocked in England and a trio of speed cameras in Italy and Scotland were cut down last week.

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