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Leaning Italian speed camera
Italian Speed Cameras Foiled, German Operators Thrashed
Four speed cameras in Italy were sabotaged last week. Elderly German man beats speed camera operators who followed him home.

A trio of speed cameras near Modena, Italy, were knocked out of the ground last week. Two orange "Velo OK" brand speed camera boxes on the Strada Statale Romana Nord in Carpi were ripped away from its concrete base Thursday, just three days after they had been installed. A few days before that incident, the camera on the Via Canale Carpi in Campogalliano was uproot ...

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Radar speed trap in Minnesota
OPINION: How To Set Speed Limits For Safety, Not Profit
Commentary on the most objective method for setting speed limits when safety, not revenue, is the priority. Part 4 of a series

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Spraypainted speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Cause Accident, Revenue
A speed camera in Italy injured a motorcyclist while moving violations bring French $1.7 billion in revenue, despite lockdown.

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Speed limit sign
OPINION: How Speed Limits Are Set For Maximum Profit
Commentary on the current system the Federal Highway Administration uses to maximize the profitability of speed limits. Part 3 of a series

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Spraypainted speed camera in Italy
France, Germany, Italy: Outbreak Of Spraypaint And Fire Sabotages Speed Cameras
Spraypaint, fire and plastic wrap took out a dozen European speed cameras last week.

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