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Spraypainted French speed camera
A Trio Of Ticketing Cameras Disabled In France, Germany
Vigilantes used paint, fire and pry bars to take out three automated ticketing machines last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports In Lohne, Germany, on Thursday vigilantes broke a lock and pried open the housing of the red light camera on Lubbecker Strasse. They successfully grabbed the electronic equipment inside, worth 40,000 euros (US $46,900) according to police. Vigilantes in Hagetaubin, France, on Sunday disabled the ...

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Michigan State Police
Michigan: Federal Judge Approves Traffic Stop Based On Inaccurate Database Info
Federal judge validates traffic stops based solely on insurance information in a database that may be two weeks out of date.

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Audi A5 hits speed camera
Illinois, Italy, France, Germany: Speed Cameras Slammed, Swiped
Vigilantes around the world last week took out a handful of speed cameras.

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Confiscated speed camera
Argentina: Court Sentences Mayor For Forging Speed Camera Tickets
Small city mayor in Cordoba, Argentina, convicted by jury of forging speed camera tickets.

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Martinique speed camera burns
France, Germany, Spain, UK: Speed Cameras Attacked
Several speed cameras were knocked out of service across Europe last week.

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