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Fleximan on Christmas Eve
Growing Fame For Italian Anti-Speed Camera Vigilante
Fleximan brought down his tenth speed camera in Italy last week, as French farmers protest by disabling photo radar.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports In Italy, the vigilante dubbed "Fleximan" continued to generate headlines across the country last week. On Saturday, he cut down the pole of the speed camera on SP3 in the Martignana di Po section of Cremona. The device had just been installed the previous day, and the attack brings Fleximan's total to ten ca ...

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Smashed photo radar van in Australia
Speed Camera Attacks Surge In 2024
Dozens of speed cameras were taken out last week in Australia, France, Germany and the UK.

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Italian speed camera destroyed for 2024
First Speed Cameras Destroyed In 2024
Several speed cameras were destroyed between Christmas and the new year.

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Italian speed camera felled
Speed Cameras Felled For The Holidays
Over Christmas and Advent, several speed cameras in Australia, Italy and the UK were taken out of service.

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Knocked over speed camera
Photo Radar Damaged In Canada, France, Germany, UK
Last week, speed cameras were grabbed, knocked down or painted in France, Germany and England.

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