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Waterbury Police
Federal Judge: Connecticut Cops May Not Handcuff Driver With Gun Permit
Presenting a legal gun permit during a traffic stop is not probable cause for a de facto arrest, a federal judge in Connecticut ruled last month.

By Richard Diamond Motorists legally carrying firearms should not be handcuffed during a traffic stop merely because they presented their concealed carry permit. US District Judge Janet Bond Arterton last month found Waterbury, Connecticut, police Officer Nicholas A. Andrzejewski violated the rights of Basel M. Soukaneh by handcuffing him and holding him in custody merely because he presented his permit on the side of the road. Lawsuit settlement talks between the th ...

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Spraypainted orange speed camera
France, Germany: Speed Camera Attacks Heat Up
Vigilantes continued to remove multiple speed cameras from operation in France and Germany last week.

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Orange County Toll Road
California Toll Road Agency Settles Class Action Lawsuit
Toll roads in Southern California settle $175 million lawsuit over privacy invasion and outrageous penalty fees.

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Sliced French speed camera
Dutch, French Speed Cameras Attacked
Another half-dozen speed cameras were destroyed or disabled in France last week. Officials in The Netherlands give up on replacing destroyed device.

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David Roberts
Red Light Camera Industry Returns To Profitability
Company with near-monopoly in the US automated ticketing market plans to roll out 650 new speed cameras this year.

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