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Spraypainted Italian speed camera
Australia, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Blocked And Burned
Opponents of automated ticketing thwarted the use of speed cameras in a handful of ways last week in Australia and Europe.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports A pair of Australian vigilantes interfered with the generation of automated tickets on Sunday. One parked on the side of the road behind a photo radar van, preventing the camera from taking a clear photo. Another, a teenager named Beau Jackson, held up a hand-made sign warning of a speed camera, ale ...

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Smashed photo radar car in Germany
Speed Camera Triggers Police Shooting In Germany, Attacks Worldwide
A speed camera triggers a shootout in Germany, a massive accident in Italy and various attacks in New Mexico, Australia, Belgium, France and Italy.

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Australian speed camera van
Tennessee, Australia, France, Italy: Speed Camera Assaults On The Rise
A half-dozen automated ticketing machines were taken out of service in Tennessee, Australia, Italy and France last week.

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Spanish speed camera photo
Drivers In Australia, Spain Display Their Dislike For Speed Cameras
A driver in Australia rammed a speed camera while a Spanish driver flipped one off last week.

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Stop The Tax Speed Camera
French Speed Cameras Forced Out Of Commission
A half-dozens speed cameras were forced out of service in France last week.

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