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Tipped French speed camera
French Speed Cameras Out Of Service, Australian Cameras Under Siege
Vigilantes across France took out a half-dozen speed cameras last week while motorists hurl objects at Australian photo radar vans.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports Members of the public are increasingly harassing the drivers of speed camera vans in Victoria, Australia, according to union officials. Last Tuesday, pieces of wood were hurled at a photo radar vehicle in Tullamarine. "Almost every shift now for our operators across the s ...

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Joseph Colucci
Brothers Indicted In Widening Illinois Red Light Camera Corruption Probe
Federal prosecutors file felony charges against brothers who took a $14 cut of every red light camera ticket issued in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

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Burned French speed camera
French Vigilantes Take Down Speed Cameras
Vigilantes in France disabled a handful of speed cameras last week with spraypaint and fire.

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Nature study
OPINION: Stop nagging us to death
Commentary on a recent study published in the journal Science that concluded a Texas highway sign warning about accidents actually increased accidents.

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Russian speed camera with wires cut
Speed Cameras Disabled In Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Russia
Speed cameras around the world were taken out of service last week.

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