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Australian joyride
Australia, France, Germany, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Disresected, Disabled
UK dispatched six police to arrest frail man who mooned a speed camera. Elsewhere in Europe, speed cameras were blinded and burned last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports Police in West Mercia, England, were so enraged that a man showed disrespect toward a speed camera that they immediately dispatched six police officers to arrest him at his home in Kidderminster on November 5. Darrell Meekcom, 55, suffers from multiple system atrophy, a terminal illness and thought it would be fun to moon the speed camera van on Stourbridge Road. "I still maintain those officers have completely overreacted because ...

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Jon Ashley and Brandon Garrett
DOJ Pressed For Details On Decision To Drop Redflex Corruption Case
Legal analysts sue US Department of Justice over non-prosecution agreements with companies, including red light camera vendor Redflex.

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Ludwigsfelde speed camera
Speed Defeats Belgian Photo Radar, Fire Defeats Cams In France, Germany
Motorist in Belgium defeated speed camera by driving 190 MPH. German man grabbed a speed camera and French cameras were burned last week.

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UK lockdown chart
UK Government Reports On Road Safety Impact Of Lockdowns
Reduced lockdown travel cut UK road accidents in 2020. Data show speed not a significant factor in accidents, traffic calming caused 69 collisions.

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Rear-ended French speed camera
Speed Cameras Trigger Accidents In France, Vigilantes Respond
Speed cameras attacked in France, UK last week. Automated ticketing machines cause two accidents.

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