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Speed Cameras in France, Germany Thwarted
Vigilantes thwarted a trio of speed cameras in France and Germany over the past two weeks.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports France Bleu created an inventory of speed cameras in the Charente-Maritime department of France and found that many were out of service by Monday, December 19. This includes the gutted camera on the RD137 in Angoulins and the pole-mounted camera that was cut down in Saint-Andre de Lidon on Friday, December 16. In ...

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Speed camera burned to ashes
Motorists Free Themselves From Speed Cameras In France, Italy, Spain
Italian police threaten arrests over anti-speed camera Facebook comments. Cameras thwarted in Spain and France. Reprieve for Belgian motorists.

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Speed camera blaze in England
Speed Cameras Smashed And Burned in UK, Germany
Vigilantes in Germany and the UK each disabled a pair of speed cameras last week.

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Never speed cameras
French Speed Cameras Trashed
Motorcyclists continued to protest new regulations by bagging and tagging speed cameras in France.

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French motorcyclists protest
Motorcyclists Protest In France, Australian Photo Radar Van Smashed
French motorists disable every freeway speed camera in Toulouse, France. Australian photo radar van attacked.

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