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Knocked over speed camera
Photo Radar Damaged In Canada, France, Germany, UK
Last week, speed cameras were grabbed, knocked down or painted in France, Germany and England.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports In Ontario, Canada, vigilantes on Sunday cut down the speed camera on Snyder's Road West -- the third attack on the device since July. In Cirencester, England, vigilantes grabbed the speed camera that had been issuing aut ...

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Speed camera with sticker of the mayor of Vasto, Italy
French, German, Italian Speed Camera Sabotage
Vigilantes took out a half-dozen speed cameras in France and Germany while a prankster decorated an Italian photo radar device last week.

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Flamebroiled French speed camera
False Swiss Speed Camera Accusations, European Attacks
Swiss speed cameras caught issuing 9600 bogus photo tickets last week. Photo radar devices were also damaged in France, Italy and the UK.

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Tape attack on speed camera in Germany
Speed Cameras Bludgeoned In Australia, Europe
Photo radar was under attack last week in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany and the UK.

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Explosion destroys German speed camera
Photo Radar Cut Down In Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK
Last week saw speed cameras slashed and spraypainted in Australia, Canada, England, France and Germany.

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