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Flipped Smart car
Italian Camera Traps Driver, German Speed Cameras Torched
A red light camera failed to prevent an accident last week as German vigilantes set fire to a pair of speed cameras.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports A traffic camera in Lecce, Italy, failed to prevent an accident on Sunday. After a Smart Car and a Citroen C3 collided, the Smart Car tumbled onto its side and slid into the pole for the red light camera, which trapped the driver inside. She was transported to the hospital after being freed by firefighters. In Tavazzano on Thursday, vigilantes read more >> 

Trashed Belgian speed camera
Spraypaint And Gunfire Defeats Speed Cameras In Belgium, France, Italy
White spraypaint takes out three French speed cameras, a saw and a gun disabled two Italian cameras and a Belgian camera was rammed last week.

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Redflex traffic camera
Saboteurs In Hawaii, Germany Thwart Traffic Cameras
Red light cameras in Hawaii are delayed by vigilante attack, while a German speed camera is bashed with its own sign.

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German mobile speed camera
German Vigilantes Knock Out Five Speed Cameras
Five photo radar units were either swiped, smashed or spraypainted in Germany over the past two weeks.

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Speed camera tipped over
Speed Cameras Tipped, Torched In Germany, France, Luxembourg
A half-dozen speed cameras were disabled by knocking them over, smashing them or setting them on fire in Europe last week.

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