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French speed camera spraypainted
France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Sideswiped And Sprayed
German vigilantes grabbed a speed camera, French cameras were blinded and an Italian photo radar trap went wrong last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports Vigilantes in Schonberg, Germany, pulled off a daring speed camera heist on the A20 on Sunday, July 9. As the driver of a BMW pulled over, several men jumped out and loaded the mobile photo radar equipment into the trunk before speeding off. Police were left empty-handed as the BMW eluded a roadblock that had been set up to catch them. The automated ticketing machine had no GPS tracking equipment. Red spraypaint read more >> 

Trashed German speed camera
Speed Cameras Destroyed In Florida, Canada, France, Germany
Hundreds of speed cameras have been destroyed or disabled by public action around the world.

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Protest against speed cameras in Italy
March Against Speed Cameras In Italy, Attacks In France
Protesters marched against speed cameras in Italy, while four speed cameras were attacked in France last week.

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Toppled Italian speed camera
Vigilantes Trash Speed Cameras In Germany And Italy
A garbage can took out a German speed camera last week while Italian vigilantes knocked a camera down with a club.

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Speed camera painted on Tenerife
Speed Cameras Knocked Out In Spain, Germany
Speed cameras were disabled last week on the Canary Islands and in Germany.

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