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French speed camera torched
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Painted, Torched
A half-dozen speed cameras were disabled in France and Germany last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports On Saturday, vigilantes in Bardowick, Germany, used white paint to blind the mobile speed camera on Im Sande. Likewise, the same technique was used in Rheinbergon to take out the speed camera on Alpener Strasse on Thursday, local police reports stated. On Friday, the battery and wireless networking equipment were taken from the mobile speed camera that had been issuing automated citations on Altenoyther Strasse in Friesoythe. Police ...

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Decapitated Italian speed camera
Speed Cameras Trashed Over The Holidays In DC, Europe
Vigilantes in Washington, DC, France, Germany and Italy celebrated Christmas and the New Year by spraypainting and smashing speed cameras.

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Speed Cameras in France, Germany Thwarted
Vigilantes thwarted a trio of speed cameras in France and Germany over the past two weeks.

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Speed camera burned to ashes
Motorists Free Themselves From Speed Cameras In France, Italy, Spain
Italian police threaten arrests over anti-speed camera Facebook comments. Cameras thwarted in Spain and France. Reprieve for Belgian motorists.

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Speed camera blaze in England
Speed Cameras Smashed And Burned in UK, Germany
Vigilantes in Germany and the UK each disabled a pair of speed cameras last week.

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