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241 Toll Road
California: Grand Jury Report Labels Toll Roads A Bad Deal
Report from Orange County, California Grand Jury says tolling turned a $2.8 billion road into a $28 billion burden for drivers.

By Richard Diamond Spending $28 billion to finance $2.8 billion in road construction costs makes no sense. That was the conclusion the Orange County Grand Jury arrived at last week after investigating California's Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), operators of the SR-73, 133, 241 and 261 toll roads. This is the second scathing grand jury report on the topic, following a 2020 investigation that was cut short by the Covid-19 virus scare (read more >> 

Tricolor French speed camera
French Speed Cameras Burn, Italian Camera Smashed
Vigilantes in France and Italy last week sabotaged a handful of speed cameras.

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Dawn Prado
Wisconsin: No More Drawing Blood From Unconscious Motorists
Wisconsin Supreme Court tells police they need to get a warrant before taking blood from unconscious drivers.

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Disrespecting a German speed camera
Speed Cameras Damaged in France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg
Several European speed cameras were again targeted by vigilantes last week. South African speed camera operator killed while manning trap.

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Chief Justice Steven C. Gonzalez
Washington Supreme Court Takes Up Speed Camera Case
School zone speed camera dispute heard in the Washington Supreme Court.

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