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Destroyed speed camera
Speed Cameras Hassled, Destroyed In France, Netherlands, UK
Speed cameras last week suffered attacks in England, The Netherlands and France.

Vigilantes in Molosmes, France, on Saturday set fire to the speed camera on the RD944. In Theix-Noyalo, the speed camera on the RN165 was torched on Friday. On Reun ...

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Crystal Falls
Texas Homeowners Association Deploys A Speed Camera
A homeowners association in Texas is moving slowly before deciding whether its new photo radar unit will issue tickets on community streets.

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Italian speed camera sign knocked down
Photo Radar Unrest Spreads In France, Germany, Italy
French overseas departments saw a spike in speed camera destruction last week. A handful of cameras were attacked in Germany and Italy.

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Lou Presta
Illinois Mayor Accepts Guilt In Red Light Camera Bribery Scheme
Crestwood, Illinois mayor admitted to taking bribes from co-founder of red light camera company Safespeed and cheating the IRS.

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Yellow Vest return
Yellow Vest Movement Returns To Destroy Speed Cameras In France
Yellow Vest movement vigilantes announced their return in France. Speed cameras also taken out in Germany and Italy last week.

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