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Judge Robert M. Dow Jr
Federal Judge Rejects Red Light Camera Racketeering Lawsuit
US District Court says motorists cannot sue Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois over corruption in its red light camera program.

By Richard Diamond The ongoing bribery conspiracy investigation surrounding red light camera operator Safespeed does not give individuals a right to challenge the validity of the automated tickets issued by this system, a federal judge ruled on Friday. US District Judge Robert M. Dow Jr said motorists lacked the necessary standing to bring the lawsuit filed last year, even though six public officials and compa ...

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Squeezed Italian speed camera
France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Squeezed, Sprayed
Vigilantes showed disrespect toward European speed cameras last week.

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Judge William A. Klatt
Second Ohio Appellate Ruling Blasts Speed Camera Village
Ohio Court of Appeals finds a challenge to speed camera program legality did not affect the due process rights of the village of Brice.

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British man blocks speed camera
France, UK: Speed Cameras Blocked
British motorist blocked a speed camera while vigilantes in France spraypainted several automated ticketing machines last week.

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Ohio Supreme Court
Ohio Supreme Court To Decide Homeowner Liability For Damage To Car
Driver paralyzed after hitting reinforced roadside mailbox takes lawsuit against homeowner to the Ohio Supreme Court.

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