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Speed camera rammed in Winnipeg
Anti-Camera Activity Steps Up During Protests In France
A Canadian speed camera is flattened by a motorist while anti-camera vigilantes in France stepped up attacks during anti-government protests.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports Thousands took to the streets across France over the weekend to protest new measures President Emmanuel Macron has imposed in response to the virus scare. Vigilantes opposed to the use of automated ticketing took this opportunity to redouble the actions they have been taking against the government's speed cameras. In Cabariot, vigilantes on Saturday read more >> 

Rekor logo
License Plate Camera Maker Faces Swarm Of Fraud Lawsuits
Failed Oklahoma license plate camera experiment sparks investor lawsuit against Rekor Systems.

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Spraypainted speed camera in Italy
France, Italy: Vigilantes Block Speed Cameras
Fire and spraypaint thwarted a half dozen speed cameras in Italy and France last week.

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Judge Tanya Walton Pratt
Indiana: Federal Judge Says Cops Cannot Smell Pot From A Moving Car
US district court judge says officer claim about smelling pot from a moving car was implausible.

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Dutch speed camera blown up
Spraypaint And Explosives Thwart European Speed Cameras
Vigilantes took out a half-dozen speed cameras in France, Germany and The Netherlands last week. A speed camera in Saudi Arabia was rammed.

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