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No on Canadian speed camera
Canada, Germany Martinique: Speed Cameras Sprayed And Scorched
Speed cameras were disabled with fire and spraypaint in Canada, Martinique and Germany last week.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports Vigilantes in Toronto, Canada, began trashing the city's speed cameras last week. As reported by BlogTO, the speed camera on Midland Avenue had its lens blinded with black spraypaint. Vigilantes also knocked over the speed camera on Logan Avenue. In Mississauga, the photo radar unit was painted black. At Pritchard Avenue, the camera's lens was smashed an ...

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Burned speed camera in France
Bad Things Happen To Speed Cameras In France, Germany, Italy, UK
Automated ticketing opponents last week took out a dozen European speed cameras. A German speed camera caused a head-on collision.

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Altona suspect
Speed Cameras Sabotaged In Australia, France, Germany, Italy
A handful of speed cameras in Europe and Australia were damaged last week.

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Speed camera burns in Martinique
Speed Cameras Torched In Martinique, Bashed In Italy, Blinded In Germany
Residents of Martinique continue burning speed cameras while a handful of attacks took place in Germany and Italy last week.

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French speed camera burned
Speed Camera Destruction Grows In Belgium, Italy, Germany, Martinique
Speed cameras were destroyed by failing to prevent accidents or by vigilante action last week in Martinique, Belgium, Italy and Germany.

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