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US Supreme Court building
US Supreme Court To Decide On DUI Laws
High court to decide whether states can impose criminal penalty for refusing a breath or blood test.

The ways drunk driving laws are handled nationwide may fundamentally change soon. The US Supreme Court last week heard oral arguments in a pair of cases to decide whether laws in North Dakota and Minnesota that make it a crime for motorists to refuse to take a breathalyzer, urine or blood test violate the US Constitution. "The fundamental problem with the statutes at issue in these three cases is that they make it a criminal offense to assert a constitutional right," attorney Charles A. Roth ...

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Jonathan K Miller
Texas Attorney General Bans Camera Use For Auto Insurance Tickets
Texas attorney general issues opinion shutting down use of automated license plate readers to issue expired insurance tickets.

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State Rep Bryan Spencer
Missouri House To Give Voters A Say On Red Light Cameras
Missouri House of Representatives gives preliminary approval to statewide ballot measure on banning red light cameras.

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Sabotaged French speed camera
France: Speed Cameras Sabotaged
Spraypaint and crowbars are used to take out a pair of French speed cameras.

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Idaho Supreme Court
Idaho Supreme Court Scales Back DUI Law
Idaho Supreme Court rules that implied consent law does not revoke the right of a motorist to refuse a blood test.

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