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East Liverpool Citizens Against Traffic Cameras
East Liverpool, Ohio Residents Vote Down Speed Cameras
Ohio Judge upholds ballot initiative in which 72 percent of East Liverpool voters rejected the use of speed and red light cameras.

Nearly three out of four voters in East Liverpool, Ohio, voted to shut down the city's speed camera and red light camera program last month. The results of the November 5 vote had been kept secret under the orders of Columbiana County Common Pleas Judge Scott A. Washam. The secrecy went away Monday as the judge issued a ruling siding with the public's right to determine the fate of the cameras at the ballot box. The court rejected the municipality's attempt to invalidate the public vote on t ...

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SunPass report cover
Florida: Government Audit Documents Toll Road Nightmare
Botched toll road system upgrade in Florida costs motorists hundreds of millions according to a state inspector general report.

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B516 speed camera, Germany
France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Slammed
German and Italian speed cameras destroyed after failing to prevent accidents. Vigilantes destroyed 17,886 devices in France since 2018.

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Stephen Stubbs
Ninth Circuit Tosses Lawsuit Over Motorcyclist Harassment
Federal appeals court says lawyer cannot advise client who is pulled over for a traffic violation.

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Sal DiCiccio
Arizona: Councilman Fights Return Of Red Light, Speed Cameras
Photo ticketing may end in Phoenix, Arizona after contract expansion vote with scandal-plagued vendor fails.

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