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Yellow vests wrap a speed camera
Australia, Belgium, France, New Zealand, South Africa: Speed Camera Protests Cost Millions
All-out war declared against speed cameras in France, costing the government millions. Attacks spread to overseas.

Vigilantes wearing yellow vests have not let up as their unprecedented assault against the use of speed cameras in France continued into a third week. While protests have centered on the new global warming tax on gasoline, the yellow vest movement's push back against photo enforcement is conveyed most effectively in the impact on the French national budget. RTL Radio calculat ...

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Willie Maurice Floyd
Florida Court Restricts Loophole For Driving On Suspended License
Florida will no longer allow driers to escape felony charges for driving with a revoked learner permit.

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Judge Harris L. Hartz
Federal Court OKs Charging Sober Drivers With DUI
Federal appeals court sees no problem with charging motorists with DUI weeks before lab test results are available.

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20 is plenty
UK Report: Average Speeds Unchanged With 20 MPH Speed Limits
UK government report finds average speeds and collisions remained virtually unchanged after dropping the speed limit by 10 MPH.

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Montana Supreme Court
Montana Supreme Court: Messy Cars Are Not Suspicious
Montana Supreme Court rejects police officer claim that a messy former rental car was suspicious enough to require search for drugs.

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