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Verra Mobility
Verra Mobility Returns To Profitability
The speed camera firm formerly known as American Traffic Solutions reports its first profitable quarter, though $1 billion in debt remains.

When American Traffic Solutions (ATS) merged with a toll road firm to become Verra Mobility last year, it incurred heavy losses. The newly combined entity reported a loss of $58 million last year, largely as a result of merger-related expenses and the cost of financing $1 billion in debt. The firm on Thursday reported that it made $2.8 million in the last quarter, marking a return to profitability for the Arizona-based tolling and ticketing firm. The red light ...

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Jair Bolsonaro
Brazil, France, UK: Speed Camera Opposition Intensifies
President of Brazil called for photo radar elimination, UK man blocked a camera and French devices were torched and spraypainted last week.

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Mark E. Robinson
Whistleblower Speed Camera Cop Defeats DC
Unsuccessful challenge to the cop who blew the whistle on the speed camera program costs Washington, DC an extra $40,507 in legal fees.

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Michigan Supreme Court
Michigan Supreme Court Expands Passenger Rights
Michigan Supreme Court restores Fourth Amendment rights to passengers during traffic stops.

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Texas Supreme Court
Texas Supreme Court Punts On Red Light Cameras
Instead of deciding on legality of red light camera program, Texas Supreme Court throws out case on procedural grounds.

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