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Rob Coleman
Federal Judge Reaffirms Right To Flip Off Virginia Cops
Federal judge overturns jury verdict that had exonerated a cop enraged by a passenger who flipped him off.

Drivers and their passengers have a constitutional right to express their feelings to police officers with an extended middle finger, according to Chief US District Judge Michael F. Urbanski. Brian H. Clark, the irreverent passenger who flipped off a Virginia sheriff's deputy, won a moral victory on Tuesday as the court overturned a jury verdict that had sided with the police officer. On July 25, 2016, Clark was waiting outside the Patrick County courthouse while his sister and a friend filed ...

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295 photo from Google Maps
Motorists Sue Over DC Speed Camera Trap
Federal class action lawsuit filed over Washington, DC speed camera operating behind a single, hard to see speed limit change sign.

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Toppled French speed camera
Calls To Shut Down Speed Cameras Around The World Over Coronavirus
Jurisdictions around the world last week began reducing the use of speed cameras in light of the pandemic.

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Jacie C. Zolna
Illinois: Federal Lawsuit Takes On Towing For Profit
Lawyer takes on car confiscation for profit in Chicago, Illinois.

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Tim Eyman
Washington Judge Reinstates Vote To Lower Car Taxes
Washington state judge reverses course and allows most of Initiative 976 to take effect, lowering car registration fees to $30.

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