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Yellow time chart
Florida: Yellow Light Refunds Highlight Engineering Failure
After yellow time lengthened by 1.9 seconds at Orange County, Florida intersection, red light violations plunge 91 percent.

The Orange County, Florida Board of Commissioners agreed on Tuesday agreed to refund $41,080 worth of red light camera citations. American Traffic Solutions, the county's vendor, issued the tickets at the intersection of Hiawassee Road and Clarcona-Ocoee Road between August 2012 and May 2013. Motorists only had 4.0 seconds of warning time, even though the state minimum for the intersection type was 4.3 seconds. "The traffic signal was reconstructed in 2012, and the signal contractor implement ...

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Python II radar
Florida Counties Caught With Uncalibrated Radar Guns
Federal class action lawsuit filed over use of uncertified radar units in Florida.

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Smashed speed camera
Canada, France, UK: Speed Cameras Burned, Bashed
Vigilantes use a spraypaint, sledgehammers and fire to disable speed cameras in Canada, France and Scotland.

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ACT strategy report cover
Australian Territory Orders More Speed Cameras Despite Accident Increase
Australian Capital Territory will increase speed cameras in wake of report that finds accidents have increased where they were used since 2006.

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Barnet Fagel
Illinois Appellate Court Defends Short Yellow Times
Illinois Appellate Court allows red light camera ticket to stand despite illegally short yellow time.

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