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Toppled speed camera
France: Attacks On Speed Cameras Keep Pace With Replacements
French officials struggle to replace damaged speed cameras as vigilantes continue to destroy them.

French officials are struggling to keep up with vigilantes who have continued to destroy speed cameras more quickly than they can be replaced in several key areas. According to RTL Radio, the government has been able to restore automated ticketing on major highways, but secondary roads remain flash-free in several departments. In Ain, for example, ...

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Sacramento County board of supervisors
Sacramento, California Reveals Red Light Camera Chaos
Sacramento County, California, revealed red light cameras have been off for eight months while trying to rekindle ticketing deal with Redflex.

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IG office logo
Maryland: Government Watchdog Warns Of School Bus Camera Impropriety
Inspector general raises red flags regarding the school bus camera program in Montgomery County, Maryland.

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Seventh Circuit courtroom
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Limited Due Process For Photo Tickets
Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals once again rescues red light cameras from legal challenge over due process rights.

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South African speed camera bombed
France, South Africa: Speed Cameras Rubbed Out
Multiple speed cameras in France and South Africa were removed from service last week.

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