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California ballot
Voters Send Mixed Message On Gas Tax Measures
California voters endorse a gas tax hike, while voters in Utah and Missouri reject it. Louisiana and Connecticut reject raids on gas tax funding.

Ballot measures in a number of states asked voters to approve measures related to the gasoline tax on Tuesday. Results varied by location, with Missouri and Utah rejecting tax hikes, while California approved a hike that had already been imposed. Connecticut and Louisiana sought to limit the diversion of motorist funds collected through the levy on fuel. The hardest fought political campaign on the issue was waged in California, where 55 percent of voters rejected an attempt to lower the gas ...

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Aurora, Colorado Voters Reject Red Light Cameras
Two-thirds of voters in Aurora, Colorado rejected red light cameras at the ballot box.

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Camera control room
Advocacy Group Takes On Florida License Plate Readers
New Civil Liberties Alliance argues that tracking motorists with license plate cameras violates the Fourth Amendment.

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Frenchman covers a speed camera
France, South Africa: Speed Cameras Covered, Burned
French activists used varying levels of force to stop speed cameras last week. A speed camera in South Africa was torched.

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Six camera felons
Top Fourteen Photo Enforcement Felons
Fourteen politicians, lobbyists and photo enforcement executives have been convicted of felony crimes ranging from forgery to bribery.

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