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Kelli B. Hastings
Florida Appellate Panel Considers Red Light Camera Case
Legal battle seeks to put a stop to red light camera ticketing in Orange County, Florida.

The constitutionality of red light camera administrative hearings is once again up for debate in a Florida courtroom. A three-judge panel of the Orange County Circuit Court has been briefed on the case of Steven Vincent Facella, and, according to his lawyer, Kelli B. Hastings, a ruling can come at any time. In February, a county appellate court panel unanimously rejected the legitimacy of the red light camera ticket issued to Hastings in Orlando (view ruling). ...

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495 Toll Lanes
Virginia: Overcharged Toll Road Customers Win $1.3 Million Settlement
Excessive fees settlement forces Virginia toll road operator to reform the way it deals with unpaid tolls.

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Bogus parking ticket
Louisiana: Inspector General Identifies 8900 Bogus Parking Tickets
Inspector general for New Orleans, Louisiana documents 8900 cases of innocent motorists receiving parking tickets every year.

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Toyota Camry
Federal Appeals Court Makes Looking Fast A Crime
US Court of Appeals upholds traffic stop where a police officer said the car looked like it was traveling at a high rate of speed.

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Mobile speed camera sign
Russia, France: Speed Cameras Swiped, Spraypainted
Vigilantes in Russia and France took several speed cameras out of service last week.

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