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Burned camera in Rillan, France
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Sprayed, Smashed, Scorched
Vigilantes disabled speed cameras throughout France and Germany last week.

In Donzere, France, vigilantes disabled a speed camera on Saturday by covering its lenses with red paint. The same device on the D541 had previously been completely covered in red paint on August 20, according to Le Dauphine. The same fate befell the speed camera in Tossiat, Le Pro ...

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Andy Taylor
Texas: ATS Returns To Court To Block Anti-Camera Vote
Traffic camera company tells Texas Court of Appeals that Cleveland residents must not be allowed to vote on red light cameras.

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Chevy Malibu
Oklahoma Court: Motorists May Not Resist Illegal Traffic Stops
Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals finds man guilty of walking away from illegal traffic stop for failure to use a turn signal.

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French appellate hearing
France: Drivers Win Right To Post Speed Trap Warnings On Facebook
Appellate court in France acquits motorists convicted of posting speed trap locations on Facebook.

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Texas Court of Appeals
Texas Appeals Court Upholds Public Right To Ban Red Light Cameras
Texas Appeals Court decision eliminates pre-election and post-election challenges to public votes banning red light cameras.

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