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Bicycle superhighway
UK: London Mayor Spends $1 Billion On Barely Used Cycle Lanes
Bicycling accounts for between one and two percent of travel in London, England, but it receives the most attention from the mayor.

London mayor Sadiq Khan in 2016 announced his five-year plan to spend 770 million (US $1 billion) to promote bicycling even though it accounts for less than two percent of trips. The latest figures from the UK Department for Transport suggest motorcycles and automobiles are far more important for getting around the British capital, accounting for 78 percent of distance traveled and 62 percent of trips nationwide. Khan is lavishing millions, however, on the mode that accounts for 1.8 percent of ...

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Speed filter
Georgia Court Green Lights Snapchat Speeding Selfie Lawsuit
Georgia Court of Appeals allows injured driver to sue Snapchat for allowing users to take selfies while speeding.

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Redflex and Verra logos
Speed Camera Companies Seek To Reinvent Selves
Redflex and ATS both seek to enter European markets while diversifying their ticketing technology.

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Orlando, Florida red light camera
Florida Court: No Refund For Illegal Red Light Tickets
Florida Court of Appeal denies relief for motorists who paid illegally issued red light camera tickets in Orlando.

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French speed camera turned red
France, Italy: Traffic Cameras Assaults On The Rise
More and more speed cameras are being disabled by vigilantes in France and Italy.

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