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Female cyclist
California Study Examines Why Women Avoid Bicycling
University of California study finds women do not feel safe commuting by bicycle.

US Census Bureau data show bicycle commuters tend to be overwhelmingly white, male and privileged. Throughout the country, street real estate is being taken away from automobiles to serve the less than one percent who pedal their way to work. The federal government diverts an estimated $100 million per year from gas tax dollars to subsidize construction of these lanes and other pedestrian projects. A research brief from the University of California, Berkeley's transportation research center aske ...

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Fish and Game roadblock
Federal Court Upholds Game Warden Roadblocks
An interim order by a federal judge supports roadblocks that stop all motorists to see if they have been hunting or fishing without a license.

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Bent speed camera
France: Profit Tumbles As Damage To Speed Cameras Continues
Vigilante action against speed cameras means French government expects to lose $500 million in revenue in 2019.

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East Liverpool 2019 ballot
Ohio Courts Could Block Public From Voting On Speed Cameras
Local judge to decide whether to intervene in election to protect speed cameras in East Liverpool, Ohio.

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Alexandria Police SUV
Alexandria, Virginia Caught Issuing Inaccurate Speeding Tickets
Refunds ordered for 2169 speeding ticket recipients in Alexandria, Virginia after employee faked police car speedo tests.

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