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Wrapped speed camera
France: Speed Cameras Under Siege
Vigilantes destroyed or damaged about a dozen speed cameras in France last week.

In Seyches, France, vigilantes on Sunday torched the speed camera that had been issuing automated tickets on the RD933. On Saturday, a pair of speed cameras on the RN31 in Muizon and near Prouilly were blinded by being carefully wrapped in ...

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US Supreme Court Takes Up Motorist Shooting Case
High court to decide whether it is ok to shoot innocent motorists as long as they are not killed right away.

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Iowa Supreme Court
Iowa Supreme Court Rejects Speed Camera Transparency
Iowa Supreme Court declares speed camera tickets are not driving violations to avoid naming individuals immune from receiving photo citations.

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Susana A. Mendoza
Illinois Comptroller Makes Photo Ticket Payment Optional
Citing red light camera corruption, Illinois comptroller refuses to garnish tax refunds to help municipalities collect unpaid photo tickets.

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DC red light camera
DC, France, Malta: Automated Ticketing Machines Downed
Accidents and vigilante action took out speed cameras in Washington DC, France and Malta last week.

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