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Marc Dann
Ohio Supreme Court Weighs Another Speed Camera Challenge
Speed camera company asks Ohio Supreme Court to block class action lawsuit against illegally issued photo tickets in Girard.

The top judges in Ohio are poised to take up the issue of photo ticketing once again. On Wednesday, the state Supreme Court allowed former attorney general Marc E. Dann to bolster his legal team for a challenge to Girard's use of cameras to enforce an illegally low speed limit. The state Court of Appeals granted the case class action status in April. Blue Line Solutions, the for-profit company that operates Girard's automated ticketing machines, is demanding that ...

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Burned turret speed camera
France, Mexico, Spain: Speed Cameras Smashed, Scorched
Vigilantes in Mexico, Spain and France last week used took out a half-dozen speed cameras.

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TruSpeed S
Ohio Supreme Court Eliminates Need To Prove Laser Gun Accuracy
Laser and radar speed gun claims are admissible in Ohio courts without need for expert testimony or other proof of accuracy.

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Timothy Young
New Mexico: Motorist Sues After Police Conduct Prostate Exam For Failure To Signal
New Mexico Court of Appeals reinstates lawsuit against doctor who followed police orders to invasively search innocent motorist over turn signal.

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Clearcut for speed camera
France: Chainsaw Massacre For A Speed Camera
French mayor upset after officials clearcut a forest to make way for a speed camera. Two other speed cameras were burned last week.

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