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Carlis A. Scott
Federal Judge Declares Wrecked Car To Be Mobile
Federal judge rules a car stuck inside a building is mobile for the purposes of searching it without a warrant.

Courts frequently turn to legal fictions to ease the burden of prosecuting suspects who assert their constitutional rights. Civil forfeiture, for instance, allows police to confiscate cars and cash by pretending to charge inanimate objects, not suspects, with a crime. A federal judge earlier this month created a new example of fiction when he declared an SUV that had been driven through a building to be "readily mobile." A 2013 Kia Sorrento rental SUV had left a gaping hole in a Verizon Wirel ...

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Variable speed limit UK
UK Report Finds Variable Speed Limits Dangerous
Survey finds UK variable speed limits generated up to $681 million in speed camera revenue by confusing drivers.

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Conduent and ATS logos
Baltimore, Maryland Restarts Faulty Traffic Camera System
New photo ticketing program in Baltimore, Maryland mostly run by team responsible for past failure.

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Addenbrookes Road
UK Cameras Ticket Cars Based On Where They Drive
License plate camera tracks motorists in Cambridge, England, and issues fines to motorists based on whether they belong on a certain road.

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Speed camera crash in Italy
Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cams Taken Out By Gunfire, Accidents
Speed camera causes injury accident in Italy while Saudis use guns to thwart automated ticketing.

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