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Karen Finley
Redflex Stock Collapses In Wake Of Turmoil
After former top executive pleads guilty to corruption in Chicago, Illinois, Redflex Traffic System stock drops to an all-time low.

It has been a bad week for the photo enforcement industry. On Monday, the Missouri Supreme Court issued three separate rulings declaring the red light camera and speed camera ordinances unconstitutional (view rulings). This was followed Thursday with Karen Finley's plea of guilty to photo enforcement corruption in Chicago. Finley is the long-time leader of Redflex Traffic Systems of Australia, once one of the world's leading vendors of automated ticketing machines ...

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License plate frame
Federal Appeals Court Defends Use Of License Plate Frames
Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals overturns conviction based on a traffic stop over a license plate frame.

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Missouri Supreme Court
Missouri Supreme Court Delivers Three Strikes Against Photo Tickets
Defense attorneys challenging red light cameras win three cases before the Missouri Supreme Court.

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Mississippi Supreme Court
Mississippi Supreme Court Busts Lying, Ticket Quota Cop
High court in Mississippi says state trooper who issued 25 bogus tickets should never have been reinstated with full back pay.

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Saher accident
Saudi Arabia, France: Speed Cameras Crash, Disappear
Speed camera van in Saudi Arabia tips over in accident while a French speed camera vanishes.

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