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Trooper Scott Townsley
Facebook Traffic Stop Complaint Triggers Kentucky Cops
Lawsuit charges Kentucky state troopers with assault, puppy-kicking over a Facebook complaint about a traffic stop.

Furious Kentucky state troopers took the law into their own hands after a motorist complained on Facebook about a traffic stop, according to a federal lawsuit filed last month. On September 16, 2017, Trooper Scott Townsley stopped motorist David Allen Gabbard and searched his vehicle. Nothing illegal was found, so Gabbard shared his frustration on social media after returning home. "Just love being pulled over for no reason lmao," Gabbard wrote on his personal Facebook page, adding a "police ...

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Traffic arrest
Los Angeles, California Court Forced To Reform Traffic Fine Policies
Los Angeles and the state of California update policies to limit the suspension of drivers licenses over unpaid traffic tickets.

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Payphone photo by Coastal Elite/Flickr
Illinois Court Blocks Traffic Stop Based On Dubious Tip
A claimed anonymous tip, without evidence of reliability, cannot be the sole justification for a traffic stop under Illinois appellate ruling.

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Speared speed camera
France, Italy, Norway, Taiwan, UK: Speed Cameras Blinded By Paint, Explosives
More European speed cameras were taken out of service last week with colorful and explosive attacks.

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Angel Soza
Arizona: Nothing Can Be Done When Cops Coerce Consent
Court of Appeals in Arizona rejects exclusionary rule when police violate state law by improperly telling DUI suspect he cannot refuse breath test.

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