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Encinitas city council meeting
Encinitas, California Red Light Cameras Go Dark
Red light camera use ends after Encinitas, California city council votes to terminate deal with Redflex.

Red light cameras will go dark in Encinitas, California later today. After a 3 to 2 city council vote last week, the San Diego County beach town decided to join the more than sixty California jurisdictions that have terminated their experiment with the use of red light cameras. Encinitas officials faced the prospect of new guidelines requiring longer yellow times for turn movements that would turn the program from a money-winner to a money-loser, allowing the coun ...

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Daniel Cameron
Kentucky: Federal Judge Asked To Overturn Virus Scare Driving Ban
Federal judge issued an order over the weekend allowing the Kentucky attorney general to challenge the state ban on interstate travel.

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French speed camera in a ditch
France: Speed Cameras Burned, Painted
Vigilante action against speed cameras slow to resume in France with a handful of attacks reported last week.

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UC Davis Covid report
California Study Exposes Myth Of Lockdown Superspeeding
University of California traffic data show crashes down during virus lockdown. Motorist speeds remain the same.

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Italian speed camera wreckage
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Vigilantism Slows
French government sees steep drop in photo ticket profit from vigilante action in 2019. Only a handful of cameras were attacked last week in Europe.

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