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Flipped Italian speed camera
Canada, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Shot, Burned
Automated ticketing machines around the world were disabled in a number of ways over the past few weeks.

French vigilantes on Thursday, set fire to four speed cameras that had been issuing automated tickets in Rousset, Tourves, La Celle and Forcalqueriet. Around the same time, a speed camera on the RN66 in Bussang was blinded with orange spraypaint. The de ...

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Italian speed camera smashed
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Eliminated
French and Italian vigilantes knocked a handful of speed cameras out of commission last week.

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Justice Greg Parker
South Australia Cancels Dubious Red Light Camera Tickets
Red light camera tickets tossed in South Australia following high court decision raising accuracy doubts.

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Tim Eyman
Washington Activist Blasts State Efforts To Block Future Car Tax Cuts
Attorney general in Washington state seeks lifetime ban political activist who has led public revolt against car taxes.

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Minihy France speed camera
France: Paint And Fire Disables Speed Cameras
Eight French speed cameras were burned or otherwise disabled last week.

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