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Nicole M. Koppitch
Ohio Attorney General Defends Anti-Speed Camera Law
Ohio attorney general battles Toledo over whether the legislature can cut state funding from cities that refuse to limit speed camera use.

Ohio Attorney General Michael DeWine has sent a team to a Lucas County courthouse to defend the legislature's attempt to impose some limits on the use of speed cameras. The General Assembly enacted House Bill 64 in 2015 (view law), which cut funding to municipalities in an amount equal to the revenue generated from photo tickets, but only if those cities refused to implement a handful of minor reforms. In court filings Tuesday, the city of Toledo insisted it had ...

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Lusskin Keogh Owen
Florida: Jury Trial Set In Case Against Florida Traffic Camera Fees
Convenience fees for red light camera ticket payments becomes subject of $29 million federal class action lawsuit in Florida.

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Talbot Lago
Wisconsin Court Decides Fate Of 1938 Talbot Lago
Wisconsin Court of Appeals rules against collector who unwittingly bought a $7 million classic automobile that had been stolen in 2001.

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French speed camera tagged
France: Speed Camera Attacks Quadruple
Decision to lower speed limit in France triggers a quadrupling in the number of speed camera attacks last month.

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Arlene Harjo
Federal Judge Declares New Mexico Car Seizure Program Illegal
Multimillion-dollar Albuquerque, New Mexico car seizure program shut down as unconstitutional.

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