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French speed camera charred
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Charred, Junked
Vigilantes across France continue destroying speed cameras while an automated ticketing machine in Italy causes a massive freeway crash.

In Biancavilla, Italy, a speed camera caused a massive rear-end collision on the SS284 highway last week. Motorists approaching the automated ticketing machine slammed on the brakes to avoid getting a citation in the mail, and this caused a chain of rear-enders that ended up creating a traffic jam in both directions of travel. On Sunday, vigilantes in Cult, France, cut down the tampe ...

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2002 Camaro
Alabama Cop Busted For Towing Cars From Lawn
Alabama Court of Appeals says police officer can be sued for confiscating without due process cars parked on a lawn.

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Baltimore roadblock
Maryland Court Upholds Seat Belt Ticket Roadblocks
Police stopping drivers at intersections to check seatbelt use is not a checkpoint, Maryland Court of Special Appeals ruled.

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Joseph R McMahon
Louisiana Appeals Court Upholds Class Action Against Red Light Cameras
Louisiana Court of Appeals orders New Orleans to refund $26 million in illegally issued red light camera tickets.

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SIPTU strike
Irish Speed Camera Workers Strike Against Redflex
Irish speed camera van drivers voted to go on strike against GoSafe, a private company partially owned by Redflex.

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