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John W. Rice
Illinois Appellate Court Approves Intersection Lane Changing
Second highest court in Illinois says police may not stop drivers for changing lanes in the middle of an intersection.

There is nothing illegal about changing lanes in the middle of an intersection, the Illinois Appellate Court ruled last month. Marjory Higgens, an officer with the Bolingbrook Police Department, shared the widely held opinion that the opposite was true -- that such maneuvers were prohibited. The court said this was a clear error. On March 13, 2018, Officer Higgens was patrolling Route 53 when she saw three cars ahead of her stopped at the intersection. A maroon Ford Focus hesitated momentaril ...

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Toppled French speed camera
Worldwide Speed Camera Attacks Continue
Vigilantes eliminated well over a dozen automated ticketing machines in Saudi Arabia, France, Italy and Germany last week.

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Judge Jill A. Pryor
Federal Appeals Court Revives Florida Red Light Camera Challenge
Eleventh Circuit US Court of Appeals restores multi-million dollar unjust enrichment lawsuit against Florida red light cameras.

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Burning French speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Burn
A handful of speed cameras were blinded, bisected and burned in France and Italy last week.

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Clean Air Zone map
UK Tolling Zone Introduced In The Name Of Clean Air
Birmingham, England, completes preparation for tolling zone set to debut in June.

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