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Brown Honda
Federal Appeals Court Rejects Bogus Traffic Stop
Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals rejects a a car search because the police came up with implausible excuses for the traffic stop.

Courts generally allow police to pull over and stop motorists on a pretext, so long as they can come up with a valid reason to do so after the fact. In a rare case last week, the Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals rejected a series of harmless behaviors that Nevada police officers had packaged into a presentation of "suspicion" to justify a stop. A three-judge panel concluded that Officer Curtis English from the very start intended to stop the brown Honda he saw in Sparks on November 21, 2017 ...

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Her Majestys Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services
UK Government Report Undermines Speed Camera Rationale
UK government investigation concludes speed cameras fail to improve safety while local officials rely on them to generate revenue.

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Audi crashes into speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Knocked Out
Italian speed camera fails to prevent an accident while vigilantes take out a handful of photo radar devices in France.

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241 toll road
Grand Jury Accuses California Toll Road Agency Of Mismanagement
Scathing Orange County grand jury report accuses California toll road agency of using motorists as a personal cash cow.

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Anti camera sign
Arizona Town Accused Of Illegal Red Light Camera Meeting
Complaint filed with the Arizona attorney general accuses Fountain Hills of working illegally behind the scenes to install red light cameras.

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