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Reunion island speed camera burns
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Flattened
Attacks on speed cameras ramp up on Reunion island as a photo radar device in Germany failed to prevent an accident on Christmas.

Attacks on automated ticketing machines continue on Reunion, an island in East Africa. The pole-mounted "turret" style speed camera in Salazie that had just been replaced after a recent attack was torched once again on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the turret speed camera on the RN1 in Saint Leu was also read more >> 

1902 race car
A History Of The First US Speed Traps
The ideas behind Vision Zero of low speed limits and heavy enforcement are nearly 120 years old.

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Torched island speed camera
France, Qatar: Photo Radar On Fire
Vigilantes in Qatar and in France last week destroyed several speed cameras.

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295 warning sign
Federal Judge Declines To Intervene In DC Speed Camera Lawsuit
Federal judge sends class action suit against photo radar speed trap back to a DC court.

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Beheaded speed camera
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Egged, Burned
A German vigilante egged a camera while several French speed cameras were burned or blinded last week.

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