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Judge Myron Duhart
Toledo Refuses To Accept Ohio Supreme Court Verdict
Toledo, Ohio files new lawsuit to save $2.3 million in speed camera revenue.

The Ohio Supreme Court last month rejected Toledo's argument that a friendly local judge could block the legislature from passing laws that might affect the municipal speed camera program (view ruling). The high court blasted the lower court for attempting to interfere with the General Assembly's constitutional authority to pass laws. Eight days later, the city was back in the Lucas County courthouse with a new attempt to block Ohio's 2015 budget law, House Bill 6 ...

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School zone sign
Washington Court Blocks Suit Over Sneaky School Zone Signs
Technical errors in legal challenge allows Seattle, Washington to avoid $10 million in speed camera refunds.

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Michigan State Police
Federal Judge: It Is Not A Crime To Drive Slow Near Cops
Federal judge tosses case after Michigan police officer stared down motorist, causing him to slow 2 MPH below the limit.

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Capestang speed camera
France, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Thumped
Spraypaint fire and force knocked dozens of speed cameras out of service in France, Italy and Saudi Arabia last week.

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Justice Brent R. Appel
Iowa Supremes Mock SCOTUS On Warrantless Auto Searches
Iowa Supreme Court justices slam the US Supreme Court decisions designed to make it convenient for police to search cars without a warrant.

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