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Portland speed camera shot
Speed Cameras Attacked In Oregon, Germany, UK
A handful of automated ticketing machines were destroyed last week in Oregon, Germany and England.

By Richard Diamond/Staff Reports The driver of a Subaru WRX pulled up to a combination red light-speed camera, pulled out a handgun and opened fire in Portland, Oregon, on Monday, May 27. Three shots damaged the camera at the intersection of Southeast Washington Street and 103rd Avenue. Police have not identified the driver because th ...

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Shot and toppled speed cams in NZ
Canada, France, Italy, New Zealand: Speed Cameras Mangled
Last week saw several speed cameras disabled in Canada, France, Italy and New Zealand.

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Bollard blocks speed camera
Fleximan Defends Himself
Fleximan speaks through lawyer in Italy. Vigilantes took out cameras in France, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK last week.

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Speed camera buried in hay
Italian Officials Claim To Have Captured Fleximan
Officials in Italy say they have unmasked an anti-speed camera vigilante. Photo radar devices were also buried in hay in France last week.

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Sliced UK speed camera
Europeans Cut Down, Torch Speed Cameras
Vigilantes smashed, sliced and scorched dozens of speed cameras in France, Germany, Italy and the UK last week.

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