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Intersection from Google Maps
Illinois Appellate Court Declares Wide Left Turns Legal
Illinois Appellate Court says police cannot stop motorists for making wide left-hand turns.

Police officers often enforce best practice traffic rules thinking they are upholding the law. The Illinois Appellate Court on Friday ruled that when Bloomington Police Officer Manuel Hernandez stopped motorist Donald P. Walker for making a wide left-hand turn on July 20, 2017, the policeman was the one violating the law. Officer Hernandez had been following Walker on Hershey Road as he stopped for a red light, waiting in the dedicated left-hand turn lane. Once the light turned green, Walker ...

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Sliced Italian speed camera
France, Italy: More Speed Cameras Tagged
Vigilantes continued their relentless campaign against speed cameras in France while devices in Italy were sliced and smashed.

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Buick Park Avenue
Illinois: Federal Court Rules Bankruptcy Requires Return Of Seized Cars
Federal judge rules Chicago, Illinois violated bankruptcy law by refusing to return seized cars to debtors.

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Clifford Law Offices
State Farm Pays $250 Million In Bribery Scandal
Lawsuit over defective repair parts and bribing a state supreme court justice settles for a quarter billion dollars.

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Greg Abbott
Texas Governor Campaigns On Red Light Camera Ban
Texas Governor Greg Abbott makes outlawing red light cameras a major campaign promise.

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