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Tar pile blocks speed camera
Canada, France: Speed Cameras Tarred and Torched
Several automated ticketing machines in France and Canada were torched, toppled, tarred and tagged last week.

Vigilantes in Hamilton, Canada, used black spraypaint to blind the speed camera on Stone Church Road on Wednesday -- just one day before the device was set to become the city's first operational speed camera. On Saturday, vigilantes in Chemin covered the lens of a newly installed speed camera with silver spray ...

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DC Mayor Bowser
DC Cracks Down On Drivers From Maryland, Virginia
Washington, DC passes measure that will ban right turns on red, expand red light camera use and suspend out-of-state licenses over photo tickets.

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Green painted speed camera
French Vigillantes Disable A Few Speed Cameras
Opponents of automated ticketing in France only took out a handful of speed cameras last week.

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Safespeed investigation
Safespeed Denies Red Light Camera Racketeering Conspiracy
Action postponed in red light camera RICO lawsuit against Safespeed.

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Sprayed French speed camera
Canada, France: Speed Cameras Sprayed, Burned
A handful of speed cameras in Canada and France were thwarted by vigilante action last week.

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