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Marc E. Dann
Federal Lawsuit Challenges Interstate Speed Camera Trap In Ohio
Federal class action seeks to force Girard, Ohio to refund speed camera tickets issued in a work zone a month after work had ceased.

Motorists in Girard, Ohio are turning to the federal courts to force the town to pay back fines collected for speed camera tickets that were, they argue, illegally issued. According to the class action suit filed on Friday, automated tickets were being issued in a "work zone" on Interstate 80 even though the work had been completed a full month earlier. Between December 7, 2017 and January 7, 2018, the site in question was officially a "non-construction zone" where the speed limit should hav ...

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Wolverhampton camera burning
Ecuador, France, UK: Speed Cameras Assaulted
Speed and red light cameras were fell under heavy attack around the wold last week with massive protests in the streets of France.

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Bill Seitz
Ohio House Puts Financial Squeeze On Camera Enforcement
Ohio Senate to take up measure to eliminate profit motive from speed cameras following overwhelming House passage.

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Officers Bustios and Ramos
Feds Bust New Jersey Cops For Ripping Off Motorists
Federal investigation leads to corruption charges against a pair of New Jersey police officers who shook down motorists for cash and guns.

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Iowa Supreme Court hearing 4/10
Iowa Officals Warn Of Speed Camera Dangers
State government officials say Iowa Department of Transportation must regulate speed cameras as a potential hazard to public safety.

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