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Speed awareness course
UK Study: Traffic School Has No Safety Benefit
UK Department for Transport study concludes there is no statistically significant evidence that traffic school reduces accidents.

Sending motorists to traffic school to avoid expensive points against their licenses does nothing for traffic safety, according to a report released on Monday by the UK Department for Transport. The National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC) in Great Britain has become a major source of revenue for local police and the former police officers who split the 100 (US $135) fees paid by those seeking to save their licenses by sitting through a four hour lecture. The new study asked how the course had im ...

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Ken Paxton
Texas Attorney General Says No More Public Money For Toll Roads
Texas attorney general confirms that the ban on public toll road funding includes express lanes and other mixed projects.

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US Supreme Court
US Supreme Court Upholds Ride Sharing Privacy
Rental car drivers, even those not authorized on the rental agreement, may not be searched without a warrant by police.

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Strasbourg chicken
Australia, Finland, France, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Dozens of speed cameras were eliminated in Australia and Europe last week, and a man in a chicken costume led a protest in France.

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FBI arrest
Maryland, Virginia Schools Deal With Disgraced Camera Company
School bus camera company enmeshed in federal corruption scandal rebrands itself to continue doing business with local governments.

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