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Camera burns in Saudi Arabia
Rhode Island, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Thwarted
Spraypaint, bullets and fire kept speed cameras from issuing tickets in Rhode Island, France and Italy last week.

A vigilante in Providence, Rhode Island, videotaped himself disabling a speed camera last week. GoLocal on Thursday showed footage of the device on Chalkstone Avenue being spraypainted with the messages "LOL" and "UR welcome" on the side. Another camera on Mount Pleasant Avenue had yellow paint covering its lenses. The camera on Peace Street was grabbed by vigilantes in January. Heavy gunfire destroyed a ...

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Officer Daniel Swear
Louisiana Ticket Quota Caught On Tape
Police officer in Gretna, Louisiana records his superiors ordering him to issue more tickets to make up lost revenue.

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Judge Sara Doyle
Georgia: County Lines Are Not A Safe Haven From Traffic Stops
Georgia Court of Appeals says police may stop motorists outside of their jurisdiction as long as they are continuously pursued.

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Tesla Model S
New Rule Makes Electric Cars Beep
Electric cars must make noise while idling at traffic lights or while moving under a newly finalized federal rule.

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School bus ticket
Maryland House Passes Minor Speed Camera Reform
Maryland motorists could challenge red light camera tickets issued at intersections with illegally short yellows under proposed law.

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