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Judge Carlos F. Lucero
Court Blasts Speed Kills Justification For Oklahoma City Panhandler Ban
Tenth Circuit US Court of Appeals rejects public safety claim of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ordinance banning roadside panhandlers.

Protesters and panhandlers can soon return to the highway medians in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Tenth Circuit US Court of Appeals on Monday struck down the city's attempt to ban panhandling as a violation of the First Amendment. The decision overturns in part US District Judge Joe L. Heaton's decision to allow the city to protect motorists from what officials saw as roadside harassment. Enacted in 2016, the ordinance prohibited all but emergency use of medians on roads with a speed limit of ...

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Decapitated French speed camera
France, New Zealand: Speed Cameras Face New Assault
French vigilantes last week devised new speed camera destruction technique. New Zealand photo radar vans came under attack.

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Fountain Hills council meeting
Arizona: Public Opposition Defeats Red Light Camera Proposal
Fountain Hills, Arizona turns away from controversial plan to implement red light cameras.

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Utah Supreme Court
Utah Supreme Court Allows Take-Back On Red Light Testimony
High court in Utah allows retraction of unequivocal testimony in a traffic accident case.

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Yellow spraypaint on speed camera
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Burned, Painted
A half-dozen speed cameras in Germany and France were taken out of service last week.

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