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Saudi speed camera disabled
Anti-Speed Camera Activity In France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia
Truckers in Italy protest photo radar, an egg is thrown at a speed camera trap in Germany and more automated ticketing machines disabled in France last week.

Vigilantes in Wintzenheim, France, on Sunday blinded the speed camera on the RD417 with spraypaint, marking the fourth such attack in the past four months. On Friday, vigilantes in Saint-Martin l'Hortier used white spraypai ...

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Verra Mobility and Redflex
Verra Mobility Loses Money, Buys Its Main Money-losing Rival
Verra Mobility wins approval of deal to buy Redflex, though both photo ticketing companies continue to lose cash.

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Jeep burning a speed camera
European Speed Cameras Cause Accidents, Are Destroyed
Speed cameras caused two collisions in France and Germany. Vigilantes disable cameras in England, Northern Ireland and Spain.

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Iowa MVE
Iowa Supreme Court Rescues State From Refunding Illegally Issued Traffic Tickets
Iowa will not have to refund 22,000 speeding tickets issued by state employees who had no legal authority to issue those citations.

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Speed camera with a heart
France, Germany: Three Speed Cameras Taken Out
Vigilantes took a breather last week as only a handful of speed cameras were taken offline.

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