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Walmart parking lot
Nebraska Supreme Court Declares Walmart Parking Lot A Public Highway
Nebraska high court says license suspension means no driving, even on private roads and parking lots.

Nebraska's traffic laws can apply to private property, such as a Walmart parking lot, according to a ruling handed down Friday by the state's highest court. Justices were considering the case of Benjamin Frederick who was caught on December 31, 2012 driving in a superstore parking lot in Kearney while his license was revoked. An officer who had been called to the Walmart location recognized Frederick and followed his car as it made its way through the aisles of the parking lot. Eventually, Fr ...

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Smashed French speed camera
France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Smashed, Blocked
Vigilantes block a photo radar van at Mecca and smash one in France with a sledgehammer.

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Sacramento County Grand Jury
Another California Grand Jury Knocks Red Light Cameras
Grand jury finds deception in the management of the Citrus Heights, California red light camera program.

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Gov. Bobby Jindal
New Presidential Candidate Vetoes Photo Ticketing Bill
Louisiana governor vetoes insurance ticketing license plate reader legislation days before announcing presidential run.

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Photo Enforcement Industry Consolidates In Europe
Sensys of Sweden merges with Gatso of The Netherlands to form European photo ticketing giant while Redflex shrinks.

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