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Brad Lander
New York City To Confiscate Cars Over Speed Camera Tickets
New York City Council to vote on plan that impounds cars that accumulate a certain number of red light or speed camera tickets.

New York City motorists whose speed camera tickets are lost in the mail could soon lose their automobiles under vehicle a confiscation ordinance that comes before the city council later today. Councilman Brad Lander (D-Brooklyn) introduced the Reckless Driver Accountability Act in 2018, and he has used the time to line up the backing of the council's speaker, the city Department of Transportation, Mayor Bill DeBlasio and a dozen fellow council members. The measure will take cars away from the ...

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Burned Italian speed camera
Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Taking Fire
Vigilantes throughout the world fought back against speed cameras last week.

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ATRI report cover
Audit Reveals The High Cost Of Toll Roads
Financial analysis of major toll road systems finds substantial diversion of revenue to third parties.

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Martin A Sandoval
Guilty Plea In Second Illinois Photo Ticketing Scandal
Former Illinois Senate Transportation Committee chairman pleads guilty to taking bribes to sink anti-red light camera legislation.

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IIHS and GHSA logos
Speeding Ticket Industry Offers Bounty To States Issuing More Citations
Insurance industry and state enforcement agencies offer grants for innovative plans to increase the issuance of speeding tickets.

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