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Maryland State House
State Lawmakers Take Up Traffic Camera Bans
State legislatures in Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Maryland take up measures to outlaw automated enforcement in the wake of scandal.

State lawmakers throughout the country are having second thoughts about the use of controversial red light cameras and speed cameras. Last week, a federal jury handed down a guilty verdict in the Chicago, Illinois red light camera corruption scandal, and Redflex Traffic Systems announced on Monday that the Australian Federal Police had opened a corruption investigation into the Melbourne-based firm. Thanks to the industry's troubles, critics of automated enforceme ...

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Ohio Court of Appeals
Ohio Appeals Court Green Lights Class Action Against Speed Cams
Technical appellate court decision clears way for class action lawsuit against speed camera appeals in New Miami, Ohio.

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French speed camera spraypainted orange
France, Germany, UK: Speed Cameras Knocked, Blocked
Four speed cameras in Germany and England are knocked out of commission by vigilantes.

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Cancelled Redflex
Companies Fear Association With Redflex Corruption
Insurance and auditing companies distance themselves from Redflex Traffic Systems in light of red light camera corruption scandal.

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EFF: Plate Readers Turn Texas Cops Into Mobile Debt Collectors
Commentary by Electronic Frontier Foundation on how Texas police have teamed up with license plate reader companies for profit.

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