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Judge Joel Baker
Texas Judge Arrested Over Illegal Speed Camera Contract
Smith County, Texas judge arrested for holding a secret meeting to sign a speed camera contract.

Smith County, Texas Judge Joel Patrick Baker was arrested Friday for arranging a deal with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to install speed cameras during a meeting held in violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton secured the indictment on Thursday. During a closed-session, August 12, 2014 meeting, Judge Baker discussed the ten-year speed camera contract that included an "exclusivity" clause prohibiting the county from doing business with any firm that com ...

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Piazza Garibaldi
France, Italy, San Marino, UK: Speed Cameras Mocked, Disabled
Vigilantes around the world found unique ways to express their displeasure toward speed cameras last week.

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Senator David Curtis
North Carolina Lawmakers Revolt Against Interstate Tolling
North Carolina House of Representatives passes legislation that would torpedo plan to add tolls to interstate highway.

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Ohio: Xerox Lawsuit Over Canceled Speed Camera Contract Heats Up
Xerox claims Cleveland, Ohio owes $9 million in unpaid speed camera rental fees.

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Governor Maggie Hassan
New Hampshire Backs Down On Driver Privacy
Live Free or Die state repeals prohibitions on license plate readers and Real ID.

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