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Nathan Dahm
Oklahoma Senate Near Unanimous In Banning Red Light Cameras
State Senate in Oklahoma passes bill to ensure Oklahoma never gets red light cameras.

The Okalahoma Senate voted 46 to 1 last week to ensure red light cameras will never make an appearance on Oklahoma roads. The legislation authored by state Senator Nathan Dahm (R-Broken Bow) and Representative Lewis Moore (R-Arcadia) would block any government entity from using intersection cameras in the future. "No state, county, municipal or political subdivision may contract with any private corporation to provide for the use of any photo monitoring device to detect any red light violatio ...

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Minnesota Supreme Court
Minnesota Supremes Limit Car Confiscation From Innocent Owners
Minnesota Supreme Court imposes minor restriction on the ability of police to seize cars by requiring prompt hearings for innocent owners.

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Barry J. DeWeese
Audit Finds Federal Toll Road Oversight Insufficient
The inspector general for the US Department of Transportation finds serious weakness in the federal oversight of taxpayer-funded toll road projects.

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Bill Seitz
Ohio House Votes To Withhold Speed Camera Cash
House-passed Ohio transportation funding bill would withhold some state cash from big cities that use speed cameras.

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Yellow vest protest
France, Italy, UK: Speed Camera Destruction Roundup
Anti-speed camera actions continued throughout England, France, Italy and Luxembourg last week.

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