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Deborah Glass
Australia: Government Report Slams Erroneous Speed Camera Punishments
Victoria, Australia ombudsman report documents 397 cases where improper handling of photo tickets cost innocent drivers their license.

At least 397 motorists in Victoria, Australia, lost their right to drive because the state government bungled the handling of speed camera fines. In a report released Wednesday, Victoria Ombudsman Deborah Glass blasted Fines Victoria, the agency responsible for overseeing the handling of citations. The report reviewed 605 complaints from members of the public about how this year-old state agency handled their situations. "Many complaints were about delay in the processing of nominations, comp ...

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Menards arrest
Federal Court Forces Drivers To Open Their Trunk At Hardware Store
Eight Circuit US Court of Appeals upholds the right of hardware store to detain and search the trunks of customer vehicles.

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Larry Duncan
Texas: School Bus Camera Felon Evades Jail Time
Instrumental figure in Dallas, Texas school bus camera corruption scandal gets off with a sentence of house arrest.

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Spraypainted speed camera
France, Germany: Speed Camera Profits Slashed
French speed camera profits plunge 42 percent, and cameras are destroyed in Germany.

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Menlo Park mayor, 4/9/19
Menlo Park, California Dumps Red Light Cameras
City council in Menlo Park, California will allow the red light camera contract to expire at the end of the month.

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