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Washington Supreme Court Clarifies: Lawnmowers Are Not Cars
High court in Washington state rules that the automobile theft statute was never meant to apply to riding lawnmowers.

The increasingly expansive interpretation of drunk-driving laws around the country has applied the definition of "motor vehicle" to anything from horses and scooters to electric wheelchairs. While a Virginia lawnmower rider was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), such charges may now be harder to file in Washington after the state Supreme Court last Thursday ...

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Cicero and Cal Sag via Google Maps
Illinois: Lawsuit Challenges Red Light Camera Trap
Lawyer takes on a confusing right turn lane in Crestwood, Illinois that generated $3.1 million in red light camera profit.

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Latvia tilted speed camera
France, Germany, Lativia, Russia: Speed Cameras Disrupted
Speed cameras across Europe were taken out of service last week by vigilantes who knocked down, burned or painted them.

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The Living Room
Ohio Supreme Court Clears Strip Club In Drunk Stripper Accident
Ohio strip clubs are only liable for drunk-driving strippers who were knowingly served too much alcohol.

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SeaTac city council
SeaTac, Washington Dumps Red Light Cameras
Instead of dumping Redflex, the SeaTac, Washington city council decides to dump red light cameras entirely.

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