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Safespeed investigation
Safespeed Denies Red Light Camera Racketeering Conspiracy
Action postponed in red light camera RICO lawsuit against Safespeed.

Embattled red light camera operator Safespeed took comfort in a federal judge's decision to put off further proceedings out of virus fears. US District Judge Robert M. Dow Jr had scheduled a hearing for Friday but decided instead to postpone further consideration of a racketeering lawsuit against Safespeed. He will accept final briefings in November on whether to allow the suit to proceed and issue a ruling by mail. The suit is asking for $70 million in refunds to ...

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Sprayed French speed camera
Canada, France: Speed Cameras Sprayed, Burned
A handful of speed cameras in Canada and France were thwarted by vigilante action last week.

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New York state trooper ALPR car
New York High Court Rejects License Plate Reader Stop
Highest court in New York state creates a higher standard for pulling over a motorist over minor traffic infractions.

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Leaning Italian speed camera
Brazil, France, Italy: Photo Radar In Retreat
Brazil implements speed camera reform while vigilantes reduce the number of automated ticketing machines in France and Italy.

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L. Louise Lucas with Governor Northam
Virginia Considers Limiting Traffic Stops Over Minor Infractions
Police would no longer be able to pull over motorists over minor equipment violations under a measure passed by the Virginia Senate.

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