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Judge Johanningsmeier
Indiana: Ticket-Fixing Judge Gets Slap On Wrist
Indiana Supreme Court reprimands judge who made a speeding ticket disappear for a vacation buddy.

An Indiana judge who gave a free pass to a close friend who skipped out on paying a speeding ticket has himself been handed a free pass by the state Supreme Court. On Friday, justices allowed Knox County Superior Court Judge Ryan D. Johanningsmeier to remain on the bench with only a reprimand. Judge Johanningsmeier's troubles began when his good friend, Bryan L. Kiefer, was caught exceeding the 30 MPH limit in a speed trap in Bicknell on April 16, 2015. Kiefer attempted to arrange for a jury ...

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French speed camera remains
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Blinded
Stepped up attacks on speed cameras continue in France, and a photo radar device was damaged in Italy last week.

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Dwaine Caraway
Texas: School Bus Camera Scandal Takes Down Politician
Dallas, Texas city councilman admits taking $450,000 in bribes to advocate on behalf of school bus cameras.

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Nicole M. Koppitch
Ohio Attorney General Defends Anti-Speed Camera Law
Ohio attorney general battles Toledo over whether the legislature can cut state funding from cities that refuse to limit speed camera use.

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Lusskin Keogh Owen
Florida: Jury Trial Set In Case Against Florida Traffic Camera Fees
Convenience fees for red light camera ticket payments becomes subject of $29 million federal class action lawsuit in Florida.

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