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Bill Carrico
Virginia Lawmakers Quietly Enact Speed Camera Law
Speed camera cash recipient quietly rushes through a law that will station speed cameras on Virginia freeways.

Speed cameras will soon appear on Virginia freeways under legislation that cleared the General Assembly on Wednesday. That leaves the final decision on implementing cameras to Governor Ralph Northam (D), who is currently embroiled in scandal from the discovery of his medical school yearbook photographs that show him appearing either in blackface or a Klu Klux Klan uniform. Assuming the bill obtains Northam's signature, the state police will have the authority to set up automated speed traps i ...

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NHTSA report cover
Report: Fewer People Using Cell Phones Behind The Wheel
Cell phone use while driving continues on a declining trend according to a recent US Department of Transportation report.

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Seized car
States Consider Cracking Down On Car Seizures
Proposals to limit the seizure of automobiles and other property by individuals who have not been convicted of a crime advance in three states.

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Red Camry
Iowa Appeals Court Upholds Traffic Stop Of Car That Looks Fast
Iowa Court of Appeals upholds a traffic stop for speeding based on an officer pacing a Camry for 144 feet.

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Week 13 of yellow vest protests
French Speed Camera Attacks Diminish
Attacks on speed cameras in France slow as embattled government of President Emmanuel Macron seeks to regain control.

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