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Mariya Frost
OPINION: Latest travel data show why induced demand remains just a theory
Commentary by Mariya Frost, Washington Policy Center, argues the drop in traffic from the COVID-19 virus exposes holes in the induced demand theory.

Our usually gridlocked highways are unrecognizable today. The COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine have left them eerily vacant. On the one hand, they are now the roads we've all been dreaming about while sitting in stop-and-go traffic on our way to work. On the other hand, these empty roads are a reminder of the people we cannot visit, the places we cannot take our children to and the jobs that have been changed or lost. As of March 27, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) r ...

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French police stop
France: Lockdown Profit Replaces Lost Speed Camera Cash
The French government turns virus crisis into a source of profit with tickets for non-essential travel.

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No stop bar location
Florida: Federal Judge Scolds Cops For Inventing Imaginary Traffic Offense
Judge says Fourth Amendment has no meaning if motorists can be pulled over for failing to stop at the stop bar of an intersection with no such bar.

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Covid virus attacks Redflex
Red Light Camera Company Profits Crash During Pandemic
Worldwide virus lockdowns threaten the financial viability of red light and speed camera companies.

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French checkpoint
French Government Cracks Down On Motorists During Pandemic
French government cracks down on motorists during coronavirus, while vigilantes resume anti-speed camera operations.

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