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France: Privacy Regulator Slams Speed Camera Practices
Lax security and overcollection of personal information by speed cameras threaten privacy, according to government watchdog.

The French government is violating privacy laws in its use of speed cameras according to a report released last week by an independent regulator. The National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL), whose members are drawn from the French parliament and other government agencies, concluded that serious reforms are needed to bring automated ticketing machines into compliance privacy laws requiring that personal data not be kept not longer than is necessary "for the purposes for which they a ...

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NHTSA report cover
Accident Rate Continues To Drop On US Roads
Despite more vehicles on the road than ever before, the number of accidents in the US continues to drop.

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Toppled Swiss speed camera
France, Germany, Switzerland: Speed Cameras Sabotaged
Nearly a dozen speed cameras were burned or cut down across Europe last week.

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Hialeah police
Florida Cop Blows The Whistle On Ticket Quota
Former Hialeah, Florida police sergeant sues city after being fired for confirming the existence of a ticket quota in court testimony.

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Blood draw
Pennsylvania Motorist Jailed For Refusing Blood Draw
Man finds that refusing a blood test authorized by warrant carries a worse penalties than a drunk driving charge.

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