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French speed camera burns
French Speed Camera Revolt Intensifies
Speed camera casualty total rises to 870 across France while Dutch anti-camera activists decorate photo radar for Christmas.

A decade ago France decided to mandate that anyone driving in France carry a government-approved, high-visibility yellow vest within easy reach from the driver's seat. That health-and-safety mandate is today a rallying symbol for those protesting the anti-motorist policies of President Emmanuel Macron. An Ifop poll released Friday found that two-thirds of the French public remained sympathetic to the "yellow vest" cause that kicked off with opposition to the global warming tax on gasoline and di ...

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Platepass and Hertz
Insurance Company Wants Nothing To Do With Toll Road Lawsuit
Navigators insurance asks federal judge to deny ATS compensation for its alleged ongoing deceptive practices related to rental car tolls.

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Tom Wolf
Pennsylvania Governor Unwittingly Supports Toll Road Lawsuit
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf inadvertently bolsters a lawsuit alleging the Pennsylvania Turnpike rips off motorists and truckers.

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Steve Leifman
South Florida Cities Face Red Light Camera Legal Trouble
Miami-Dade County judge finds South Florida red light camera programs violate state law.

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North Carolina Slams ATS For Unlicensed Engineering
North Carolina board finds American Traffic Solutions in violation for failure to use qualified engineers to install red light cameras.

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