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Victoria Police deputy commissioner Ross Guenther
Ransomware Virus Compromises More Redflex Cameras In Austrlia
Australian police had no idea their speed cameras were hacked for over three weeks.

Confusion reigns in down under as the WannaCry ransomware virus has paralyzed the speed camera and red light camera program in Victoria, Australia. Redflex Traffic Systems, the number two operator of red light cameras and speed cameras in the United States, found itself on the hot seat as state government officials were visibly furious that the Melbourne-based company's attempted to conceal the full extent of the problem. "I have asked the department to look at the contract and the relationsh ...

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Judge Alex Kozinski
California: Federal Appeals Court Overturns Car Seizure Policy
Federal appeals court allows motorists to sue police Los Angeles, California for impounding cars from innocent owners for thirty days.

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Judge James C. Cacheris
Virginia Activist Appeals Ruling Over Diversion Of Toll Road Money
Virginia free market advocate asks US Court of Appeals to overturn decision protecting the diversion of toll road revenue to transit.

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Winnipeg photo radar van
Canada: Government Ombudsman Slams Speed Cam Secrecy
Manitoba, Canada ombudsman orders Winnipeg to release photo radar information to the public.

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Pennsylvania: Federal Court Upholds Headphone Traffic Stop
Federal court in Pennsylvania upholds traffic stop of man wearing Beats by Dre headphones behind the wheel.

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