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Datamaster DMT
Michigan State Police Uncovers Breathalyzer Fraud
Technicians accused of falsifying documents that certified the accuracy of breathalyzer devices in Michigan.

The Michigan State Police director testified before a state legislative committee last week about his decision to take 203 breathalyzer machines out of service over accuracy concerns. The agency has been re-testing the devices to ensure proper calibration after learning that several technicians responsible for certifying the machines' accuracy allegedly fabricated test results. Accuracy is of paramount concern with breath testing machines as a reading of 0.08 on the device is in itself sufficien ...

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Toppled Italian speed camera
France: Vigilantes Winning War Against Speed Cameras
Next-generation speed cameras are being destroyed faster than they can be deployed in France.

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Chevy Impala
Federal Judge: Police Lie About Traffic Offense Cannot Be Reasonable
After officer claimed he saw an illegal lane change, judge looks at dashcam and sees good driving habits.

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Robert F. Rennebaum
Red Light Camera Engineer Banned In North Carolina
North Carolina engineering board suspends the license of engineer over misconduct related to red light cameras.

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Virginia General Assembly
Virginia: New Democratic Majority Pushes Speed Cameras
Leadership of the Virginia General Assembly endorses measures that would deploy speed cameras on highways and local streets.

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