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French appellate hearing
France: Drivers Win Right To Post Speed Trap Warnings On Facebook
Appellate court in France acquits motorists convicted of posting speed trap locations on Facebook.

Fourteen French motorists who had been convicted of the crime of posting speed trap locations on Facebook were relieved Monday to learn of their acquittal on Monday. The Montpellier Appeals Court overturned the December 3, 2014 lower court decision that had found the leaders of a Facebook group guilty of violating a law banning radar detectors by regularly reporting on the locations of police ticketing traps. "Between May 15, 2013 and July 27, 2013... [the defendants] used a device or product ...

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Texas Court of Appeals
Texas Appeals Court Upholds Public Right To Ban Red Light Cameras
Texas Appeals Court decision eliminates pre-election and post-election challenges to public votes banning red light cameras.

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Highway box in Italy
France, Germany, Italy: Speed Cameras Disconnected, Disabled
European vigilantes take out photo radar devices with rocks, wire cutters, and bare hands.

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Radar gun
Iowa: Federal Judge Upholds 1 MPH Traffic Stop
Federal court gives police authority to stop any motorist for driving 1 MPH over the limit.

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William Barboza
Federal Judge Exonerates Potty Mouth Speeding Ticket Recipient
Court green lights lawsuit against Liberty, New York for arresting motorist who wrote a nasty note about a speeding ticket.

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