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Duke speed camera
Duke University Increases Control Over Red Light Camera Company
Duke University and allies increase their control over photo ticketing vendor Redflex Traffic Systems.

Each time a red light ticket is issued in Plano, Texas or Tacoma, Washington, Duke University pockets a slice of the profit. The Australian Securities Exchange announced on Monday that the university's endowment fund had increased its stake in controversial photo enforcement vendor Redflex Traffic Systems. After picking up an extra 4.2 million shares of the Australian firm's rapidly falling stock, Duke increased its direct voting power to 13.2 percent. Desperate for cash, Redflex asked existi ...

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Bulgarian speed camera
Bulgaria: Speed Cameras Speared
A pickax was used against a speed camera in Sofia, Bulgaria last week.

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Shreveport squad car
Louisiana: Black Motorist Beaten For Pulling Over In Safe Location
Waiting to pull over in a safe, well-lit location resulted in police beat down for a black motorist in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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Global warming
Trump Administration Will Shut Down Highway Greenhouse Gas Rule
Federal Highway Administration proposal rejects shift in focus on global warming in favor of fighting dirty tailpipe emissions.

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Gatso cameras
Oklahoma Tries Insurance Ticketing Cameras Again
District attorneys in Oklahoma sign contract to use automated ticketing machines to generate $44 million in revenue.

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