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Imprisoned convict
Red Light Camera and Speed Camera CrimeLine
Timeline of criminal indictments, trials and accusations surrounding the companies and individuals responsible for photo enforcement.

Red light cameras and speed cameras are usually presented as tools of law enforcement, but these devices at times are operated with a disregard for the law. Below are highlights of the automated ticketing industry employees and public officials who have been caught or accused of wrongdoing. Their stories, presented chronologically below, include FCC fines, licensing violations, fraud convictions, bribery convictions and more. September 2019 Federal agents raided city halls in suburban ...

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Iowa Supreme Court
Iowa Supreme Court Considers Speed Camera Secrecy
Iowa Supreme Court hears oral arguments in case involving public access to information in the speed camera ticket database.

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Speed camera set on fire in Motopoli, Italy
France, Italy: More Speed Cameras Offline
France steps up surveillance of speed cameras to prevent destruction, but the devices there and in Italy continue to be disabled.

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Wilmington City Council
North Carolina: Licensing Raised In Red Light Camera Debate
Wilmington, North Carolina renews deal with red light camera contractor that violated state engineering laws.

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Greg Landsman
Cincinnati, Ohio Officials Working To Overturn Voter Will On Speed Cameras
Cincinnati, Ohio politicians are using taxpayer resources to overturn the public vote banning red light and speed cameras.

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