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Greg Abbott signs red light camera ban
Texas Cities Dump Red Light Cameras In Response To Ban
At least 33 Texas cities confirmed this week their intention to cease red light camera ticketing.

With the stroke of a pen Saturday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed a partial ban on red light cameras into law (view statute). Since then, nearly three dozen dozen cities throughout the Lone Star State have announced their intention to comply fully with the legislature's intent. "We respect the decision of our elected officials and immediately started the process to suspend our red light camera program to comply with the law," the city of Plano explaine ...

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Victor Lamont Mobley
Georgia Supreme Court To Decide On Black Box Privacy
High court in Georgia to decide whether vehicle black box data is subject to Fourth Amendment protections.

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Judge Lavenski R. Smith
Eighth Circuit Rules Cursing At A Traffic Cop Is Not a Crime
Yelling a two-word expletive at a traffic cop is protected free speech under an Eighth Circuit US Court of Appeals ruling.

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Yannick Krommenacker
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Mocked, Charred
Protest staged on French speed camera while another device roasted last week. German police rescue a photo radar unit from being set alight.

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Bad photo ticket
Pennsylvania: Complaint Documents Red Light Camera Mismanagement
Whistleblower complaint alleges Conduent-Xerox rigged the bidding for the red light camera contract despite shoddy performance. Part 2 of 2

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