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Gov Terry McAuliffe
Australian Company Sees Big Profit On US Roads
Rising toll rates on Virginia roads bring profitability to Australian tolling giant.

Transurban on Tuesday told Australian Securities Exchange investors that its tolling revenue jumped 17 percent to $1.9 billion during fiscal year 2016. A growing chunk of that revenue is coming from motorists traveling on Virginia highway lanes that were once free to use. Last week, Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) "broke ground" on the project to add tolls to existing Interstate 66 freeway lanes during rush hour, though no actual road construction will take place. The winner of the 50-year contr ...

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Aaron M. Rosenberg
Federal Judge Issues Interim Ruling In Redflex Fraud Suit
Former Redflex executive will not be able to profit from Chicago, Illinois false claims lawsuit.

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Spraypainted speed camera
France: Speed Cameras Shot, Spraypainted
Several French speed cameras were taken out last week with paint and bullets.

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Federal Court Finds Stopping At Vegetable Stand Suspicious
An SUV with a blanket in the back at a vegetable stand is inherently suspicious, according to a federal appellate court ruling.

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IIHS report cover
OPINION: The Insurance Industry Hit And Run
An analysis of the insurance industry study claiming the removal of red light cameras causes deaths.

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