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SCAG report cover
California Cities Push Congestion Tax
Southern California governments lobby to impose congestion tax on Los Angeles motorists.

A group of California counties and cities is desperate to join European colleagues in imposing a congestion tax on commuters. The Southern California Association of Governments issued a federally funded report last week exploring the feasibility of tolling drivers who enter downtown Los Angeles, raising money for transit and bicycle lanes. The study looked at various LA neighborhoods to determine where gridlock could best be exploited to raise funds. The options included Los Angeles Internati ...

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Missouri courthouse
Missouri: Red Light Camera Victim Wins Jury Verdict
Woman arrested in St. Peters, Missouri over a red light camera ticket wins $100,000 judgment, plus legal fees.

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US Supreme Court
US Supreme Court Case Could Cripple Photo Enforcement
US Supreme Court agrees to take a case to decide whether the owner of a vehicle can be presumed to be its driver.

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Smashed French speed camera
France: Profit Sinks By $714 Million As Cameras Are Destroyed
The speed cameras destroyed by the Yellow Vest movement have cost the French government $714 million in lost profit so far.

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Andrew M. Cuomo
New York To Create Largest Speed Camera Program In US
New York legislature enacts bill to blanket Manhattan with more than a thousand speed cameras.

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