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Deicing truck
Road Salt Causes $3 Billion In Vehicle Damage
AAA survey estimates that road salt damage affected 22 million drivers over the last five years.

AAA, one of the nation's largest automobile insurance companies, raised alarms last month about the overuse of salt and de-icing chemicals used on roads during winter. The brine solution used to treat roads in advance of a snow or ice storm or the road salt used once the bad weather hits accelerates vehicle corrosion. "In the last five years, 22 million US drivers have experienced rust damage to their cars due to salt and liquid deicers," AAA's John Nielsen said in a statement. "In addition t ...

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Body search
New Jersey Court Overturns Strip Search Over $6.50 Traffic Fine
Appellate panel in New Jersey overturns the strip search of a motorist arrested over an unpaid $6.50 traffic fine.

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Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court Justice Slams Civil Forfeiture
Justice Clarence Thomas questions the constitutionality of taking property from motorists with civil procedures.

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Aaron M. Rosenberg
Ex-Redflex VP Seeks $2 Million Bounty From Corruption Settlement
Former Redflex executive vice president insists he is entitled to a cut of the $20 million bribery settlement with Chicago, Illinois.

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Clown camera
France, The Netherlands, UK: Speed Camera Vigilantes Make A Statement
French vigilantes disable speed cameras as political statement while the Dutch disabled 39 cameras last year, and the British one last week.

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