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Turnpike audit cover
Pennsylvania Auditor Predicts Toll Road Disaster
State auditor predicts reliance on tolling revenue will doom transportation funding in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania's toll-dependent road funding system is a disaster in the making. That was the finding Tuesday of Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene A. DePasquale, who reviewed the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's books and found that the numbers simply did not add up. "The turnpike is relying on unrealistic revenue growth projections that should be setting off alarms now and in the near future," DePasquale said. Already under a heavy debt load, the turnpike is relying on "highly optimisti ...

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Dulles Toll Road
Virginia Judge Overturns Bogus Toll Road Fine
Fairfax County, Virginia court slams Dulles Toll Road for insisting E-ZPass user must pay $8334 over $26 in tolls that failed to register.

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Decorated French speed camera
France, Italy, UK: Speed Cameras Decorated, Destroyed
Vigilantes around the world kept automated ticketing machines from functioning last week in a number of creative ways.

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11th Circuit courthouse
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Suit Against Florida Cameras
In a highly technical ruling, US Court of Appeals rules Florida red light camera cities not immune from motorist lawsuits.

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Brookings chart
Study: Recessions Are Good For Traffic Safety
Brookings study finds that recessions improve safety by keeping the worst drivers off of the roads.

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