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Utah Supreme Court
Utah Supreme Court Allows Take-Back On Red Light Testimony
High court in Utah allows retraction of unequivocal testimony in a traffic accident case.

Video evidence is now stronger than mere testimony in Utah traffic cases. A divided state Supreme Court on Thursday overturned lower court judges who insisted that testimony, once given, cannot be taken back. The justices had under consideration the case of Luis Luna who sued his sister Maria after he was injured riding with her. The suit was quickly thrown out because he said his sister had the right-of-way just before the collision, which several judges saw as a fatal admission. "Under the ...

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Yellow spraypaint on speed camera
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Burned, Painted
A half-dozen speed cameras in Germany and France were taken out of service last week.

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Judge James E. Lockemy
South Carolina Appellate Court Declares Unzipped Pants Suspicious
An open fly during a traffic stop is an invitation to a search, the South Carolina Court of Appeals ruled.

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Terry Link
Second Illinois Senate Speed Camera Champion Busted For Fraud
Illinois state Senator Terry Link, champion of speed cameras, is charged with tax fraud.

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Speed camera stuck in hedge
Colorado, Australia, France, Germany, UK: Speed Camera Opponents Fight Back
Australian speed camera employee union warns of massive inaccuracy. Spraypaint and fire disabled cameras in US and Europe last week.

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