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Sioux City
Iowa Towns Ignore South Dakota Camera Law
Several Iowa towns ignore South Dakota law and use unofficial sources to issue speed camera tickets to South Dakotans.

Cities in Iowa are stretching the rules of evidence to issue tickets to residents of South Dakota. Last year, lawmakers in South Dakota prohibited the state Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) from releasing driver's license information to any city looking to issue an automated ticket (view law). Cutting off access to this information has not stopped a few Iowa cities from issuing red light camera and speed camera tickets to South Dakotans. Sioux City, Iowa police ...

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Alexei Maradudin
Traffic Signal Pioneer Warns Of Overly Short Yellow Lights
Original co-author of yellow signal timing formula tells engineering body it has misinterpreted his work.

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Judge Maria-Elena James
Federal Court Allows Speeding Stop For Loud, Fast Looking Ford Mustang
US magistrate judge upholds traffic stop of a Ford Mustang based solely on the visual estimate of its speed.

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Judge Mary E. Donovan
Ohio Cities Lose Challenge To Traffic Camera Restrictions
Ohio Court of Appeals says municipalities must respect state law limiting the use of photo enforcement devices.

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Spraypainted speed camera in France
France, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Burned, Painted, Toppled
Vigilantes in Europe and the Middle East use a variety of tactics to ensure speed cameras no longer issue tickets.

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