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FIU report cover
Florida Studies Find No Significant Reduction In Accidents From Red Light Cameras
New study of red light cameras in Miami Beach, Florida fails to demonstrate a clear benefit to red light cameras.

Miami Beach, Florida, appears to be moving forward with more red light cameras despite the lack of clear evidence that they have provided any statistically significant accident reduction. A report released in December painted photo enforcement results in the most favorable light possible, but the raw figures show little benefit compared to the intersections that did not use automated enforcement. The city paid Florida International University $13,500 to come up with this report in the hopes t ...

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Group logos
Conservative Groups Push For Tolling Every Road
A letter sent by right-leaning public policy groups wants to replace the gas tax with nationwide tolling on every road.

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DGT drone
Spain Deploys Drones For Traffic Enforcement
Traffic agency in Spain supplements speed camera helicopters with drones to lower the cost of aerial ticketing operations.

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Iowa Supreme Court
Iowa Supreme Court Updates Pro-Speed Camera Ruling
Upon petition by Cedar Rapids, the Iowa Supreme Court decides to revise its ruling to favor speed cameras even more.

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Rouen protest 1/27
Speed Camera Resistance Drains French Coffers
French government estimates loss of speed camera profit in the half-billion range, while attacks on automated ticketing slow.

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