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Judge Michael A. Oster
Ohio Town Ordered To Repay Every Speed Camera Ticket Issued
Court orders New Miami, Ohio to repay every cent collected from motorists from unconstitutional speed camera program.

New Miami, Ohio broke the law, it was caught, and now it will have to repay $3,066,523 worth of tickets. That was the judgment rendered Wednesday by Butler County Court of Common Pleas Judge Michael A. Oster Jr. "If the government has created an unconstitutional law/ordinance that has taken people's money without affording them the necessary due process protections, should not justice demand, and the law require, restitution of that money to the people?" Oster asked at the opening of his rul ...

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Yellow timing cash
Fremont, California Caught Shortening Yellow Times
Documents show Fremont, California boosted red light camera profit $200,000 per month by shortening yellow time.

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Le Mottier speed camera
France, Germany: Cameras Burned, Bashed
Speed cameras burn in France while a German speed camera fails to prevent the accident that results in its destruction.

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Chicago and Redflex logos
Illinois: Redflex Fined $20 Million Fine In Chicago Bribery Scandal
Redflex pays $20 million fine to Chicago, Illinois to put an end to the bribery scandal.

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Elaine Chao sworn in by vice president
Coalition Prods New Administration, Congress To Avoid Tolling
Elaine Chao takes over as US Transportation Secretary as coalition of business and motoring groups warn against the use of toll funding.

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