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Latvia camera burning
France, Latvia, Russia: Speed Cameras Burned, Painted
Opponents of automated enforcement in France, Latvia and Russia set several speed cameras on fire last week.

In Riga, Latvia, vigilantes on November 18 used old tires and a log to torch the speed camera on Brivibas Iela, the main street running through the city center. In Russia, vigilantes painted the side of a small building with a massive and colorful warning about a speed camera about 500 yards ahe ...

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David Brady
Georgia Motorist Wins Against Bogus Arrest For Sleeping Bag Possession
Eleventh Circuit US Court of Appeals rules that motorists with sleeping bags should not be automatically suspected of berry smuggling.

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Ohio Town Wants To Burn Votes Cast In Anti-Camera Referendum
East Liverpool, Ohio asks judge to ensure that the votes cast by its residents regarding speed cameras are never counted.

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DC bicyclists
DC Gives Meter Maids Power To Issue Lane Violation Photo Tickets
Washington, DC gives meter maids the ability to issue photo tickets to cars that appear to stray into a bicycle lane.

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Palomar Mountain Road
California Court Upholds Warrantless GoPro Seizure
California Court of Appeal upholds taking the GoPro from a car involved in an accident.

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