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Tipped over Italian speed camera
Belgium, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Attacks Slow
Attacks on speed cameras slow worldwide as Covid-19 virus cases multiply.

Vigilante actions against speed cameras slowed worldwide last week as the Wuhan virus health emergency took hold. In Macerata, Italy, officials suspended the use of speed cameras, saying the use of photo enforcement is of "secondary importance" during a pandemic. On Friday, the speed camera on the Via Rufelli in Ariccia was read more >> 

WMCA report cover
UK Council Admits Ultimate Goal Is Banning All Cars
A British multi-city authority introduces plan to ban private ownership of automobiles by 2041.

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Leroy Moore Jr
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Papers Please Roadblock
Fourth Circuit US Court of Appeals says roadblocks for the sole purpose of checking driver paperwork are constitutional.

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William A Helm
Illinois Traffic Signal Consultant Charged With Bribing State Senator
Third person indicted in federal red light camera bribery investigation.

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Bradley Paul Smith
Belgium, France, UK: Indecent Speed Camera Operator Caught, Cameras Burned
UK police officer driving a speed camera van busted for child porn. Vigilantes in Belgium and France destroyed speed cameras last week.

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