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Bogus parking ticket
Louisiana: Inspector General Identifies 8900 Bogus Parking Tickets
Inspector general for New Orleans, Louisiana documents 8900 cases of innocent motorists receiving parking tickets every year.

Meter maids in New Orleans, Louisiana issue over 8900 bogus parking tickets to innocent motorists every year. The city's inspector general, Ed Quatrevaux, raised the alarm Tuesday in a brief report to local officials. "Most of the mistakes occurred when parking enforcement officers (PEOs) entered incorrect license plate numbers or letters onto citations that they placed on violating vehicles," the inspector general's office explained in a statement. "That meant people not involved in parking ...

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Toyota Camry
Federal Appeals Court Makes Looking Fast A Crime
US Court of Appeals upholds traffic stop where a police officer said the car looked like it was traveling at a high rate of speed.

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Mobile speed camera sign
Russia, France: Speed Cameras Swiped, Spraypainted
Vigilantes in Russia and France took several speed cameras out of service last week.

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PToll app
Toll Collector Battles To Stop Rental Car Fee-Avoidance App
Federal appeals court to hear case that could block smartphone app that saves automobile renters from paying hefty toll road fees.

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Joao patent vs. ATS
Red Light Camera Company Beats Patent Troll
Federal judge sides with American Traffic Solutions in denying the claim of a notorious patent troll.

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