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Traffic calming
UK: Speed Bumps, Traffic Calming Killed 23 Motorists
Government statistics show traffic calming measures caused 1607 accidents in Great Britain over ten years.

There is a significant push for traffic calming in the United States and Great Britain under marketing slogans such as "Vision Zero" or "road diets" claiming slower traffic saves lives. These efforts had the opposite of the intended consequence in the UK, where the installation of speed bumps, traffic chicanes and other obstacles intentionally placed in the roads killed 23 people and sent 275 to the hospital with critical injuries in 1607 incidents over the past ten years. TheNewspaper analyz ...

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Red spraypaint on French speed camera
UK, France, South Africa: Speed Cameras Mocked, Diabled
Vigilantes put speed cameras up for sale, burned them and disabled them with spraypaint in England, France and South Africa last week.

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Toll booth
Wisconsin Officials Promote Tolling
Wisconsin officials create a roadmap for generating $46 billion in revenue through tolls on existing interstate highways.

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Florida report cover
Florida: State Report Shows Red Light Camera Accidents Up
Florida red light cameras issued $194 million worth of tickets while fatalities, injuries and crashes increased at camera intersections.

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ATS maintenance worker
Red Light Camera Company Sued Again For Prevailing Wage Violation
Former American Traffic Solutions electrician says he was cheated out of over $75,000 in wages while working on red light cameras.

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