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Parking pass
Virginia Supreme Court Rules Champions Windshield Obstruction Tickets
Highest court in Virginia affirms traffic stop over a military base parking pass.

Windshield obstruction tickets are a significant source of revenue for Virginia. A divided state Supreme Court last week stepped in to ensure police continue to issue those tickets. State law mandates that every vehicle to have a three inch by four inch inspection sticker applied to the windshield, and many municipalities add the requirement of a three inch by three inch car tax decal. Nonetheless, the state Supreme Court majority insisted that a three-by-five inch military parking pass hanging ...

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Federal Appeals Court Upholds Iphone Translation For Search Consent
Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals rules an iPhone translation app is good enough to ask for consent to search a vehicle.

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Judge Thomas M. Reavley
Federal Appeals Court Rescues Red Light Camera Challenge
Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals rejects the attempt of photo ticketing companies to transfer a challenge to federal court.

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Jersey Village
Texas Town Saves Red Light Camera Contract
Jersey Village, Texas red light camera program survives by 310 votes.

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Phallic speed camera graffiti
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Pushed, Painted
Spraypaint and forced are used to take out three speed cameras in France and Italy.

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