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March committee hearing
Arizona Representatives Backtrack On Support Of Photo Radar Expansion Bill
Backers of Arizona photo enforcement expansion legislation have a history of favoring the industry.

Tea Party Republicans were surprised earlier this week to learn that Arizona candidates who ran on a "pro liberty" campaign platform just sponsored legislation to expand the use of red light cameras, speed cameras and school bus cameras (view bill). After public outrage manifested itself in the form of emails, phone calls and posts on social media platforms, a handful of the eleven lawmakers behind the measure attempted to publicly distance themselves from the pro ...

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Florida DHSMV report cover
Florida: Accidents Increase At Red Light Camera Locations
Florida report finds red light cameras generated $150 million in revenue along with a 15 percent increase in accidents.

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State Rep. Bob Thorpe
Photo Enforcement Industry Dream Bill Introduced In Arizona
Redflex and American Traffic Solutions find eleven Arizona state lawmakers to back bill enacting photo ticketing industry wish list.

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Officer kicks motorcyclist
Oregon Cop Fined $181,170 For Kicking Motorcyclist
Jury finds Oregon police captain liable for $181,170 in damages for delivering karate kick to motorcyclist during a traffic stop.

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Spraypainted speed camera in France
France, UK: Speed Cameras On Fire, Spraypaint
Vigilantes in France and England use fire and spraypaint to disable automated ticketing machines.

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