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Yellow vest protest
France, Italy, UK: New Record For Speed Camera Destruction
An unprecedented 200 speed cameras attacked in France as the yellow vest protest continued last week. A few cameras attacked in UK and Italy.

Widespread protest against the anti-motorist policies of French president Emmanuel Macron continued last week. While the action peaked on the previous weekend with an estimated 300,000 participants, a smaller number of activists clad in yellow vests blocked roads with signs complaining about the new "anti-global warming" tax on fuel and the lowering of speed limits nationwide. Several big rig trucks participated, blocking toll roads to deprive the state of revenue. During the protests, around 20 ...

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Limmia Page
New York Rejects Customs Agent Traffic Stop
Judge throws out the evidence seized in a New York traffic stop by a federal customs agent who had no jurisdiction.

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Judge Thomas E. Malone
Kansas Cracks Down On Reasonable Police Mistake Traffic Stops
Kansas appellate court rejects reasonable mistake theory over a traffic stop involving a brake light law settled ten years ago.

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Ed Thompson and Bob Hall
Texas Lawmakers Move To Save Red Light Cameras
Newly filed legislation would protect Texas red light cameras in defiance of the campaign promises of Governor Greg Abbott.

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Yellow vest protest
Anti-Speed Camera, Gas Tax Protests Sweep France
Hundreds of thousands of French motorists took to the streets in yellow vests to protest gas tax hike and speed camera enforcement.

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