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Guadeloupe speed camera torched
Canada, France: Speed Cameras Burned And Blinded
Vigilantes in Canada and France took out a half-dozen speed cameras last week.

In Hamilton, Canada, vigilantes on Thursday toppled the speed camera that had been issuing automated tickets on Lawrence Road. In Druillat, France, on Saturday vigilantes blinded the speed camera on the RD1075 with red and blue spra ...

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Verra Mobility and Redflex
Verra Mobility Buys Rival Red Light Camera Provider
Verra Mobility announces its intention to buy Redflex, the second largest operator of red light cameras and speed cameras in the US.

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Judge Mary J. Boyle
Ohio Cities Denied In Effort To Block Anti-Speed Camera Law
Ohio Court of Appeals issues mixed opinion preserving one of three limits on speed camera use.

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Downed speed camera in Italy
European Speed Cameras Face Trouble
Spain admits speed camera issued 15,844 bogus tickets. Vigilantes took out cameras in Belgium, France and Italy last week.

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Temporary tag
Colorado Court Rejects Temporary Tags In Back Window
Temporary license plates may not be placed in the rear window under a Colorado Court of Appeals ruling.

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