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Governor Maggie Hassan
New Hampshire Backs Down On Driver Privacy
Live Free or Die state repeals prohibitions on license plate readers and Real ID.

New Hampshire once had the strongest protections in the nation for the privacy of its drivers. State officials were explicitly prohibited from participating in any way with national licensing databases, and neither photo enforcement nor automated license plate readers (ALPR, also known as ANPR) could be used, with the exception of license plate readers on toll roads. Governor Maggie Hassan (D) set a different course last month as she signed legislation eliminating these protections. House Bil ...

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Fey-de-Bretagne speed camera
Arizona, France, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Under Attack
Vigilantes swiped, scorched and spraypainted speed cameras throughout the world last week.

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Justice Nelda V. Rodriguez
Texas Appeals Court Rejects Challenge To Implied Consent Law
Being penalized for saying no to a breath test is not a First Amendment violation, Texas Court of Appeals rules.

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John Raphael
Redflex Lobbyist Sentenced In Ohio Bribery Scandal
John Raphael, a former Redflex lobbyist, will spend 15 months in jail for his role in a red light camera bribery conspiracy.

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Patrick Houston
Colorado Residents Fight To Save Anti-Camera Referendum
Lawsuit filed in county court to force Sheridan, Colorado to allow a public vote on the use of red light and speed cameras.

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