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Straughn Gorman
Federal Appeals Court Outlaws Coordinated Traffic Stops
Ninth Circuit appeals court upholds decision returning $167,070 to motorist who was never charged with any crime.

Police are adapting to the limitations the US Supreme Court has been placing on traffic stops. Once an officer is done writing a ticket, the motorist is supposed to be free to leave without unnecessary delay. A Nevada state trooper, however, realized he could get around this time restriction by calling ahead to have the same car pulled over by a second officer. The Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals on Monday said such tactics went too far. On the morning of Jan ...

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VMT report cover
Texas Report Explores Per Mile Tax
Texas Transportation Institute reviews options for imposing a per mile tax on Lone Star State drivers.

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French speed camera blue
France, Germany: Speed Cameras Taken Out, Painted
Vigilantes took out several speed cameras in France and Germany last week.

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Justice Frank M. Gaziano
Massachusetts Supreme Court Tosses 45 Minute Traffic Stop
Ruling in Massachusetts confirms principle that a traffic stop must end after the investigation of the alleged infraction is complete.

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IG report cover
Maryland: Inspector General Confirms Short Yellow Times
Motoring rights group claim about short yellow times in Montgomery County, Maryland confirmed by an inspector general report.

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