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Karen Finley
Red Light Camera Corruption Probe Brings Guilty Plea In Ohio
Ex-US head of Redflex Traffic Systems admits conspiracy to bribe officials in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio.

Karen Finley, former head of US operations for Redflex Traffic Systems, will be going to jail for her role in a nationwide red light camera corruption scheme. Finley admitted her guilt to federal prosecutors on March 31, according documents that were unsealed on Friday. The admission unexpectedly came not from the ongoing bribery trial in Chicago, Illinois, but from Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio. This is the first evidence that the US Department of Justice corruption probe is likely to extend ...

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California Highway Patrol
California Cop Busted For Beating Up Elderly Motorist
California Highway Patrol Officer liable for $125,000 in damages for attacking a 76-year-old driver.

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Don McSpadden
Arkansas Speed Trap Town Slapped With Federal Lawsuit
Class action lawsuit seeks damages from speed trap town of Concord, Arkansas.

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Meter maid in Keene, NH
New Hampshire: Supreme Court Victory For Parking Ticket Vigilantes
New Hampshire Supreme Court upholds the right to protest against meter maids.

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Virginia M. Kendall
Illinois: Red Light Camera Bribery Trial Stays In Chicago
Federal judge turns back attempt to move Redflex bribery trial out of Chicago, Illinois.

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