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Andreas Marcopoulos
Texas Court: Slow Lane Change Signal Does Not Justify Auto Search
Texas Court of Appeals overturns judgment against man arrested and searched over an alleged lane change violation.

Police in Texas should not have arrested and searched a driver merely because he was a bit late flipping on his turn signal. The state Court of Appeals last week reversed the judgment handed down against Andreas Marcopoulos, who was handcuffed and his white Chevy truck searched on September 10, 2014 because he did not activate his blinker until after the signal light changed and he began making his way through the intersection. The search of the Chevy turned up less than a gram of cocaine, bu ...

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Avellino speed camera burned
Australia, Italy: Speed Cameras Scorched
Speed cameras in Victoria, Australia and Campania, Italy were set on fire last week.

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Judge Aleta A. Trauger
Tennessee: Judge Questions License Suspension Legality
Federal judge cites right to drive as a reason to certify class action against Tennessee law revoking driving licenses over unpaid debt.

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Force Multiplier Solutions
Second Guilty Plea In Texas School Bus Camera Bribery Scandal
Former superintendent for Dallas County Schools to plead guilty to federal bribery charges related to school bus camera system.

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Mia McCord
Texas Lobbyist Kills Camera Ban With Family Ties
Activist group alleges red light camera industry lobbyist hid connection to state representative in killing photo enforcement ban.

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