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Kansas Supreme Court
Kansas Supreme Court Rejects Owner Is Driver Presumption
A unanimous Kansas Supreme Court found it unreasonable to presume the owner of an automobile is the person behind the wheel.

Red light camera and speed camera programs around the country rely upon the legal presumption that the registered owner of the vehicle is also the one behind the wheel. In the Fourth Amendment context, the Kansas Supreme Court on Friday declared that this notion is so flimsy it does not rise to the level of reasonable suspicion. The unanimous court reversed a Court of Appeals decision finding no problem with Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Mehrer's decision to pull over a 1995 Chevrolet ...

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Destroyed speed camera
France, Italy: Vigilantes Thwart Speed Cameras
More speed cameras were taken out of service by vigilantes in Italy and France last week.

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Jermantown road camera
Virginia Court Upholds Red Light Cameras
Judge in largest Virginia county upholds red light camera program in first suit to challenge its constitutionality.

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Auto insurance card
Oregon Court Rejects Car Seizure Over Insurance Card
Oregon police must make some effort to verify motorist insurance before seizing a car under a new Oregon Court of Appeals ruling.

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BusPatrol logo
Texas Court Smacks Buspatrol With $421,910 Fine
Scandal plagued school bus camera company forced to pay legal fees of competitor after overplaying legal hand.

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