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Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao
OPINION: Federal Transportation Spending Nears All-Time High
Motorists continue to pay far more than their fair share in taxes as transit and rail continue to skim from road funding sources.

Federal spending on transportation this year has reached near-record levels according to an analysis released last month by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). In fiscal 2018, outlays reached $86.1 billion, just shy of the $87.5 billion (using inflation-adjusted 2018 dollars) spent with a trillion-dollar stimulus package. In general, these funds are distributed to the states in the form of grants not just for roads and bridges, but also for rail, maritime, aviation and transit projects. ...

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Crashed squad car
Federal Appeals Court Closes Door On Reckless Police Chases
Third Circuit US Court of Appeals says, going forward, police can be held personally accountable for high speed chases that turn deadly.

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Graham Mack
UK Regulator Says Speed Camera Criticism Violates Broadcast Rules
UK broadcast regulator Ofcom finds station broke rules by allowing radio host to refer to speed camera operators as maggots.

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Green painted speed camera in France
France, Italy, Sweden: Speed Cameras Blinded
Vigilantes across Europe continued last week to sabotage speed cameras.

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Julie Parrish
Oregon Ballot Measure Could Fight Toll Roads
Effort to require voter approval of any new toll roads proceeds to signature gathering stage in Oregon.

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