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Officer Mike Tamez
Federal Appeals Court Declares Air Fresheners Suspicious
US Court of Appeals rules that driving with air fresheners creates reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

Driving a vehicle that has a couple air fresheners, rosaries and pro-police bumper stickers at 2 MPH over the speed limit is suspicious. That was the finding handed down last Thursday by the Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals. A unanimous three-judge panel upheld the March 9, 2011 traffic stop that led to the conviction of Ruben Pena-Gonzalez in South Texas. On that day, Kingsville Police Officer Mike Tamez was patrolling on Highway 77 when he saw a Chevy Tahoe with a woman behind the wheel, P ...

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Spraypainted camera in Lussac
France: Speed Cameras Defaced, Burned
Fire and spraypaint disabled speed cameras throughout France last week.

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School bus crash
Report Shows School Bus Accidents Are Rare
Federal report highlights the danger posed by school bus drivers.

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Straughn Gorman
Nevada: Government Must Pay For Taking Cash From Innocent Motorist
Government will pay the $153,002 legal bill racked up by a motorist whose cash was illegally taken during a traffic stop.

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Daniel Rankins
Illinois: Fake Bankruptcy Filing Releases Cars From Impound
Man figures out that cars are automatically freed from impound lots when a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is filed.

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