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Deployed airbag
Federal Appeals Court Rejects Glove Box Search
Ninth Circuit rejects glovebox search for registration information that can be obtained electronically.

The march of technology is eliminating another favorite tool police use to search vehicles. The Ninth Circuit US Court of Appeals last week said police cannot rummage through an automobile's glovebox without permission or warrant to "find the registration" when a simple computer search can look up the same information from the VIN, the vehicle identification number visible from outside the car. The three-judge appellate panel threw out the gun charges against Michael Curtis Painter, a career ...

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NOLA Initiative yard sign
Louisiana, Ohio Residents Sign Petition To End Traffic Cams
Referendum petitions to end automated ticketing are circulating in New Orleans, Louisiana and East Liverpool, Ohio.

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Cesar Chavez toll lanes
Texas Dumps Failed Toll Road
Cesar Chavez toll lanes in El Paso, Texas will be free to use after state officials admit the project is not financially viable.

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President Trump with Secretary Chao
Motorist Group Urges Trump Admininstration To Dump Ticket Quotas
National Motorists Association urges president, transportation secretary to nominate traffic safety administrator who will end ticket quotas.

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Saudi speed camera tipped
Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Scorched, Tipped
Vigilantes in Saudi Arabia took out a trio of speed cameras last week.

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