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The Art Rat
France: Art Replaces Speed Camera
French vigilantes kept disabling speed cameras last week as new government figures confirmed that accidents went down with fewer speed cameras.

The revolt of French citizens against speed cameras resulted in a record number of speed cameras being destroyed or otherwise disabled in 2019. Government officials warned that the lack of automated ticketing would have a demonstrably negative impact on road safety. The latest official accident tally, however, recorded 3239 road fatalities in 2019 -- a 0.3 percent reduction compared to the prior year, and an all-time low. Injury accidents declined 1.1 percent. The attacks continued last week. ...

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Inspector general report cover
Louisiana: Inspector General Finds Motorists Falsely Accused By Speed Camera
New Orleans, Louisiana inspector general found widespread speed camera mismanagement caused innocent motorists to be ticketed.

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Toyota Tundra
Oregon Allows Suit Over Secret GPS Snooping Device On Car
Oregon Court of Appeals allows motorist to sue Toyota after company secretly installs tracking device on his pickup truck.

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Martin A. Sandoval
Indictments Begin In Second Illinois Red Light Camera Scandal
Powerful Illinois lawmaker charged with taking bribes to support red light cameras.

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Toppled Italian speed camera
Canada, France, Italy: Speed Cameras Offline
Vigilantes in Canada and Europe ensured a handful of automated ticketing machines would no longer work last week.

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