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Street race
Los Angeles, California To Seize Spectator Cars
Los Angeles, California city council wants to confiscate cars from street race spectators.

The city council in Los Angeles, California is anxious to seize more automobiles from residents. A plan currently under consideration would give police the power to take cars from people who watch other vehicles speed. "The city should look into ways of discouraging participation in illegal races and exhibitions of speed, such as impounding the cars of spectators," Public Safety Committee Chairman Mitchell Englander wrote. As the scheme faces significant legal hurdles, the city council las ...

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Israel Leija Jr
US Supreme Court Sides With Cops In Deadly Police Chase
US Supreme Court grants immunity to police officer who used a rifle to kill a reckless motorist from an overpass.

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Smiley face speed camera
France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UK: Speed Cameras Under Attack
Guns, fire, paint and hacksaws were used against speed cameras around the world last week.

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Credit card reader
Federal Court Emphasizes Right To Withdraw Search Consent
US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit tells police that motorists have the right to withdraw consent from a vehicle search.

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Transurban Express Lanes
Virginia Toll Road Suffers Major Legal Setback
Federal judge slams Transurban for imposing thousands in fines on motorists for tiny alleged infractions on Virginia toll roads.

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