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2018 year in review
2018 Year In Review
The ten most popular stories on for the year 2018.

The following were the ten most viewed stories on during 2018.
  1. Washington Cop On Hook For Door Checking Motorcyclist
    The Washington Court of Appeals declared a state trooper could be held liable for knocking a motorcyclist over the side of a bridge.
  2. Arkansas Town Banned From Issuing Speeding Tickets
    After a year-long attempt to save its ...

PSU report cover
Study: Underposted Speed Limits Diminish Safety
Reducing the speed limit below the average speed of traffic can decrease safety according to a study by Penn State researchers.

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Judge J. Steven Stafford
Tennesse Court Rejects Sovereign Citizen DUI Defense
Second highest court in Tennessee rejects argument that drunk driving refusal charge violates religious liberty.

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Yellow vest march
France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain: Paint, Fire Disable Speed Cameras
Yellow vest protests diminish while attacks on photo radar grow across France, Italy, Saudi Arabia.

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Baltimore audit
Baltimore, Maryland Speed Cams Generate 24,237 Bogus Tickets
Figures provided by Baltimore, Maryland suggest system is generating at least 24,237 erroneous violations.

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