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Aaron M. Rosenberg
Redflex Bribery Architect To Have A Hearing On Appeal
Former executive vice president of Redflex Traffic Systems to tell a federal appeals court that he is entitled to a $2.3 million payment.

The former executive vice president of Redflex Traffic Systems is not backing down on his bid to personally profit from the red light camera bribery scheme he once led. The Seventh Circuit US Court of Appeals will hear Aaron M. Rosenberg make his case in oral arguments next month. At issue is the question of whether Rosenberg is a true whistleblower, or just an opportunist. If the former, the ex-red light camera salesman is entitled to $2.3 million in compensation for his assistance in handi ...

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Writing a ticket
NHTSA Says Federal Law Requires Ticket Quotas
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration rejects effort to eliminate the use of ticket quotas when issuing federal highway grants.

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Carbonera, Italy speed camera
France, Italy: Speed Cameras Destroyed In Protest
Outrage over lowered speed limits in France results in the destruction of speed cameras nationwide.

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Vancouver intersection
Canadian Study Uses Video Analysis To Track Bicycle, Motorist Conflicts
Canadian researchers use computer analysis of video footage to find engineering improvements at intersections.

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Brian Frosh
Maryland Attorney General Slaps Speed Camera Cities For Lack of Transparency
Maryland attorney general says cities cannot use speed camera vendors to duck responsibility under government transparency laws.

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