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Travis Allen
California Judge Busts State For Interfering With Gas Tax Vote
California judge finds that the state attorney general drafted a misleading summary of an anti-gas tax ballot measure.

A superior court judge on Monday caught California officials cheating in an attempt to dissuade voters from blocking an increase in the statewide gasoline tax at the ballot box. Judge Timothy M. Frawley took the extreme step of re-writing the summary information for the ballot proposal after finding state Attorney General Xavier Becerra's draft text was unfair to gas tax opponents like Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) "It's outrageous that the attorney general intentionally tried ...

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ATS leadership team
Speed Camera Executives Still Ignore Own Photo Radar Tickets
Leadership team at American Traffic Solutions ignored own photo radar tickets and attempted to dodge process servers.

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Red light camera photo by Paul Sableman/Flickr
Study Finds Yellow Time Most Effective At Curbing Red Light Running
Study finds increasing yellow times at photo enforced intersections in Chicago, Illinois produced the greatest reduction in violations.

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Tilted speed camera
France, Latvia: Speed Cameras Flipped, Scorched, Sprayed
Vigilantes last week took out speed cameras across Europe with fire, levers and several cans of spraypaint.

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Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court Says Police May Detain Innocent Passengers
Passengers not suspected of any wrongdoing can be held and questioned by police during any traffic stop under Florida high court ruling.

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