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Study chart
Study: Red Light Cameras Failed To Reduce Accidents In Texas
Case Western Reserve University study of red light cameras in Dallas and Houston, Texas concludes there is no evidence of a safety benefit.

Red light cameras did nothing to improve safety during the years they were used in Houston, Texas. That was the conclusion of a recently published study by Case Western Reserve University economist Justin Gallagher and Paul Fisher, a graduate student at the University of Arizona. Their paper, published by the Social Science Research Network, covered twelve years' worth of accident data at photo enforced intersections in Houston and Dallas. Houston provided a perfect test scenario for the ana ...

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Purple painted speed camera
France, Italy, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Disturbed
Dozens of additional speed cameras last week fell victim to vigilante attacks in Saudi Arabia, France and Italy.

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DC speed camera map
DC Report Finds Racial Bias In Speed Camera Use
Speed cameras in Washington, DC are placed in minority neighborhoods to generate higher ticket volumes.

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Red Light Camera Challenge Heads To Texas Supremes
Lawyer asks Texas Supreme Court to overturn ruling giving free pass to cities ignoring motorist protections in state red light camera law.

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Aurora City Council
Aurora, Colorado Voters To Decide Photo Radar Fate
Ballot measure asks residents in Aurora, Colorado whether they want the red light camera program to continue.

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