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Jonathan Stickland
Proposed Texas Red Light Camera Ban Gains Momentum
Red light camera ban could pass Texas House with veto-proof majority.

Texans opposed to red light cameras have been let down by lawmakers in the past. This time is different, state Representative Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford) said last week after announcing he had secured a veto-proof, bipartisan majority in favor of his plan to outlaw photo ticketing in the Lone Star State. "Obtaining these coauthors is an important first step at finally banning these intrusive and unconstitutional cameras across the state and fulfilling a demand of the people," Stickland ex ...

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Christophe Castaner
France Raises Speed Camera Destruction Estimate
A few speed cameras were destroyed in New Mexico and Italy last week, while 75 percent of cameras in France have been attacked in the past year.

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Thomas G. Maag
Illinois Woman Sues Photo Ticketing Program For Fraud
Federal class action lawsuit seeks to strike down red light camera programs in Illinois over the lack of fair notice to ticket recipients.

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Rick Becker
North Dakota Lawmakers Consider Banning DUI Roadblocks
North Dakota state House passes legislation prohibiting the use of drunk driving checkpoints.

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Stopped at Putnam and Third, via Google Maps
Ohio Court Declares Stopping Slightly Over The Line Illegal
Stopping a few inches over the line is now a traffic violation under Ohio Court of Appeals ruling.

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