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Pam Bondi
Florida AG Takes On Toll Road PlatePass Fees
PlatePass toll road fines called fraudulent in lawsuit filed by Florida attorney general.

Florida's top law enforcement official believes motorists are being ripped off. In a lawsuit filed last month, attorney general Pam Bondi (R) blasted car rental firm Dollar Thrifty for the sneaky way it uses toll roads to generate extra revenue. "Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group extracts thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in deceptive toll charges each year from its Florida customers, many of whom are visitors who are unfamiliar with the state's 'cashless toll' roads where the ...

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Gas pump
Special Interests Spend Big To Save California Gas Tax
Gas tax enthusiasts outspend opponents 4-to-1 in battle to convince California voters to keep a $5.1 billion increase.

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Judge Virginia M. Kendall
Ex-Wife Of Red Light Camera Convict Wins Payday
Federal judge sides with claim of ex-wife to pension fund contributions from Chicago, Illinois official who took Redflex bribes.

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Antispeed camera poster
France, Italy, Russia: Speed Cameras Burned, Bashed, Blinded
Speed cameras in France, Italy and Russia came under fire -- and spraypaint -- last week.

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Anticor PNF logo
French Government Investigates Speed Camera Corruption
French financial prosecutor opens formal investigation into corruption allegation involving a speed camera company.

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