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Move over camera
Move Over Cameras To Ticket Vehicles Traveling The Speed Limit
Speed camera company plans to deploy move over camera to ticket drivers even when they are not exceeding the speed limit.

Drivers who are obeying the speed limit may still be at risk of getting a ticket in the mail after passing by a new automated ticketing machine. The speed camera company Brekford plans to introduce a "move over" camera in July that will automatically issue tickets when the machine believes an automobile has passed by a police car or garbage truck on the side of a highway. "The patent pending system will combine leading edge camera and radar technology with an advanced triggering mechanism to ...

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Iowa Supreme Court arguments
Iowa Supreme Court Cracks Down On Auto Seizures
Unanimous Iowa Supreme Court decision restores due process protections in roadside seizure cases.

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Driveway tarp
US Supreme Court Rejects Driveway Snooping
US Supreme Court declares it a violation of the Fourth Amendment for a cop to sneak onto a driveway and search under a vehicle cover.

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Yamaha R1
Washington: Cop On Hook For Door Checking Motorcyclist
Appellate court allows an excessive force lawsuit to proceed against a Washington state trooper who knocked a motorcyclist over the side of a bridge.

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French speed camera painted red
France, Latvia, Russia, Saudi Arabia: Speed Cameras Trashed
Around the world, attacks on over a dozen speed cameras prevented the issuance of automated citations last week.

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